Another Fortnight over, another FRONTIER show in the books! And what a spectacular main event we witnessed here tonight. Who came out on top? Who is headed for the GFC Invitational with a full head of steam?

Our meet and greet was an interesting one this week, lots of questions from fans about the loss of our TV deal and the upcoming battle with Frontier Grappling Arts that most people here know very little about at this stage. The man in the know on both fronts is Scott Mayo, who was noticeable in his absence here tonight. There was also lots of talk about the GFC Invitational which is now just two weeks away. Would the final line-up be revealed here tonight? Before we even think about that tournament let’s get to our first match of the evening.

Mike Penney vs. Bushido

Bushido is on his hinds, like he’s stalking Penney. They lockup, Bushido hits a knee to the gut, then a right and calls for a suplex. He hits it hard. Bushido drops some pounding on the back of Percy, all smiles. He sends Percy in the corner then stomps him in the corner. Pin for 2. Penney is in the corner now, and pushes Bushido down. Bushido fires back with a body slam, though, and drops an elbow. Mike is able to fight back with a few rights and a high dropkick. He sends Bushido to the ropes and hits another dropkick. Penney flies with a clothesline! Mike is up, whips but Bushido reverses, lifts Penney up and drops him on the ropes. We get a neckbreaker, actually, no, he twists Penney and sends him face first. So…modified neck breaker? Anyways, he follows with the Phoenix Splash and pins for the 1…2…3!!

Your winner, Bushido!

And it’s another good win for Bushido here; his stock is on the rise. But can he start working his way up the card? I guess we’ll find out in the coming weeks.

Now it’s time to find out something else about the GFC Invitational tournament which takes place in two weeks. Scott Mayo joined Alan Galpin in the ring as they had some announcements to make.


Mayo gets a mixed reaction from the crowd while Galpin gets a more friendly reception. Galpin takes the microphone from Jenni Starr.

AG: Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time to look forward to the second annual GFC Invitational. You may have seen on the FRONTIER website this week that we have some confirmed names for this great tournament. And those names are…

Crowd: Oooooooooh.,,

AG: Kevin Hardaway!

Crowd: YAAAAY!

AG: Jason Talbot!

Crowd: BOOO!

AG: Ben Hanson!

Crowd: WHOOOOO?!

AG: CJ Osborne!


AG: Larry Gowan


AG: And… Andreas Lasiewicz!

Crowd: WHOOOOO!?

DS: The crowd obviously not aware of some of the stars who are making their way here in two short weeks!

AG: These six names were set to be joined by one Patrick Gordon Jnr from Frontier Grappling Arts. However, due to a stipulation in his contract Mr Gordon will be unable to attend our great event.

Crowd: BOOO! Fuck FGA, Fuck FGA, Fuck FGA!

AG: Now, please, let’s not hold this against the FGA. Scott came out here two weeks ago with some pretty inflammatory remarks about our trans-Atlantic cousins. But we’d love for this show to be…

SM: Woah, woah, woah! I was inflammatory? Those bastards started infringing on…

AG: Please, Scott, let’s not get into this. I don’t want this to be an all out war between two great companies. I’ve seen British and American companies go to war before, and it didn’t end well. The UKWA took on the MWA and in one night the biggest British wrestling company of it’s time ceased to exist!

SM: Oh, I remember that night. I was there, commentating on the action. And, if I recall, you were fighting on the side of the MWA… the winning side! So you have no right to get all high and mighty with me about this crap with the FGA! Especially as you went and invited those arseholes to appear at the Invitational!

AG: I’m not getting high and mighty about anything. I’m just pointing out that you’ve been in this position before, so you should know better! And the GFC Invitational is the one night of the year where the booking of the show is done in full by the GFC, and you’re pissed that I invited FGA to the party.

SM: Yea, so what, it’s a dumb idea anyway! I’m kinda glad that FGA knocked you back!

AG: Well, that’s where you’re wrong. It’s only Gordon that we had a problem with.

SM: What are you talking about?

AG: I’m talking about offering an invitation to…

— /VIDEO —

Aaaand, that’s where we’re cutting the video. Yes, I’m a cruel bastard. But as a wise man once said, good things come to those who wait. Full details of Galpin’s final invitation will be released in good time I am assured. Although there was rumour around tonight that if Kacy Knight doesn’t confirm her involvement in the tournament by Wednesday, then Gabriel Gambino would be entered into the tournament… and his GFC Championship WILL be on the line in EVERY match he takes part in.

So, what else can happen on this show? Only the biggest main event in FRONTIER history! Three GFC Champions are joined by the former MWA star who’s won ALL the titles there… all bar the World Title. Can he prize his way into that elite bracket? Let’s find out…

Gabriel Gambino vs. Kevin Hardaway vs. CJ Osborne vs. Jason Talbot

And we’re off! Gambino punches and dumps Osborne over the top. Talbot punches and dumps Hardaway over the top. Talbot opens up with chops on Gambino. Gambino reverses a whip and hits a suplex on Talbot that gets 2. Looks like this one is tornado rules, thanks for the heads up on that one powers-that-be! Off a whip, Talbot gets a neckbreaker on Gambino but Osborne is in and clotheslines him down and drops him with a big slam. Hardaway is in and he clotheslines Gambino and drops him too. Lot’s of point proving going on so far.

They trade shots and Osborne dropkicks him to the outside. On the outside, Gambino pounds him and rolls him back in to Osborne. Osborne tries another whip but Talbot pulls him out on the other side. Talbot chops but Gambino comes around and clotheslines both. But Hardaway hits a baseball slide dropkick on Gambino. Hardaway whips Osborne into the stairs and slams Gambino. He tries one on Talbot but he slips out and hits one himself. He goes up and hits a moonsault on all 3 other men! Crowd really getting behind Talbot here.

Talbot rolls Hardaway in. Hardaway cuts him off and whips him. He attempts an up and over but Talbot doesn’t come in. They clothesline each other down. Gambino up top hits the double fame-asser. He tries a pin only gets 2. Interesting move from the champ there.

Osborne in. He clotheslines Gambino down and dumps Talbot and Hardaway. They trade shots until Osborne hits a backbreaker for 2. Osborne hits a leaping elbow drop and gets a 2. Whip, reversal. Gambino tries a spear but eats post and falls to the outside. Talbot in. They trade chops and shots until Talbot hits a flying elbow and kips up but right into spinwheel kick from Hardaway. Nice. He tries the pin but Osborne breaks it up. They argue and then double team Talbot! Gambino tries to sneak in but Hardaway clubs him off the apron. Double whip and double backdrop. They hit the double Boston crab!

Gambino comes in and hits a spinning heel kick on both CJ & K-Hard. Another nice move. Clotheslines and shoulderblocks for all. Then he hits a gutwrench powerbomb on Hardaway. Big elbow drop for Hardaway but Talbot and Osborne pull him out and throw him into the post, then Talbot throws Osborne into the post from behind. Awesome sound as CJ smashes off the post.

Talbot preps a piledriver through the ringside table on Osborne but Hardaway saves him with a chairshot to the back. Osborne gives him the thumbs up for the help but then eats a chairshot. Back in, Hardaway goes for a chairshot but Gambino reverses to a drop toe hold and a STF. Hardaway gets the ropes. Osborne in, another STF. Talbot in. Gambino tries again but Talbot rolls him up for 2.

Another flying elbow from Talbot. Inverted atomic drop on Gambino but Hardaway is up but he eats an inverted atomic drop. Talbot connects with a big right hand. Another for Osborne. A bodyslam for Gambino and Talbot up top for the elbow drop. He signals to the crowd. Hardaway tries a KTFO~! but Talbot dodges. Another body slam and goes up top again for another elbow drop. Osborne in. More of the same. Gambino cuts him off and goes for the Fongul off the top but Hardaway and Osborne are up for a Tower of Doom/Samoan Drop combo. Gambino tries an Fongul but Hardaway escapes and right into a Williams Driver but then Gambino reverses back to an Fongul position and Hardaway reverses to an Williams Driver position again! Great blocking and countering!

Hardaway nails a big kick before getting Gabe up for an Asylum Bomb. Talbot is in and Hardaway picks him up too!! K-Hard has Gabe AND Talbot on his shoulders!! Amazing stuff! But Talbot slides off the back and preps Last Call. Osborne in through and DREAM STREET! Osborne tries the pin but Hardaway drops Gambino and breaks it up.

Hardaway.. WILLIAMS DRIVER ON CJ! Two only! Hardaway tries a spear on Gabe but Gambino leapfrogs! Osborne pushes Hardaway toward Gambino. Gambino sets up the Fongul. Osborne slides out and gets pushed into a SPEAR! GAMBINO HITS THE FONGUL ON HARDAWAY! Talbot up, HITS THE LAST CALL!!! And collapses! Gambino falls on Osborne… And gets the win!!

Your winner, Gabriel Gambino!

WOWSERS! What else can be said about that match? Wowsers. I thought Hardaway had it won. I thought CJ Had it won. I thought Talbot had it won. But in the end it’s the GFC World Champion who comes out on top. My word, we will literally never hear the end of this!

So the one man not scheduled to appear in the GFC Invitational comes out on top, but it was one of the closest contests I can remember in FRONTIER history. I have a sneaky feeling this type of match will be repeated somewhere down the line, maybe with that title on the line? That’s if Gambino gets past the GFC Invitational with that belt still around his waist!

Speaking of the invitational tournament, don’t forget to join us in two weeks for our very first iPPV event. Details of how to order this very special event can be found right here on this website! We’ll see you there!