Chivalry is Dead

On Sunday night the town of Worthing was hit by something the likes of which it has never seen. And, no, I don’t mean the torrential rain, I mean the arrival of Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER!

But before we get any further into this one, let me please apologise on behalf of FRONTIER for the technical problems we’ve had bringing you this report. Due to unforeseen circumstances the report couldn’t be uploaded on time last night; but we are working on something to make it up to you, the loyal FRONTIER fans!

Before the show we had our usual meet and greet sessions which are always fun. Nice to have CJ Osborne and Sophie O’Brien at this one, both seemed to enjoy their first trip to Worthing.

Then the show proper got underway!

Jacob Rollins vs. Reckless Jack

Rollins and Reckless hooked up and straight away Rollins took the advantage with an STO followed by a standing moonsault. Jack tried to go for a flying crossbody but Rollins caught him and sends him into the ropes with a fallaway slam. Rollins then blocks a clothesline and turns it into a snap DDT. He looks set to go for the Swanton but Jack is back up and arm drags him off the top rope. But Rollins lands on his feet and nails the Sudden Impact out of nowhere! A short three seconds later and this one is all over!

Your winner, Jacob Rollins!

A great effort from Rollins, he looked on fine form here tonight. Reckless Jack wasn’t quite with it and, unfortunately for him, he was caught out before he really got going.

Next up was the in-ring debut of “The Russian Riot” Yuri Chevlov against “The Mechanical Animal” Jackson. These two spewed out a lot of hate against each other in recent weeks, should be interesting to see what happens when they’re in a ring together.

Jackson vs. Yuri Chevlov

This match started just as we all expected, all out war. These two powerhouse brawlers lived up to their usual styles as they just went hell for leather on each other for the first few minutes of this match. It was a vicious brawl and neither man was very good at blocking any wild punches, too much concentration on throwing the punches themselves. Seriously, this was like a boxing match from Rocky for a while!

Then, as Jackson backed up half a yard, Chevlov charged in and nailed a clothesline to end the punch-up. He follows up with some kicks to the downed Jackson as he gets back to his feet. He goes for a scoop slam but Jackson slides out and takes his opponent down with a Russian Legsweep. He smiles, liking the irony of that move.

As Yuri gets to a knee Jackson leaps up onto the second rope and connects with a springboard double axehandle which takes the Russian down again. Jackson tries to lock in a camel clutch but Chevlov is in the ropes and the ref intervenes.  Chevlov up, Jackson charges in. But Chevlov gets an Atomic Drop that staggers Jackson, following up with a massive lariat that sends him down. Jackson pops back up and charges once more, this time Chevlov reverses into a Tilt-a-Whirl Slam for a two count!

The first pin attempt seems to fire Jackson up, being more methodical and slower with his next attack to avoid another reversal.  Some big right hands and left jabs rock Chevlov and allow Jackson to go for the Welcome to the Machine, bridging for a two count of his own.

Yuri up again, both men starting to show weariness. This match may not have been going all that long but the hard hitting nature is beginning to take its toll on both of them.

Jackson connects with a T-Bone suplex, Chevlov responds with a Spinebuster. Jackson ups the ante with a show of strength, the Gorilla Press Slam! Chevlov replies with a Military Press! The two men then revert to trading blows once more, getting into a clinch and stumbling to the canvas, these two are rolling around and beating the living hell out of each other.

The referee tries to break it up, lord knows why, and gets knocked to the mat in error. He stumbles back into the ropes and looks to be out of it momentarily. Jackson and Chevlov get back to their feet and Yuri spots an opportunity, grabbing a chair from ringside and trying to use it to flatten Jackson. But Jackson gets his hand into the mouth of Chevlov, who has the chair raised above his head, and takes him down with the Choke on This! He makes a cover for three but the referee is still out!

Jackson goes to check on the ref and Chevlov recovers in the corner, grabbing the chair again. But he spots the referee coming round and drops the chair, dropping to the canvas and pretending that Jackson hit him with it! The ref sees the chair and looks at Jackson, who rolls his eyes. The ref looks set to call for the bell but someone at ringside tells him what actually happened and he changes his mind!

Jackson smiles at Chevlov, who looks pissed. Chevlov tries for a charging tackle, but Jackson kicks him in the head as he charges, spotting an opportunity and nailing the Something Wicked for a pinfall victory!

Your winner, Jackson!

Yuri Chevlov almost had that one, had it not been for someone at ringside he would have swindled his way to a debut win here. It certainly was a hard hitting affair and the crowd were well into that one.

Jackson moves on to the first anniversary show with a win in his pocket, can he do the same to win the GFC World Heavyweight Championship? Anyone with tickets for the Isle of Wight Festival will be able to find out soon enough!

Next up was a match pitting two friends against each other, MWA Chief Exec CJ Osborne and Kevin Hardaway.

CJ Osborne  vs. Kevin Hardaway

This was one hell of a match and I was so enthralled for most of it I forgot to write some of my report, so excuse me for summarizing in parts here.

The two friends had some early mat wrestling exchanges, and Osborne ended up locking Hardaway in an early headlock. Hardaway suplexed CJ, but Osborne held onto the headlock. Osborne remained in control on the mat for several minutes, trying to wear down the former Champ.

Hardaway eventually took control and went for a sharpshooter at around the five minute mark. Osborne countered quickly and clotheslined Hardaway,  both flipping over the top rope to the floor. Osborne got a good cheer from the crowd as shouted something to them.  Hardaway ended up lifting Osborne onto his shoulder in a fireman’s carry and then charged backward, driving Osborne into the ring-post.

These two men maybe good friends but CJ wants to prove he can cut it at the top of this business and K-Hard wants to vent some anger due to some personal issues. That and the fact he see’s CJ as being the man who cost him the GFC Championship to Gabe Gambino on an MWA show.

The two men went back to mat work for several minutes, clearly pacing themselves for a long match. Osborne hit a crossbody block of the top rope onto Hardaway at ringside after quarter of an hour, although his knee seemed to give out or he slipped on the launch so he didn’t have as much height as you’d expect. Possibly a touch of ring-rust.

Hardaway attempted to back suplex Osborne off the ring apron. Osborne held onto the ropes, elbowed Hardaway’s head, and then mule kicked him to the floor. Osborne caught his breath, and then springboarded over the top rope onto Hardaway on the timekeepers table. The table didn’t give much, which only makes it hurt more!

Osborne stomped the mat and went for a superkick, but Hardaway caught his foot and applied the Ankle-lock. Osborne escaped, but Hardaway rolled through and applied it again. Osborne quickly leveraged out and went into a roll-up for what most would describe as a “long two count.”

Hardaway blocked an Osborne big elbow and gave him a KTFO~! for a very near fall at around the twenty minute mark. Hardaway then went to the top rope. He went for a moonsault, but Osborne moved out of his path. But not far enough as K-Hard landed on his feet and almost instantly followed through into a standing moonsault!

As Hardaway trash-talked Osborne, Osborne came out of nowhere with a burst of energy and superkicked Hardaway, seemingly knocking him out! Osborne took a moment but eventually draped his arm over Hardaway’s chest for a VERY near fall; K-Hard just getting his elbow up in time, the crowd LOVE this match.

Hardaway used the ropes to get to his feet but CJ grabbed him and booted him in the gut. He looked set for Redemptions Last Ride but Hardaway reversed into a Huricanranna. Quickly up to his feet he bounces off the ropes and takes Osborne down with a huge decapitation lariat!

The crowd on their feet as Hardaway screams out, pumping himself up.  He lifts Osborne onto his shoulders for the Angelina’s Crossing but as he spins Osborne around for the spinning powerbomb the MWA exec shifts his weight and spins out, grabbing Hardaway’s head and planting it into the canvas with a massive DDT!

“This is awesome!” chant the crowd as both men are flat out on the canvas. The referee begins the mandatory ten count and both men finally get up around eight. Hardaway tries for the KTFO~! Again, connecting with the kick but missing the elbow as Osborne ducks it. Osborne goes for the Edge of the Blade and nails it!

He rolls Hardaway up, but he REVERSES THE ROLL-UP!! 1…2…3!! 

Your winner, Kevin Hardaway!

Great match from those two men, the fans were on their feet at the end of that one. Osborne may not have won the match but he can be proud of that effort, that’s for sure.

I hear that a very special guest is being lined up as Hardaway’s opponent for the first anniversary show, and we’ll let you know as soon as possible, but for now he better just recover from this match and get himself ready!

Next up was set to be a massive match here in Worthing and fans of both men had been saying how they were truly looking forward to this high flying contest. But, sadly, this one did not live up to the hype. 

Alex Jones vs. Aaron Arcadian

Jones’ mind seemed to be elsewhere and he almost lost the match to an early springboard ‘rana from Arcadian. He tried to fight back but ate a Yakuza kick in the corner and, while trying to recover on the outside Double-A flew high with the corkscrew body press, crashing into the guardrail in the process.

While on the outside Arcadian shouted something to the fans, sounded like he was pissed about not being on the cover of recent DVD releases, but I couldn’t catch exactly what was said. Ironically we may have to wait for this DVD release to hear that one in full.

Arcadian rolled Jones back inside but Jones took him over with a nip up ‘rana and followed with a clothesline, but Arcadian ducked it and took the former champ down with a beautiful German suplex. He headed up top and connected with the Fall of Arcadian for an impressive win. 

Your winner, Aaron Arcadian!

Arcadian celebrated in the ring while Jones slinked away shaking his head. He knows he’s capable of more, he’ll be kicking himself for this result.

Then there was a little scuffle in the back, let’s take a look at what went down…

— VIDEO — 

The cameras find Scott Mayo walking down a corridor as Hawk Boy runs up to him.

HB: What the hell was that, Scott? That match was supposed to be a lesson in high flying wrestling. Two guys with all that aerial skill, and they put on THAT match while I’m back here doing nothing?

Before Mayo can even respond there’s another new face entering the scene, that of Adam Styles.

AS: I hate to admit it; but Hawk Boy’s right, Scott.

SM: Ok, first off; this is your first night so try not to piss me off too much or you might not get a second. But you do kind of have a point, it’s a shame we couldn’t get you two added to the card tonight. So, here’s what we’re going to do… next show is the first anniversary show and I want it to be the biggest and best show we’ve ever done. So why don’t you two prepare to face each other. Puro versus Lucha, a high flying contest that the fans will love. How about that?

Hawk Boy and Styles look at each other and nod.

HB: Ok, boss, you got it. Styles, you better bring your A-game to the Isle of Wight because I will begin the era of Hawk Boy by kicking your sorry ass all over the ring!

AS: I’d love to see you try, birdy boy.

The scene fades out as the two men are stood face to face.

— /VIDEO —

So there we have it, a true high flying match in the open air at the Isle of Wight Fesitval! That should be a great encounter. And speaking of great encounters it’s time to talk about our main event of the evening as Sophie O’Brien makes a guest appearance and faces GFC World Champion, William Wallace!

But before we get to the ring, let’s see another video clip of what went down prior to the bell…


Sophie O’Brien is in the ring, microphone in her hand. Wallace is stood opposite her, the GFC World Title draped over his shoulder.

SOB: Ladies and Gentlemen, first off thank you for welcoming me into your little company for this exhibition match. It’s such a quaint little venue, a long way from the places I’m used to performing in back in MCW and GDW. But I kinda like it here and so I’ve agreed to sign a deal to stick around beyond this match.

The crowd are split, some glad to have her stay and others wishing she’d just shut the hell up.

SOB: My contract was signed earlier this evening and there’s one little caveat that I think you all should know about, especially you William.

Wallace looks slightly confused but unimpressed.

SOB: Every match that I take part in, except championship or commonwealth matches, will be contested under Chivalry is Dead rules!

The crowd cheer at that one, but again Wallace looks unimpressed, although this time mixed with slight concern. But he soon shakes that off and nods at his opponent, mouthing “ok, then shut up and let’s get on with this.”

— /VIDEO —

 And get on with it is what they did…

William Wallace vs. Sophie O’Brien – Chivalry is Dead Rules

O’Brien comes out of the corner flying, hitting a flying knee and then busting out a big dropkick that sends the Champ out through the ropes. William takes over by sitting down to block a powerbomb from the apron and busts Sophie open on the guardrail as he tosses her off the apron. We then get several minutes of Wallace just demolishing a bloody O’Brien on the outside.

I’m not sure this is what Sophie O’Brien had in mind when asking for a Chivalry is Dead match, Wallace seemed unimpressed with it at first but now he’s got his hands on O’Brien I think he’s warming to the idea! Things take a sick turn when William uses a steel chain to choke out O’Brien, and where DID he get that chain? I mean, really, who brings a chain to a wrestling show?

Sophie makes a comeback after avoiding Wallace’s clothesline. She hits a suicide dive and a sick missile dropkick to the knee, which allows her to hit a series of kicks to knock down the bigger Wallace.  Sophie wipes some blood off her face and slapping the big man. That costs her a bit though as a fired up Wallace makes an emphatic comeback with a shoulder charge in the corner, a bulldog and an elbow drop for a one count only.

Sophie flips out of a backdrop attempt and gets a small package, and then gets an impressive German Suplex before trying for her finishing hold, Wisdom. Fortunately for Wallace he’s close to the ropes and breaks up the hold.

Both competitors are back to their feet and Wallace nails a massive lariat, but his follow up powerbomb is reversed into a ‘rana and O’Brien almost steals the win.

Sophie now gets her hands on the chain and chokes Wallace with the chain before kicking his head and then adding a triangle choke, great improvisation from O’Brien. The crowd chanting “Please don’t tap” to Wallace, wanting this match to go on. And Wallace is being strong here, not tapping and managing to turn things around and escaping the hold.

He gets to his feet, shakes off a slap to the face and hits a sick powerbomb on O’Brien! Sophie manages to get her foot on the rope to survive after that huge move! William tries to follow up with a clothesline with the chain but Sophie counters to an armbar! Wallace struggling to reach the ropes but then simply rolls onto his side, gets his free arm under his opponent and lifts her into the air! He gets out of the armbar by lifting Sophie up and dropping her again in a modified powerbomb!

Sophie releases the hold but moves quickly to trip Wallace up and apply the Wisdom… using the chain around Wallace’s neck instead of her arms. Sickening to watch a man get choked out by a chain, but Wallace refuses to tap. He manages to get a hand between his neck and the chain, keeping it loose enough to stop his throat being crushed. Eventually he gets his other hand up too and manages to pull the chain away from him, taking away the pressure and breaking the hold.

While Wallace recovers, being checked on by the referee, Sophie grabs something from ringside, looking like she drank something. She heads to Wallace, holds a lighter out in front of her and spits out some flammable liquid, sending a fireball into the face of William Wallace!

The referee gets between the two as Wallace goes down, clutching his face. But O’Brien rightly reminds the referee that this is a Chivalry is Dead match, there are NO rules here tonight! I have to say, O’Brien is a sadistic and ruthless bitch… but is getting the job done here tonight.

She pulls Wallace to his feet, his beard smoking having been singed. She smiles, but not for long as Wallace connects with a massive headbutt that rocks Sophie, busting her nose open and causing blood to start flowing again. She falls back against the ropes before charging in, looking for the Ode to Braddock, but she’s too small to flip Wallace over and Wallace just sits down, effectively taking her down with a reverse piledriver!

O’Brien is dazed as hell as Wallace makes the cover, using the ropes for leverage to make sure he gets the three count!

Your winner, William Wallace!

This was awesome. Sickening violence, blood, creativity, intense hatred and a story to boot. Both had to leave the technical wrestling in the locker room and just fight. There’s a number of images here that I’ll remember for a long time. And seeing Wallace turn Sophie’s own rules against her? Priceless.

A great match that the fans were well into, a fitting end to a great show. Or so we thought. Before the night was out were we paid a visit… check this video of what went down.


As the match comes to an end, William Wallace gets to his feet. Sophie exits the ring while Wallace gets to his knees and reaches for his belt. The camera shows Sophie leaving the curtain. No sooner than she gets through it does two smaller tanned figures hit the curtain with black bandannas over their heads and one over their faces, all that can be seen are their eyes and black jeans. The first man, in his right hand, is gripping a lead pipe as he walks down the aisle towards the ring where Wallace has his back turned. The men slide in the ring under the bottom rope and slowly climbs to their feet. William makes his way to his and turns around to catch the pipe to the gut, and then to the back.

DW: What the hell? After everything he’s just been through?

The man continues to assault William’s back with the pipe as Wallace lays in the ring facedown unable to protect himself. The second man shouts down at Wallace as the first drops the pipe and looks over to the GFC Championship. He picks up the belt and holds it by one strap in his right hand, his friend grabs the other strap and together they lift the title into the air. The men face the camera and peel the bandannas from their faces.


Arcadian slowly lifts the belt in the air and looks at it to the chagrin of the crowd (who are now violently throwing trash in his direction). Aaron looks at the title for a few moments before spitting on the plate and throwing it out of the ring. Aaron proceeds to stomp on Wallace a few times. Cody then climbs out of the ring and starts throwing the floor mats around. Cody grabs one of the guardrails and rips it from the rest before throwing it into the steps. The crowd around him disperses in fear. Cody pushes one of the cameramen out of the way before picking up his camera and throwing it onto Wallace.

DW: Arcadian and Williams are losing it!

Aaron flips over the commentator table and shoves any officials or cameramen out of his way before going to one of the cameras pointed in his direction.

AA: – You asked for this, Hanna Fox. You asked for this, and you got it.

Williams is shouting into another camera.

CW: Where’s Kevin Hardaway now?! WHERE’S YOUR HERO NOW?!

Aaron shoves the camera out of the way. As the show concludes.

— /VIDEO —

 Well that was one hell of a violent finish to the show, and leaves us with plenty of questions as we head towards the first anniversary spectacular on the Isle of Wight in just two weeks!