1st Anniversary

Well would you Adam & Eve it!? Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER has turned one year old and on Sunday night at a muddy Isle of Wight festival, FRONTIER put on one hell of a show!

The weather may have put paid to our original all outdoor plans but a hastily erected marquee and a temporary floor to keep our fans from sinking into the mud helped keep things going smoothly. Unfortunately the same couldn’t be said for the rest of the island, where mud was king and caused all kinds of bother for the natives and visitors alike.

Our traditional meet and greet was different this month, fans and wrestlers mingled while watching Pulled Apart by Horses in the Big Top stage. But then it was to our own tent where the show started earlier than normal to allow fans to watch the football and also the headline acts at the festival.

Match one was specifically designed to pull in the crowds and win over new fans with a high flying aerial contest. Some people call these kinds of matches “spot fests” but these two men are better than that…

Hawk Boy vs. Adam Styles

Adam Styles offers his hand to comply with the Code of Respect but Hawk Boy turns his back on his opponent, much to the annoyance of Styles. The crowd booed loudly at that, way to get people to like you on your debut! They trade control in the opening moments and try some quick pin attempts. Hawk Boy sends Styles to the floor with a headscissors and fakes a dive. In the ring, Hawk Boy connects with a corner dropkick. Styles responds with a backbreaker and takes control. Hawk Boy comes back with discuss forearm smash and follows with a slingshot hurricanrana to the outside. Back in, Hawk Boy lands a springboard dropkick along with a springboard Ace crusher. He adds another crusher and locks in the cloverleaf.

Styles makes the ropes to break the hold and then hits a dropkick. Hawk Boy lands a backbreaker rack dropped into a neckbreaker before sending Styles up and hurricanrana’s him off the turnbuckle. Hawk Boy leaps back to the top rope and hits the Hawk Splash for a nearfall. Styles avoids the Fly by Night and finds success with a Yakuza kick. He tries for a flying forearm but Hawk Boy plants him with the Fly by Night at the second attempt and follows up with the Talons of Terror for the win at 13:01.

Your winner, Hawk Boy!

A solid debut performance from Hawk Boy. The fans may not have liked his attitude but they seemed to enjoy his style in our opening bout here tonight. I think the rest of FRONTIER will sit up and take notice of that. As for Styles, another decent debut, even though he came up short here tonight. There’s definite potential there, let’s see how he bounces back from this one.

Our next match was Jacob Rollins, fresh off a victory over Reckless Jack, against Yuri Chevlov, fresh off a defeat at the hands of Jackson. Both men with a point to prove in this one, so why don’t I tell you what happened?

Yuri Chevlov vs. Jacob Rollins

Code of Respect adhered to for this one as both men looked determined and steely eyed. Some in the crowd tried to start a “Mother Russia” chant but, to be honest, it didn’t really catch on. What did catch was Chevlov’s chin and Rollins’ elbow as the match got underway. Rollins continued to stay on the offensive as he locked in a hammerlock before spinning Chevlov into a short range lariat. He got a two count off that as Yuri seemed to be caught off guard by the early assault. Rollins with the forearm strikes and knife edge chops forcing Chevlov into a corner, running charge follows and then a Moonsault for another nearfall.

Yuri reverses a suplex as he tries to get back into things, following up with a leg lock which allows him to keep Rollins grounded and catch his breath too. But the respite doesn’t last long as Codebreaker from nowhere turns the tide back in Rollins’ favour. Chevlov rolls to the outside but Rollins’ follows with a Tope Atomico! Crowd loving that high flying move. And they love the Flatliner to the temporary wooden floor even more. Rollins rolls Chevlov back into the ring. Chevlov gets a second wind and nails a lariat, goes for a German Suplex but Rollins rolls out of it and lands on his feet. SUDDEN IMPACT! And with that this one was all over at 9:47.

Your winner, Jacob Rollins!

Another good win for Jacob Rollins, who’s really getting some momentum behind him here in FRONTIER. But, as you’re about to see, that may be for nothing…


As Rollins is in the ring, celebrating with the festival crowd, his music fades out and he’s handed a microphone.

JR: Thank you ISLE OF WIGHT!

The crowd screams.

JR: In the past few shows I’ve proved that I’m good enough to run with the best that FRONTIER has to offer. Yuri Chevlov was just the latest victim to fall to the Sudden Impact. Some people in my position would start demanding title shots, re-negotiated contracts or being on the cover of the next DVD release. But I’m not that kind of guy.

The crowd applauds, appreciating Jacob’s integrity.

JR: I’m the kind of guy that will help out a friend in need. I’m the kind of guy that will do anything for his friends.

DW: Where’s he going with this?

JR: And it’s because of that… that this will be my last match in FRONTIER for the foreseeable future.

The crowd not quite sure what to make of that.

JR: I’ve been offered a fantastic opportunity back in the States and I can’t turn this one down. Plus the chance to work with a friend on a very special project means that I can’t commit to FRONTIER on a consistent basis. Thank you for allowing me into your country, into your ring. I can’t promise I’ll be back, but I will always keep an eye out for FRONTIER. Thank you.

Rollins drops the mic and starts heading out of the ring. The crowd chanting “Please come back” and “Thank you Rollins” in equal measure.

— / VIDEO —

Got to admit I was a little disappointed to hear this from Jacob, but the guy did it with class and I have a feeling we’ll see him back here again at some point. This move allows him time to concentrate on the WARPED Elite Duo’s tournament he’s a part of, and that business opportunity with a friend. We’ll let you all know how that turns out.

Next up was the big tag-team match, newcomers Mark & Sophie O’Brien take on the newly formed team known as The Uprising. And what’s more, not only have Cody Williams and Aaron Arcadian created this new team, they’ve created the Uprising Tag-Team Championships too! I can’t wait to hear what the FRONTIER office thinks of that move.

The Uprising vs. Total War – Chivalry is Dead Match

The match started just as expected, with neither side wanting to shake hands. Williams and Arcadian refused to hand their titles over to the referee, instead placing them on the ring apron in their corner themselves. Once the bell sounded all hell broke loose as all four competitors just went at it. It was, after all, a Chivalry is Dead match where the only rule is; there are no rules!

It’s Sophie O’Brien’s contract which made this a Chivalry is Dead match but, to be honest, it probably favours the Uprising just as much in this match. And they made good use of those rules early on as Arcadian had Sophie tied up in the ropes while Williams seemed to be taking his fight with Mark to the floor. Cody and Mark brawl on the outside until Williams tosses Mark over the security rail and into the muddy crowd. Williams climbs onto the turnbuckle and looks set to fly but Sophie has broken free and pushes him off the ring apron, hitting the floor hard. Mark climbs onto the guard rail, steadies himself and then jumps, stomping on the back of Cody before taunting the crowd.

Back inside the ring Sophie and Aaron are trading blows. Arcadian hits a corner clothesline and a dropsault in the corner before Sophie retaliates with a German Suplex back into the turnbuckle. In just a few short moments both seem worn down from those moves and take a moment or two to regain their composure.

Cody and Mark are still brawling on the outside, Mark still with the upper hand. He drags Williams by the hair, leading him towards the entrance to the tent and tossing him through it. The crowd can no longer see what’s going on until someone on the crew starts pulling up the side of the marquee, revealing the two men brawling in the mud! Someone in the crowd starts chanting “Mud Stomp! Mud Stomp!” and soon the whole tent reverberates with the sound of the crowd. Cody charges for Mark who sees him coming and takes Williams down into the mud with the Art of War!

Mark O’Brien see’s some crates nearby, probably what we used to transport our gear in. He pulls Cody up onto them and then climbs up after him. He sets himself, holding onto Williams in a uranage position… WAR GAMES!! Holy hell, what a move! Mark O’Brien just flipped off the crates and drives Williams into the mud! He should make a cover but that move took a lot out of him!

Meanwhile Sophie has gained the upper hand inside the ring and has Aaron locked into a Triangle choke. Arcadian has the ropes but there’s no release due to the rules. Eventually Sophie releases the hold, realising Arcadian wasn’t going to tap out. Instead she tries to connect with a flying forearm, but Arcadian leans against the ropes, pulling the top one down and sending O’Brien flying out of the ring to the floor. Arcadian quickly follows up with a Corkscrew Body Press to the outside!

The crowd chants “Holy Shit, Holy Shit” as the two lay on the floor in pain. Arcadian is up first and pulls Sophie up by her hair. He begins to drag her towards the exit, where Mark and Cody are still laid out in the mud. Soon Sophie and Aaron are outside the tent, the whole crowd turned to see what’s going on. Other passers by, on the way to other areas of the festival, are stopped watching the fight.

Aaron is pulling Sophie still, but Sophie quickly breaks free and plants a DDT into the mud. Aaron sits up, face covered in mud and tries to wipe most of it off. Sophie has reached into her tights and pulls something out, quickly drinking something. As Aaron gets to his feet again she spits a fireball into his face! He squirms around for a moment and Sophie grabs him, looking for the Ode to Braddock… but Arcadian breaks free and nails a superkick out of nowhere! It looks like the mud on his face helped dampen the effects of that fireball!

Arcadian spots a nearby Land Rover and climbs up onto the bonnet. FALL OF ARCADIAN OFF THE FUCKING LAND ROVER AND INTO THE MUD!!! The referee is out there in the mud to count the pinfall…

Mark O’Brien tries to break it up but Cody Williams is up and grabs his leg, tripping him up and allowing Arcadian to pick up the pinfall victory!

Your winners, Cody Williams and Aaron Arcadian, The Uprising!

Well that was certainly an… interesting match! Never before have I seen a professional wrestling contest end in the mud after a move from a Land Rover. That was a sight. And an impressive win for Williams and Arcadian, who strutted around the ring with their Uprising Tag-Team Championships after the match.

Total War came with a game plan and it almost paid off for them, Mark O’Brien could have… and probably should have… won the match with that War Games move. But Aaron Arcadian was the man who led this Uprising tonight and picked up an important win. How long now before Hanna Fox and Scott Mayo break their silence on the actions of this pair?

Now before we get to our next match, let’s take a look at one of our special guests for tonight, Patrick Kay Anthony from WARPED!


The scene opens at a nearby tent in the campgrounds of the Isle of Wright Festival as we see PKA holding an umbrella, munching on a hot dog. He spots someone familiar in the grey, rainy distance.

PKA: Willie! Hey sheep fucker!

William Wallace, GFC World Heavyweight Champion, turns around, a smirk on his face. The lame assistant he has with him holding his umbrella struggles to keep up as Wallace and PKA meet halfway. They pound fists together and nod.

PKA: Want a bite of my weiner?

PKA offers his hot dog to Wallace.

William Wallace: Nah mate it’s ok. A have a rule a don’t take another man weiner.

PKA: How about this rain? This weather is as miserable looking as most of the people I see at this donkey show.. awful, just awful.

William Wallace: Rain is good Scottish weather, but even this is too much for me. Honestly if a didn’t know any better a would say the big man was tryin to flood the English! We would be ok in Scotland, higher ground know!

PKA: Don’t forget you’re taking me out for beers after this.

PKA’s friend and co-worker, Kris Red, comes up with a beer in one hand and nachos in another. PKA and Wallace look at him as he attempts to stuff his face.

Kris Red: What?

Wallace: Where is ma beer? You can’t just come back here with a beer, an no bring me one!

Kris responds with a mouth full of nachos.

Kris Red: Plrsh, shou can’t eat brfer your mash.

PKA rolls his eyes.

PKA: Look, I’m gonna go inside. It’s nearly time for me to go send a shockwave. See you after the show.

Wallace grabs Red’s beer and begins to drink it as he walks off in the opposite direction to PKA. Kris Red stands looking upset at the loss of his beer as the scene fades.

— / VIDEO —

Just a few short weeks ago we witnessed the end of a trilogy, the third and final match between Kevin Hardaway and Alex Jones. And guess what? For FRONTIER’s first anniversary we get another end to a trilogy as Hardaway faces Gabriel Gambino in their third match. The first was here in FRONTIER; Hardaway won. Their second was in the MWA; Gambino won and picked up the GFC World Heavyweight Championship in the process. Now they’re here on the Isle of Wight, two former champions looking to pick up a vitally important win!

Kevin Hardaway vs. Gabriel Gambino

Gambino got a raucous reception from the crowd, booing the MWA man like crazy. Gambino may not have won a match during his visits to FRONTIER but the crowd know he’s going to be putting on a great match here. Hardaway’s reception was stellar as always, the crowd chanting his name. But the man himself looked a little sombre, like his mind was elsewhere. There’s been all sorts of rumour and speculation about K-Hard’s personal life as of late, but I have a feeling it’s not going to impact his performance all that much.

Code of Respect is adhered to and we’re underway. Both men are respectful of one another’s abilities to start, cautiously exchanging wrist and headlocks. They trade armdrags and hip-tosses, showing off how evenly matched they are. Both men show off their knowledge of one another’s movesets by countering out of everything the other one tries in the early stages. Both men really want this win, and they don’t want to give anything away here.

Eventually Gambino takes Hardaway over the top with a clothesline and then follows to the floor with a dive off the apron. A trio of backdrop suplexes back in the ring from Gambino nets him a two count only. Hardaway sends Gambino to the floor next and wipes him out with the GTFO~! Back in the ring Hardaway tries a Fujiwara armbar to little success. Hardaway hits a nasty snap suplex on Gambino onto the ring apron, nearly losing his footing in the process. He tries to springboard back in but Gambino knocks him off the ropes back to the floor. They trade cradle attempts back in the ring and Gambino rolls through into a deep crossface submission.

Gambino has the move locked in but Hardaway doesn’t want to tap, and neither do the fans! “Please don’t tap, please don’t tap” chants the crowd. Hardaway feeds from the chants and drags himself to the ropes to break the hold.

Back to their feet and both men trade chops and Hardaway nails Gabe with an enziguri. Hardaway slips off the top rope when he was trying for the Lionstomp and Gambino gets a two count off of it. You can tell K-Hard was pissed at missing that opportunity to put Gabe away. He seemed more energetic after that, grabbing Gambino off the top to stop a flying elbow and delivering a huge Tiger Suplex, but Gambino kicks out and applies the Eye of Medusa!

Again Hardaway is struggling in a submission move, again the crowd are chanting his name and encouraging him. Gambino shakes his head and yells out to the crowd, realising that Hardaway is powering his way out of the hold. Hardaway does power out but gets picked up into a vertical suplex, dropping his legs down onto the ropes where, in a very swift motion, Gambino adjusts and nails a snap DDT! He covers but Hardaway kicks out at two! A very interesting move from Gambino there!

Gambino tries a lariat but K-Hard moves and hits his boot to the top of the head, followed by a spinning elbow to the side of the head; the KTFO~! Gambino won’t stay down though and boots Hardaway in the midsection, looking for the Fongul! Hardaway blocks the move and tries it himself, but Gabe too avoids the move.

Gabe nails a DDT. Hardaway blocks a moonsault with his knees, pops up and then hits the ANGELINA’S CROSSING on Gambino, but Gambino kicks out at the last second! Hardaway heads up top. Gambino avoids a Lionstomp and then hits Hardaway with the FONGUL, but it’s Hardaway’s turn to kick out of a finisher this time!! Gambino takes Hardaway to the turnbuckle… AND TRIES FOR THE FONGUL FROM THE TOP ROPE!!! But Hardaway back drops him instead! Hardaway hits the DECAP LARIAT and the WILLIAMS DRIVER to pin Gambino at 20:25!

Your winner, Kevin Hardaway!

Well, what a finish! Except it didn’t really end there…


Gambino is arguing with the referee while Kevin Hardaway is celebrating. Gabe claims he got his shoulder up in time, clapping his hands twice and raising a shoulder to emphasise the point to the referee. Hardaway soon notices and confronts Gabe. Someone tosses in a microphone and Gambino picks it up.

GG: I call bullshit. My shoulder was up at two and everyone in this god damn tent saw!

The referee is shaking his head. Hardaway swipes the microphone away from Gabe.

KH: Gabe, face it, I’m better than you! I’m the best wrestler in the solar system! That’s 2-1; mook. But, do you know what? I’m in a giving mood and I think the FRONTIER fans here on this muddy as hell island deserve some cheering up.

The fans cheer loudly.

KH: So, what I’m going to do is… Mr Referee, if you’d be so kind as to re-start this match so I can beat Gambino one… more… time!

The fans go wild, chanting “one more time, one more time” as the referee takes the microphone from Hardaway and asking for the bell to be rung again.

— / VIDEO —

Gambino and Hardaway circle each other for a moment before coming together. They trade blows like a scene from Rocky until Hardaway gets a boot into the gut and lifts Gabe up for the Angelina’s Crossing… but Gabe escapes. Boot to the gut… FONGUL!! Cover… and a three count!

Your winner, Gabriel Gambino!

Gambino slid out of the ring with a massive smile, backing up the ramp laughing to himself as he watched Hardaway’s face; slowly realising what just happened. He shouts out “you’re welcome” to the fans before disappearing.

I have to say, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything like that. And what happens to the record books? Who goes down as the winner? I guess time will tell on that one… or maybe someone from the office will explain it all to me. As at time of writing I am none the wiser!

After the area was cleared we have a few minutes where some equipment is moved around and a drum kit is put together in the middle of the ring together with some microphone stands. We were then treated to a brief performance from The Vaccines who performed their song “If You Wanna”, much to the pleasure of everyone in the marquee. I have to say it was a surprise to me, I’m not sure many people in FRONTIER knew that was going to happen. It was a nice touch.

And once the ring was cleared again we were ready for our next match. WARPED star PKA against our very own Kenchi Yamamoto.


The show fades in as we hear “Ricochet!” by Shiny Toy Guns playing. Patrick Kay Anthony, known better to the wrestling world as PKA, here on behalf of WARPED Wrestling, slides into the ring. With a microphone in his hand, PKA climbs the turnbuckle, putting his arms out in a crucifix position and the fans continue to cheer and applaud. He hops down from the turnbuckle. As his music dies down, PKA pulls the microphone up to his mouth. The fans break out in a chant of “P-K-A! P-K-A! P-K-A!” and PKA stops and looks around, smirking. He puts his hand up signalling that he wants to speak and they fade out with the chant.

PKA: First of all, I know my name. I don’t need YOU PEOPLE helping me out. So shut up, sit down, and listen to a “Grade A” talent speak.

The fans turn on PKA and begin booing. He smirks and nods his head in approval.

PKA: Let me get one thing straight. My name is P..K..A.. I am the Ultraviolent Perfectionist.. I am the best thing you’ll see at this festival and anywhere else on this awful island, whether it be in a ring or on the streets, cause you know I’m a damn good wrestler but I’m damn good looking too.

The fans erupt in boos. PKA jokingly flexes his arms Hulk Hogan style. He laughs as he continues.

PKA: No, but seriously. You all know who I am, but let me get one thing straight. I am not here representing WARPED Wrestling. I am here representing MYSELF! You see, what I do there is fine and good, but that is NOT the real me. Tonight, when I tear apart your beloved Kenchi Yamamoto, the former GFC World Heavyweight Champion.. I –

The fans interrupt PKA with a “Yama-moto! Yama-moto!” chant. He scowls at their chants but powers through it.

PKA: Chant his name all you want. But I tell you what – after I finish with him tonight, he’s not going to be able to hear your chants because he’s going to be knocked the hell out!

More boos are heard from this excited crowd.

PKA: You know, Yamamoto is big and all. Yeah, a big JOKE. The only bigger joke around here is FRONTIER Pro Wrestling putting some Commonwealth restrictions on this match. Six rounds? What the hell is this, a boxing match or a wrestling match? No closed punches? Are we doing ballet or are we WRESTLING? There are a slew of other ridiculous rules and let me get this right.. if I break them.. I break your..

He does air quotes ..

PKA: ..”Code of Respect”..

He rolls his eyes and spits on the mat.

PKA: That’s what I think of your “CODE OF RESPECT”!

The fans erupt in boos. “Kenchi! Kenchi! Kenchi!” chants start up, as the fans desperately want to see the big man come out and destroy PKA now.

PKA: I’m here tonight to make my mark on the wrestling world. I’m not here for WARPED. I’m not here for FRONTIER. I’m here for Grade A”.. P.. K.. A.., and I –

Suddenly Gimmick Game by Nana Mizuki hits the PA System and PKA’s head turns quickly to the entrance as Kenchi Yamamoto makes his way out to a thunderous amount of cheers from the crowd. PKA hands the microphone away, not too happy that he was interrupted, and Kenchi makes his way to the ring.

— / VIDEO —

Jenni Starr got on the mic and went over the rules for this Commonwealth match. It’s to be contested over 6 rounds of five minutes duration, with one minute’s time between rounds. You win by pin, submission, KO or DQ.

Kenchi Yamamoto vs. PKA

They tie-up to start and very aggressively struggle for an advantage, Yamamoto’s weight and height advantage help him considerably. Kenchi gets PKA in the ropes and gives the clean break. Another lock up and now PKA gets Yamamoto against the ropes and teases the clean break. He goes for a chop! Kenchi ducks it. Kenchi clutches the wrist and PKA rolls through, then vice versa; interesting to see a big man like Yamamoto roll out of something. I think that took PKA by surprise. PKA almost gets the Octopus Stretch, but then Kenchi almost gets a single leg Boston Crab, and they break. Great back and forth action in the opening moments.

Snapmare from Kenchi leads to a big kick to the back of PKA; Yamamoto choosing not to go for the full Death Combo just yet. They go at it and Kenchi hits that combo again and then gets another running kick to the CHEST of PKA! Very nice. Kenchi hits a snap suplex on PKA and covers for 1. He locks the arm over and gets a Texas Cloverleaf!! PKA’s reaching for the ropes and he gets them. Kenchi breaks right away.

Knee to the gut of PKA again. Boot the midsection in the corner and a whip across the ring. PKA leaps up and floats over Yamamoto and rolls him up for two. Slingshot legdrop gets 1 for the WARPED man but that will be the final action of the opening round as the bell signals the end of the round. The two men return to their corners, Kenchi still looking focussed as always. And PKA will be disappointed that the bell came when it did, he was just getting the upper hand at the end there.

Round two begins and PKA charges in. HUGE dropkick to the chest of Yamamoto knocks him down. Arm drag and a pin attempt from PKA. Abdominal stretch from the champ and The Ultraviolent Perfectionist digs his elbow into the ribcage of the FRONTIER star.

Hard chop from PKA and forearms from Kenchi before a big boot from the former GFC Champion for a 1 count. PKA with strikes to Kenchi. Big chop the chest of Kenchi and his chest is already red. Headbutt from The Ultraviolent Perfectionist. He goes for a running something but is elevated over the top to the floor. Kenchi goes for a running suicide dive but PKA dodges! “Holy Shit” chants from the crowd. PKA puts the boots to Kenchi on the outside while the ref is counting. PKA argues with the ref, not wanting to get back into the ring. At the count of 17, with Kenchi just getting back to his feet, PKA rolls into the ring to stop the count and then rolls right back out again to continue his assault on Yamamoto. Before we get much further the bell sounds to end round two.

Early on in round three Yamamoto is backed into the corner and eats some boots to the chest. The Ultraviolent Perfectionist perches up top and nails a kick to the face. Kenchi looks for a superplex and they’re battling with headbutts up top!!! Palm strike by Kenchi! Another headbutt to the jaw of PKA! Top rope superplex!! He rolls through and gets the Single Legged Boston Crab!! Crowd chanting “This is Wrestling” as PKA writhes in pain, trying to get to the ropes. PKA rolls onto his side, managing to get a leg free and kicks the big man away. He nips up and wraps his legs around the head of Yamamoto, hurricanrana! Cover gets two only.

Chop from PKA and he goes to the second rope for a flipping neckbreaker! Kenchi pops back up and dodges a clothesline and gets a huge lariat! PKA is folded in half from that and takes a moment to stumble back to his feet. Yamamoto charges in once more but PKA takes him down with headscissors. Kenchi rolls to the apron, seated, and PKA gets a running kick to the back! PKA gets an Asai moonsault and catches Kenchi but ends up across the barricade! “PWF” chants as both men are down. The ref starts counting again but before we get to 20 the bell signals the end of round three.

Round four starts with a Russian Legsweep from PKA who goes up top and gets a missile dropkick on Kenchi. Shining Wizard gets two! Both men back up and they trade forearms. Kenchi ends up with the control and gets a flurry of forearms against the ropes and takes off running. PKA catches him with a leg lariat! Both men are on the apron and PKA looks to be going for a suplex. SUPERKICK from PKA! PAINBUSTER ON THE APRON!!!!!

Kenchi falls onto the table at ringside where I sit with Dave White. PKA with a MOONSAULT OFF THE TOP ROPE ONTO THE TABLE!! And the table doesn’t break! “You just killed him” chants break out as Kenchi rolls to the floor. Kenchi eventually gets back in the ring and starts getting to his feet, but PKA catches him with a moonsault again off the ropes for a nearfall.

Kenchi is still alive and screams out, much to the delight of the FRONTIER fans! He gets a kick to the chest of PKA as he approaches. He pulls PKA up and goes for the complete Death Combo; Snapmare/Chop to the Neck/ Running Knee/ Seated Senton. Kenchi has a second wind, and he locks in the single leg crab again. PKA gets close to the ropes and Kenchi pulls him back! PKA finally makes the ropes and kicks Kenchi in the head with his other leg.

“This is wrestling” say the Isle of Wight crowd.

Kenchi kicks PKA in the back of the knee. He places PKA up top for a back superplex, but PKA elbows him off. Kenchi gets a forearm to the back and climbs up again. Pushed off again. Series of headbutts to the back of the visitors head!! Kenchi steps up to the top…RELEASE GERMAN SUPERPLEX!! LARIATO!!! TWO COUNT!!! Bell sounds, end of round four!

Both men look glad for the minutes respite; yet at the same time they’re eager to continue! Round five, the penultimate round, gets underway as Kenchi tries to kick a charging PKA in the face but PKA ducks and bounces off the ropes, running back at Kenchi who is still facing the other way. PKA connects with an Inverted Wheelbarrow into a Reverse DDT! He moves quickly to pull Kenchi up and forces him into the corner. Yamamoto is perched up top. Kenchi fights off PKA and goes for a TOP ROPE GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB!! PKA REVERSES IT IN MIDAIR FOR A HURRICANRANA! TWO COUNT!

Another lariat and a PAIN BUSTER FROM PKA!! TWO COUNT! PKA getting visibly annoyed, taking his frustration out on some of the front row fans, giving Kenchi time to get back to his feet. The two men trade kicks. Capture Suplex from Yamamoto!! Snap suplex from The Ultraviolent Perfectionist! Big chop from PKA is responded to with a big kick from Yamamoto. Another chop, another kick. Third exchange, fourth, fifth, sixth and Kenchi gets a spinning heel kick. LARIATO from Kenchi! TWO COUNT!

“Yamamoto” chants filling the tent.


“This is awesome” says the fans. And I can’t disagree with that. Kenchi is up but dazed, PKA is up and raring to go. He charges in… GRAND IMPACT!! ONE… TWO… NO! PKA IN THE ROPES!! Kenchi can’t believe it, pounding the mat with his hands. He pulls the WARPED man to his feet but PKA breaks free. P-KRUSHER III!! COVER!! ONE… TWO… THREE!! This one is over at 24:15 in round five!

Your winner, Patrick Kay Anthony, PKA!

What a match that was, intense action throughout. Both men can be proud of the effort and, honestly, I think either man could have won that one. But congratulations to PKA who comes into FRONTIER for this special match and walks out with a victory.

After the match Kenchi Yamamoto got back to his feet and looked across at PKA. He walked towards him and offered his hand, bowing slightly as he does so. PKA looks at Kenchi, then at the crowd who start chanting “shake his hand, shake his hand!” PKA takes a long time, looking at Kenchi, before stepping forward and shaking his hand. Yamamoto raises the arm of PKA as the crowd are on their feet.

Anthony came into this one as an outsider, talked a lot of crap about Kenchi and FRONTIER, but I think he won the fans over with his superb performance here tonight. There may just be a little spark of mutual respect formed between these two men after that contest.

So where could we possibly go from there? Well we go to the ring where Hanna Fox has come out to say a few words…


Hanna Fox is in the ring, the crowd cheering for her as she gets on the microphone and begins to address them. Scott Mayo and Matt Montell, her two business partners, are flanking her.

HF: Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for coming out in this atrocious weather to spend your Sunday afternoon with us. Today Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER is one year old!

Crowd: Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!

HF: A little over a year ago these two men beside me came forward with an idea to put British wrestling back on the map. The wrestling scene in this country has been far to quiet since the closure of the UKWA but now here we stand on the anniversary of FRONTIER able to say, loudly and proudly, that British wrestling is BACK! Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER has defied it’s critics, it’s success has dwarfed our own dreams and we’re headed into our second year with optimism and excitement. In just a few weeks we start filming our television debut, REVOLUTION and… a bit of an exclusive for everyone here on the Isle of Wight… we are currently in negotiations to take FRONTIER on a little trip to the USA later this year!

The crowd cheer wildly at that announcement.

HF: So before I take up any more of your time, let’s get back to the great FRONTIER action with our main event. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you all at our SECOND anniversary show!

The crowd applaud as Fox, Mayo and Montell make their way out of the ring.

— / VIDEO —

A US tour? Now that is big news! Hanna told me after the event that the tour would be co-promoted with another company, details of which are very hush hush at this stage. Which probably means no-one’s said yes yet! But I know what you will say yes to, want to know what happened in our main event? Wallace and Jackson have faced off once before, with Jackson picking up the win. Plus they met in the Battle Royal where Wallace won the GFC Championship. But now they get to go one-on-one again with the title on the line!

William Wallace (c) vs. Jackson – GFC World Heavyweight Championship

Jackson out first to a great reception. The guy can be a real arse but there’s something about him that the fans love. As for Wallace… well he got a pretty decent reception too.

This was a big fight, right from the bell. Wallace starts with the fists, but gets tossed to the floor and Jackson hits a baseball slide, sending Wallace into the railing where HMV competition winner, Jeff, mocks him. Jackson connects with some big right hands on the floor and whips Wallace into the guardrail. Again Jeff taunts the GFC Champion. Jackson hits several chops and punches before whipping Wallace into the rail again.

Eventually they are back inside and Jackson flies in with a crossbody for two. He starts pummelling Wallace again. Jackson keeps beating Wallace down and stomps a mudhole in him. Wallace tries a suplex but eats a knee. Wallace rolls out to the apron to recover but Jackson charges in. Wallace snaps Jackson’s throat off the top rope as he drops to the floor. He slides back into the ring but is met by an elbow smash clothesline. Jackson gets Wallace into a headlock by the ropes and rakes his eyes along the top rope.

Jackson tries the tornado DDT but Wallace counters to a sick backbreaker and then drops a senton on Jackson’s back. He starts getting the crowd going and starts kicking the back of Jackson as he is trying to get up. They trade punches but Wallace ends that with a big boot. He chokes Jackson on the bottom rope. Jackson tries to fight back but a stiff forearm knocks him down. More choking and Wallace hits the cannonball.

Jackson is still trying to get up, but Wallace won’t relent. He starts mockingly cheering Jackson on, and Jackson finally gets a flurry of strikes, and he pops right back up off a shoulder block and hits a clothesline. And another one. Wallace blocks the corner yakuza kick, but runs right into the T-Bone suplex, which gets 2 for the mechanical animal. The crowd all shouting a hearty “TWOOOOO!” at that one.

Jackson wants the Something Wicked, but eats a Glasgow Kiss by Wallace. He follows up with a powerslam but only gets two! Wallace picks up Jackson and starts talking trash and slaps Wallace. Jackson gets back to his feet and they trade strikes, Wallace wins, Wallace hits a corner clothesline, BIG BOOT! SPINE BUSTER! Two only! Clothesline by Wallace sends Jackson 360 degrees! Wallace looks to go for a big clothesline, but Jackson moves. THERAPY BY JACKSON! TWO!

Something Wicked? Countered. Until it Sleeps? Countered. Wallace runs into a kick, counters a DDT to a Northern Lights Suplex for another two count! Duelling chants from the crowd, both men are popular here in FRONTIER and that shows here tonight. Wallace pulls Jackson up. Freedom Drop? Jackson counters this time into a face buster! DARKEST HOUR!!! Jackson has Wallace locked in, right in the middle of the ring. Could this be it? New champion? Wallace screams out, clenched fist banging the mat and the crowd begin to clap along to the same rhythm. Wallace feeds from that and reaches out, stretching as far as humanly possible in order to reach the ropes!

Both men back up, Jackson charges for Wallace but Wallace charges too. SPEAR!! HIGHLAND FLING!!! Jackson rolls out of the ring, avoiding the pin! Clever move from Jackson, if that was deliberate! Wallace looks pissed, knowing he had the match won with that. Wallace heads to the ropes but Jackson grabs his legs and trips him, pulling him out of the ring. The two trade blows back and forth for what seems like for ever, the crowd chanting “Yay” and “Boo” for each blow. To be honest there were yay’s and boo’s for BOTH men, such is the weird fan split for this match.

Eventually they both get back into the ring and Jackson looks for a vertical suplex, Wallace reverses into the Sinister Urge for another nearfall. Wallace pumps his fist into the air as he walks around the ring now. Jackson is up to his feet and Wallace charges, Jackson with a boot to the gut. WELCOME TO THE MACHINE!! TWO COUNT ONLY!! Wallace tries to pump himself up again, grabbing Jackson and nailing a Glasgow Kiss. And another. And another. A fourth, a fifth. Jackson is rocked. HIGHLAND FLING!! But Wallace doesn’t make a cover, he locks in a Sleeper!!

Jackson instantly flicks a leg up onto the bottom rope, but Wallace doesn’t release the hold. The ref counts, one, two, three, four, five! He give’s Wallace a warning, telling him to release the hold as Jackson is fading. Wallace STILL does NOT release the sleeper and the referee calls for the bell!!

Your winner, by way of disqualification, Jackson!

And the loser, and STILL GFC World Heavyweight Champion, is William Wallace! He kept that sleeper locked in even when he should have let go, he deliberately got himself disqualified! He walks out of Newport with the GFC Championship still in his grasp. Unbelievable scenes here at the first anniversary show. I know that Jackson will have a LOT to say about this in the coming days, and I think that FRONTIER management should step in too in all honesty.

Wallace grabs the title and rolls out to ringside. He heads straight for our competition winner, Jeff and holds the belt in his face shouting “How do ya like that one, Jeff. Am still GFC Champion. A just destroyed your boy Jackson!” Jeff seems to be shouting obscenities back at Wallace who just laughs and walks away. Back in the ring Jackson is getting his breath back and talking to the referee, realising what just happened. The ref tries to raise his hand but Jackson won’t let him. He leans on the ropes, looking out at Wallace as he walks away with the belt held high.

And so there we are, the conclusion to Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER’s First Anniversary Show. It’s been a fantastic afternoon and it turned into a fantastic night, even if England didn’t win the football. Man you should have seen Gambino celebrate that Italy win, he was ecstatic. Anyway, there’s only one way FRONTIER can go now… onwards and upwards into our second year!

Thank you for your support over the past twelve months, without you fans this company would not be here. So we hope you’ll be with us in Liverpool as we start that second year with an almighty bang! The fall out from tonight is sure to hit the fan in Liverpool. What will Fox do about Wallace, Uprising and the Hardaway/Gambino match? Join us in two weeks to find out!