Two weeks on from the first year anniversary show and FRONTIER has a bunch of unanswered questions lingering around. Here tonight in Liverpool we aim to answer some of those questions. But were we successful?

Our meet and greet sessions just keep getting bigger and better. So many people turned up at the Olympia for autographs and photos that the show was about 20 minutes late starting. A big thank you to all the great fans that turned up tonight.

Our opening match was set to be a cracker. After an impressive debut from Hawk Boy last time out this time he was up against former GFC Champion Alex Jones. And a Jones intent on regaining his top spot in the company at that.

Alex Jones vs. Hawk Boy

The early stages of this one were very much a feeling out process. Hawk Boy made the first really attacking move but found himself a step behind an in-form Jones and was almost rolled up for three early on. Jones ducked a discuss forearm from Hawk and connected with the AJ-guri. Hawk Boy leapt back to his feet but Jones took him back down with the Xtreme Combo. Hawk Boy tried to slow the pace with a backbreaker and a reverse chin lock but Jones fought his way out of the hold and whipped his opponent into the ropes. Jones gets caught off guard as Hawk flies at him, taking him down with a headscissor takedown. But AJ regains control with a nip up hurricanrana and some stiff martial arts kicks that rock Hawk Boy back into the turnbuckle. AJ charges in and connects with a running corner clothesline and as Hawk Boy stumbles out of the corner Jones nails the Time to Burn for an emphatic pinfall victory.

Your winner, Alex Jones!

A good win for Jones to kick us off here in Liverpool. That will send a statement to the FRONTIER booking team, that’s for sure. Jones talked about calling out Jackson, Hardaway and Wallace this week, will he be rewarded with a match against one of those men next time out?

Well before we find that out, it was time to catch up with Scott Mayo who was out in the ring to discuss the Kevin Hardaway and Gabriel Gambino match from the first anniversary show.


Mayo is making his way to the ring, microphone in his hand.

DW: So, Scott Mayo is out to discuss the whole Hardaway/Gambino thing. This should be interesting.

Mayo steps forward.

SM: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us here in the great city of Liverpool!

Cheap pop.

SM: You all know why I’m out here, this whole situation has been well publicised. Two weeks ago on the Isle of Wight we put on one hell of a show; although it wasn’t without its talking points. The first of which was the ending of the match between Gabriel Gambino and Kevin Hardaway.

The crowd cheer at the mention of their names.

SM: The initial decision was that Kevin Hardaway had won the match. But Kevin offered Gabe a chance to re-start the match. I’d like to point out that, moving forward, only myself or Hanna Fox are able to re-start a match. Wrestlers cannot, on a whim, decide they want to carry on or fight again. Even the FRONTIER referee’s are not at liberty to re-start a match in these circumstances.

SM: However, what’s done is done, we can’t change history. So the record books will show that the winner of the match is… Gabriel Gambino.

The crowd boo loudly.

SM: I know, I know. But my hands are tied on this one. There was a loophole in the rules that Gabe managed to exploit, not even of his own volition. We’ve closed that loophole and we move forward. Thank you and enjoy the rest of the show.

Mayo steps out of the ring and begins heading to the back.

DW: Well I know someone who’s here tonight that is NOT going to be happy with that outcome!

— / VIDEO —

And I think we all know to whom Dave White is referring! Hardaway was in action on this show and I’ll let you know what went down later. But first comes our second match as regular guest CJ Osborne faces one half of the Uprising Tag-Team Champions, Aaron Arcadian. And I’ve been asked to remind everyone that these championship belts are in no way affiliated or endorsed by Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER or the Global Frontier Crown committee.

CJ Osborne vs. Aaron Arcadian

Slugfest to start as Cody Williams watches his buddy from ringside. CJ tries shoulder tackling Aaron, but Arcadian dodges and nails a big kick. Arcadian tries for an Irish Whip, but Osborne flapjacks him onto the top rope. Cashout gets two for CJ. Arcadian fights back and takes control with chops, shoulders, and boots in the corner. He charges but CJ jumps over and rolls him up for 2. Vertical suplex by Arcadian gets 2. Aaron has CJ in the ropes and chokes him with his leg. Breaks at 5 after a warning from the referee. Osborne hits a knee to the gut.  Pump Handle Slam gets another two. Osborne gets a superkick, and runs to the ropes. He eats a sky high and Arcadian gets 2 this time. Osborne fights back from a German Suplex and gets a powerbomb, a Fall Away Slam, and a Redemptions Last Ride before the pin attempt. The 3 is quite obvious.

Your winner, CJ Osborne!

Another good win for CJ Osborne who continues to impress here in FRONTIER. It’s been a rough time for him recently, with losing to Gabriel Gambino over in the MWA and losing his status as Executive Director in the process. But he’s bounced back in style here with an emphatic victory. As for Uprising, things weren’t over for them here tonight…


Aaron Arcadian was about to leave the ring when Hanna Fox appeared and started walking down to the ring. Arcadian looked across at Cody Williams and the two stand in the corner of the ring together as they await the owner of FRONTIER.

DW: Hanna Fox promised to address the Uprising situation here tonight and she’s not waiting any longer. She looks in a serious mood!

Fox steps into the ring and is passed a microphone.

HF: Aaron, Cody, excuse me for getting right down to business. Your behaviour recently has been downright appalling and I will not tolerate it any longer. You come out here and make demands of me? You attack other wrestlers because you’re not on the cover of the latest DVD releases? You create your own championship belts because you think we don’t respect you? You’re acting like children and I’ve a right mind to treat you as such.

The crowd cheer. Arcadian and Williams do not look impressed.

HF: As far as I’m concerned neither of you will grace a DVD cover or promotional poster for the foreseeable future. You will only be given a GFC Championship shot when the committee decide that you are worthy of such an opportunity. And if you want those tag team titles of yours to mean something, then you will agree to put them on the line against a team of MY choosing.

DW: I kinda like it when Fox gets angry. She’s like some kind of sexy school teacher… wait, is my mic on?

AA: Hold on one second, Fox. You want us to put the Uprising Tag-Team Championships on the line? No, not a chance. With you it’s always take take take while guys like me and Cody keep on giving our all for this company. We’ll put the titles on the line when we feel there’s suitable opposition. No-one in FRONTIER is worthy of getting near these titles. No-one!

HF: You think no-one here is worthy? And you think YOU’RE worthy at a shot at our REAL championship? By the looks of tonight’s result I’d say CJ Osborne was in line for a GFC Title shot before either of you!

The crowd cheer.

HF: But, do you know what? I’m nothing if not fair… so if you two put those titles on the line and can retain them; then I’ll consider putting your names forward for a GFC Championship Match.

Arcadian and Williams look at each other and Aaron raises an eyebrow, as if to say he’s considering the offer.

HF: But you’ll have to fight amongst yourself to decide who gets that shot!

Suddenly the two don’t seem so happy and begin to argue with each other as Hanna Fox leaves the ring.

— / VIDEO — 

I’d say that’s mission accomplished for Hanna Fox, a simple plan to get the Uprising men at each others throats? We’ll have to wait and see if this is going to be a problem for them or if it’s just a temporary glitch in their plan. And who could be brought in to face them for their championships? I guess time will tell on that one.

Next on our agenda is Sophie O’Brien and Kevin Hardaway in a Chivalry is Dead match. O’Brien will be looking to improve on her last FRONTIER performance while K-Hard will want to leave behind the controversial ending to his last match.

Kevin Hardaway vs. Sophie O’Brien

Hardaway attacks O’Brien from behind to start, deciding to make the most of the match rules. He chops O’Brien round the ring but O’Brien comes back with a dropkick. O’Brien hits a leg lariat and a back bodydrop. Then she hits a bodyslam for 2. O’Brien hits a snap suplex for 1. She hits a back suplex for 2. She hits a legdrop on the apron and pulls Hardaway to the floor. Back in the ring she gets 2. Lots of early pin attempts but Sophie’s not putting Hardaway away that easily!

Hardaway hits a Manhattan drop and dropkicks O’Brien to the apron. O’Brien pulls Hardaway out to the apron where they trade chops. Hardaway bodyslams O’Brien on the floor and runs her into the barricade. He hits another bodyslam after moving the mats out of the way. He sets O’Brien up on the timekeeper’s table and goes for a lionstomp but O’Brien moves. Hardaway readjusts and dives onto her with a moonsault.

K-Hard sets the table up on the barricade and dropkicks Sophie into it. It doesn’t break so he just tosses her through it! O’Brien bleeds so Hardaway works the cut over with a piece of the table. He sets O’Brien on the top turnbuckle and hangs her up in the Tree of Woe. He goes for a dropkick but O’Brien moves. She goes for a clothesline but Hardaway reacts quicker and nails the Decap Lariat. He pulls Sophie up and connects with the Angelina’s Crossing for a pinfall victory!

Your winner, Kevin Hardaway!

A good win for Hardaway that gets him back to winning ways as he looks to get back to the top of FRONTIER. But Hardaway had some words for us all, as this video shows…


After the match is over and O’Brien has made her way out of the arena Kevin Hardaway is still stood in the ring. He may have won the match but he doesn’t look happy as he calls for a microphone.

DW: Looks like K-Hard’s got words for Liverpool.

KH: Bullshit.

The crowd cheer.

KH: Bull. Shit.

The crowd cheer again.


Crowd: Bullshit!


Crowd: Bullshit!

KH: Scott Mayo, you talk such utter BS and you know it. I know it. Liverpool knows it.

Crowd: Bullshit!

KH: You say that only you or Foxy can re-start a match… as of now? So what… last week was a special occasion? You’re allowing that bullshit result to stand? You know damn well what went down was a crock of shit. You come out here and say your hands are tied… heh, tied my ass!

DW: Told you Hardaway wouldn’t be happy with Scott Mayo’s decision.

KH: Scott, get your faggot ass out here and face me like the man you pretend to be!

The crowd cheer loudly again. After a moment Scott Mayo appears from behind the curtain and starts to slowly walk down the aisle towards the ring.

SM: Kevin, I understand your frustration…

Crowd: Bullshit!

Hardaway almost smiles as he hears what the crowd shout before returning his attention to Mayo.

KH: Understand my frustration? You don’t understand shit, Scott. Your decision has cost me a win, that’s the bottom line here. I won that match; I beat Gambino. Whatever happened after that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I won that match, I proved myself as the better man just like I’ve proven it again here tonight. I should be in that main event tonight, challenging for the GFC Championship, everyone knows that.

The crowd cheer for Hardaway.

SM: I can assure you we looked into this very closely, Kevin. In most cases we would have cancelled Gabe’s win and given the match to you. But…

KH: But what?

SM: But… having looked back at the footage, Mr Gambino’s shoulder did indeed leave the mat just before the count of three.

DW: What!?

SM: And that means that the match shouldn’t have ended in the first place, which is why we are allowing the re-start to stand and why the Gambino victory will stand.


Crowd: Bullshit!

SM: I’m sorry, Kevin, but that’s the final decision on the matter. I expect to hear no more on the matter.

Hardaway shakes his head as Mayo starts to turn away. But K-Hard grabs the shoulder of Mayo, spins him around and nails him in the head with a microphone; a loud clang reverberates around the Olympia as Mayo slumps to the canvas holding his head. Hardaway drops the mic and rolls out of the ring as the Liverpool crowd chant his name.

DW: Hardaway just laid out the boss! This is not going to go un-punished, I can promise you that!

— / VIDEO —

And, as always, Dave White was spot on with that comment. Within minutes of this taking place I was informed that Hardaway has been suspended for the next show and will potentially be fined for his actions here tonight. Putting your hands on a FRONTIER official is a disciplinary offence and Hardaway could end up regretting this!

Speaking of regret, will William Wallace regret his actions on the Isle of Wight? He deliberately got himself disqualified to retain the title that night but the re-match has been signed for tonight. And the title CAN change hands on a DQ or count out. Tonight Jackson gets his chance on an even playing field. But that’s not all, Wallace came out and openly said that if Jackson pins him here tonight he will leave FRONTIER! The whole landscape of this company could be about to change!

William Wallace vs. Jackson – GFC Heavyweight Championship

They start by working over the other’s arm with Jackson eventually ending up with the dominant position.  Jackson connects with a couple of arm drags. Dropkick to the head of a downed Wallace. Jackson is dominating the early portion of the match as he tries to become the GFC World Champion for what would be the first time.

Big elbow drop from the challenger for the first pin attempt. Wallace out at two. Elbow drop of his own gets Wallace a 1 count. Jackson gets a back elbow in the corner and a couple BIG overhand chops. He goes for a third, but Wallace ducks out of the ring. Jackson up top but he misses a dropkick. Jackson realises he’s going to miss and manages to land on his feet and hits a European uppercut. Goes back to the top rope and gets a double axe handle on Wallace on the outside. Chops from Jackson outside. Rolls Wallace back in but the Champ rolls straight back to the outside.

Wallace does get back into the ring and takes control with some big right hands before receiving a kick to the midsection. Jackson tries to suplex Wallace to the outside. Jackson tosses Wallace to the outside. Looks to hit a suicide dive but Wallace runs out of the way; Jackson stopping himself just in time, although he’s slightly caught up in the ropes.

William comes back in on the other side and attacks Jax from behind. Vertical suplex gets 2. Jackson works his way up from a chinlock, but William charges him into the corner. BIG chop. He charges, but Jackson manoeuvres into a sunset flip. 2 count. Wallace goes for a suplex but throws Jackson forward onto his stomach. Glasgow Kiss from Wallace. Jackson staggers and tries to shake it off but eats a knee to the midsection. Back suplex gets 2 for the Champ.

Back to their feet and Jackson makes a come back with strikes, but Wallace shoves him into the ropes and goes for a Sinister Urge, I assume, but Jackson reverses it with a DDT in midair! Nice! The crowd loving that one. Jackson and William exchange rights. Chops from Jackson. Clothesline! Jackson catches a boot, but William flips him over to the apron. They fight a little, but Jackson gets William down. Slingshot legdrop! Senton gets 2! William charges Jackson into the corner. Lifts him up to the top rope. They fight and Jackson knocks Wallace off. Missile dropkick! STF! William rolls over into a pin attempt that gets 2. Nice reversal from the champ there. Jackson approaches William in the corner but gets a kick to the gut, and then an clothesline from Wallace. Spinebuster by Wallace gets 2.

Wallace elevates Jackson to the top rope and gets a backbreaker onto the top turnbuckle! 2 count! William goes for the Bearhug but Jackson evades and gets a 2 count from a roll up! Wallace hits a powerslam for 2! Wallace’s starting to look mad. Exchange of forearms. Therapy from Jackson and a brainbuster! 1…2…kickout! Jackson sets up for flying fist drop and he nails it! 1….2….William grabbed the bottom rope!

Jackson hoists Wallace up on his shoulders but Wallace gets a roll-up pin from it. Challenger out at 2. Jawbreaker! Neckbreaker!! 1….2….Jackson gets the shoulder up, but Wallace tries to turn it into an armbreaker!! He fumbles a little and Jackson is able to get out of it. Jackson charges in with a lariat but Wallace ducks and connects with a kick to the back of the knee. Jackson stumbles and Wallace locks in the sleeper! The move that he refused to release two weeks ago is locked in and Jackson is nowhere near the ropes! Jackson looks to be fading and Wallace smiles widely. Jackson drops to a knee, Wallace leans down and lays his opponent down, still keeping the hold locked in. The crowd chanting “please don’t tap” and Wallace shouts at them to shut up.

Jackson manages to get back up to a seated position but Wallace’s hold is too tight and he’s really struggling. The ref checks on him, eventually raising his arm and letting go. It drops to the mat. He does it again and, again, the hand hits the canvas. On the third go Jackson stops his hand just before it drops. He has a clenched fist as he raises his arm to the ceiling. The crowd get behind him as he throws an elbow backwards into Wallace. He fights his way up and rocks Wallace with a big set of elbows before connecting with an EGO TRIP!! DARKEST HOUR!!! WALLACE TAPS!!

Your winner, and NEW GFC World Heavyweight Champion, Jackson!

And like that, out of nowhere, Jackson is the new GFC Champion! While Jackson celebrates in the ring Wallace slinks away looking less than pleased. What does this mean for his FRONTIER career? I guess we’ll find out soon enough as we head home to Southampton in two weeks time!