Global Frontier Crown. The sign of the elite. To be GFC Champion is to be the best of the best of the best.

The GFC Committee were some of the most influential people in pro-wrestling. They were headed by Alan Galpin, the Committee Chairman, who was responsible for choosing all GFC Championship challengers as well as being the only person able to invite wrestlers to compete in the annual GFC Invitational Tournament.

Galpin was the man that created the EWF back in 1999. He has gone through a lot since those days, from owning and running the EWF and BWA through to wrestling as “Playboy” Al Galpin in the MWA. Now he’s becoming more of a family man, having been engaged to Kitty Westhorp since 2009. He is a student of the business and has spent his most recent years in Japan, learning about the Strong Style of Puroresu and the way that they run their wrestling promotions, which lead him to create the GFC Committee.

After Scott Mayo was removed from his position as General manager of FRONTIER he was replaced by Matt Montell, who immediately stripped the GFC of their booking power, meaning he alone can choose who gets a shot at the GFC Championship. Alan Galpin remains as the only representative of the GFC but his position is now purely ceremonial.