It’s certainly been an interesting three weeks since we last put on a show. The GFC Heavyweight Title is now officially a World Championship after it was defended on an MWA show in Atlanta, FRONTIER announced some new arrivals and the fact that several FRONTIER stars will be entering the ULTRATITLE Tournament and to top it off we have a new GFC World Heavyweight Champion in Gabe Gambino! So what could possibly come next?

There was a quiet that fell across the room when Kevin Hardaway entered the building for the meet & greet session last night. It was the first time that the other FRONTIER stars had seen him since he lost the GFC Title, leaving the company without a champion. You could tell that all of the stars who wanted a shot at the title were angry that the belt has left the company, but that seemed to lighten when it was announced that new champion Gabriel Gambino will appear at the next show to make his first title defence in the 10 man Battle Royal!

As always our card is subject to change and, unfortunately, one match was changed and one had to be cancelled. Spike Kane’s battle with Vincenzo Massaro was off due to illness and the Triple Threat due to open the show was down to a one-on-one between Driver and Babel after Jason Talbot suffered travel problems and wasn’t able to get to the building in time.



Thomas Driver vs. Johnny Babel

Babel and Driver shake hands, sticking to the code of respect. Babel with a headlock to start and then ends up in back to back armdrags and an armbar. Babel breaks the hold and hits an elbow. Driver with a kick and hits a back suplex. Driver with a kick. Babel with kicks while Driver hits chops. Driver with a flying forearm then misses a kick and Babel hits the backstabber for two. Babel with some rest holds. Driver elbows out but Babel hits a knee and a side suplex for two. Babel with an exploder suplex for one. Babel back with a rest hold. Driver with a cradle for two. Driver with a springboard elbow and then a neckbreaker for two. Driver blasts Babel and then hits an enziguri. Short armed DDT for a two count. Driver with a roll up for two but Babel rolls through with a handful of tights for the three count!

Your winner, Johnny Babel!

A good win for the debutant here tonight. And after the match it looked like Driver suffered some form of injury, he limped out of the building with a dejected look on his face. I’m not sure what happened but it may be a while before we see him again, unfortunately.

Next up was the battle of the Jacksons!


Jackson vs. Jackson Rose

They circle and lock up, Jackson powers Rose in the corner. Rose catches him running cross-corner, with a boot, and hits a spinning wheel kick. Rose heads to the second rope but Jackson pulls his leg out and unloads with punches. He wears Rose down in the ropes with chokes, knees and then Jackson boots him to the floor. Jax rams him into the ring apron and gets a nearfall back in the ring. A hammer-toss into the corner works the back some more and then Rose finds himself entrapped in a chinlock. Jackson misses a corner charge and Rose opens up with chops in the corner; he then unloads with kicks and a running kick to the face. Rose looks for the brain cracker but Jackson boots him and Rose then turns into the Something Wicked for three.

Your winner, Jackson! 

A solid performance from Jackson who swiftly dispatches his namesake. But all was not over as Scott Mayo made his way to ringside to talk to Jackson. Mayo reminded everyone that at the next show, on May 6th, there is a 10 Man Battle Royal for the GFC World Heavyweight Championship. With six names already announced, Mayo told the fans on hand that Jackson was name number seven!

And not only that but William Wallace will be number eight, Jason Talbot will be number nine and number ten will be… announced on the FRONTIER website soon!!

With that out of the way it was on to our next match. Alex Jones starting his road to redemption against the man who beat him in his last FRONTIER outing, Cody Williams.



Alex Jones vs. Cody Williams

Lockup and Jones sends Williams to the corner. The ref breaks it and Jones tries to sneak in a kick. Williams catches the leg and pushes him aside. Jones goes for something but Williams reverses it, send Jones to the corner, reversal and Alex hits the corner chest first. Inverted Atomic drop and a clothesline from Williams as AJ tries to head to the corner. Williams with a clothesline, a whip to the opposite corner then a stalled side slam and a pin for 1…2…NO.

Alex with a hard kick, sending Williams to the ropes. Alex on the outside swings up and kicks Williams in the back of the head. Pin for 1…2…NO! Alex starts with the stomps, using the ropes for leverage! Alex drops a right to the back of the head of Williams then a kick to the back of the head. A pin for 1…2..NO!! Alex with a Dragon Sleeper type move on the mat. Williams is calling for some crowd support, and about three people help out. He’s not exactly the most popular person here after his antics with Kenchi.

Williams stands but Jones switches into a front faced headlock only for Williams to push Alex up and press him over the head all the way down to the mat! Williams with a dropkick! Another! Williams with a body slam and Alex rolls to the ropes. Alex hits the ropes and gets a kick, hits the ropes but this time Williams with a belly to belly suplex! Jones rolls away again, smartly. Williams places Alex up top in the corner and gives Alex some rights. He sets up for a superplex but Jones fights out and hangs Williams up on the ropes! Jones with a Time to Burn and a pin for 1….2…3!!!

Your winner, Alex Jones!

Well he did it, he got payback on Williams and has re-ignited his FRONTIER career with an important win here tonight. He’s picking up pace as he heads towards the crunch match with Hardaway in just a few weeks!



William Wallace vs. Kenchi Yamamoto

Lock up to start! Yamamoto with a go behind and William reverses it. Yamamoto goes for the leg, turns into it. Side headlock take down. William tries to move the pressure. Yamamoto with a snapmare into a side headlock again. William with a leg scissors. Yamamoto uses his legs to get out of it…crowd getting behind him here. He grabs a face lock and Wallace sends him to the corner. Wallace with a side headlock into a take down. Yamamoto turns out of it while standing, grabs with a wrist lock and reverses into a side headlock of his own. They hit the ropes and here’s Yamamoto with a shoulder block. They stand off, William dives for the legs, Yamamoto jumps over as William gets angry and he goes outside. What a start from these two. Crowd loving this.

William Wallace back in and Kenchi Yamamoto hits some hard kicks, snapmare into a cover for 1. William with a neckbreaker after a kick and a pin for 1. William with a stomp, and another. Wallace with a hard right to the back of Yamamoto’s head then drops an elbow on the shoulder of the former champ. Kenchi with some rights, William gets the better of it and sends Yamamoto down with some right hands of his own. William with an elbow drop and a pin for 1. Wallace goes behind with a cravat and arm lock. Yamamoto is out of it with some rights once more. Whip to the ropes but William reverses it and Yamamoto is introduced to the knee of William Wallace!

William rubs the head of Yamamoto into his shin. William goes for another neckbreaker but Yamamoto is there with a backslide pin for 2. Clothesline for William and a pin for 1. William with a facelock. Yamamoto is up with some right hands and back suplex to break the hold. William comes out of the corner but Yamamoto sends him to the opposite side and runs at him. He goes for the splash but William moves and Yamamoto goes flying into the turnbuckle.

William is in control after that. He’s got a cravat locked in on the ground. Yamamoto is up with some rights. He starts some kicks then a whip and a leg lariat! Yamamoto with a nice swinging neckbreaker. Pin for 1…2..NO!!! William is in the corner, Yamamoto lifts him up for the Grand Impact but Wallace counters and spins the big Japanese into a Sleeper Hold!! Yamamoto is fading! He’s going down! Yamamoto gets some energy from the crowd. He is standing back up. He’s maneuvering Wallace into the fireman’s carry position! Wallace rolls over and gets a roll up pin!!! He uses the ropes!!! The ref sees it and stops the pin. The crowd thought he’s snuck it there, I gotta admit so did I!

Wallace goes for the Highland Fling but Yamamoto holds onto the ropes. Yamamoto sends Wallace to the corner, he hits a MASSIVE KNEE! A pin for 1….2….NO!!!! Yamamoto with a body slam! He’s going up top! This is NOT like him! Wallace rolls out of target range. Yamamoto gets off the top rope and William meets him with a dropkick! He pins! He locks the leg!! Pin for 1…2…NO!!!

Wallace charges in for a clothesline but Yamamoto catches him out of nowhere with the GRAND IMPACT! Three count!

Your winner, Kenchi Yamamoto!

What a great match that was, both men giving their all in that ring! And both men get to go at it again in two weeks as they are BOTH in the 10 Man Battle Royal for the GFC World Heavyweight Championship!

And our main event of the evening features two more men set to compete in that match…


Aaron Arcadian vs. Kevin Hardaway

Lock up to start, Arcadian turns and sends Hardaway to the corner. Another lock up and Hardaway sends him to the corner. Ref breaks the hold and we get a third lock up. Hardaway sends Arcadian to the corner and Arcadian climbs up then hits a right to Hardaway. He starts to beat him down but Hardaway hits a shoulderblock. Hardaway with a body slam and a pin for 1. Hardaway tosses Arcadian to the corner then we get a hard blow to the chest. Hardaway sends Arcadian to the corner then hits a powerful arm drag. Hardaway sends Aaron to the corner and hits a back elbow then a shoulderblock, sending Arcadian to the outside. Hardaway on the apron and there’s Arcadian with a dropkick, knocking him down. Arcadian on the apron and, nice dropkick from the apron down to the mat. That was nicely done. Crowd loving that one.

Arcadian with a pin but Hardaway kicks out. Arcadian with another cover for 2. Arcadian with a cravat from behind but Hardaway fights out of it and we get a jawbreaker then a piledriver onto the shoulder of Arcadian! Hardaway with some shoulderblocks! A hard right. He hits the ropes and we get a decapitation clothesline! Hardaway with a splash into the corner and whip to the opposite corner. he goes for the splash again, but Arcadian leaves, Hardaway with a back elbow then goes up top for the shoulder block. Arcadian moves! Arcadian with an Oklahoma Roll. 1….2…3!!! Arcadian with the surprise win!

Your winner, Aaron Arcadian!

The crowd are surprised at the result, another roll-up loss for K-Hard after the loss to Gambino. And with only a matter of weeks til his big match with Alex Jones has he picked the worst possible time to hit a slump in form?

But on the other hand Aaron Arcadian goes from strength to strength here in in FRONTIER. What can we expect next?