GFC Invitational II on iPPV!

Well we went and did it, we put on our first ever iPPV and it was a storming success. Thanks to all of you who ordered the event and watched it right here on the FRONTIER website. For those who didn’t get a chance to watch, and those who just want to relive the biggest night in FRONTIER history, check out our report! 

The night started with a classic meet and greet session, the stars from GDW, SVW and FGA who had been invited to take part in the tournament were in good form as they joined in with the FRONTIER regulars. There were rumours that Pat Gordon Jnr was in attendance, looking to have words with Kevin Hardaway, but I must admit I didn’t see him amongst the fans.

Before I get carried away with the meet and greet shenanigans, let’s take a look at what GFC Chairman Al Galpin had to say about tonight’s tournament when I caught up with him backstage.


BB: We’re backstage with the GFC Committee Chairman, Alan Galpin, the man responsible for organising this event. Alan, are you excited about tonight?

AG: Oh without question, Bobby. Tonight is the culmination of a lot of hard work, a lot of discussions with various different wrestlers and promoters, all with the aim of giving the UK wrestling fans a night that they’re not going to forget.

BB: You mention talking with other promoters, were you left in a tricky position by Scott Mayo? Was that why you were unable to secure a current FGA star?

AG: Bobby, I’m not going to get into that. We’re lucky to be joined by a former FGA star in Ben Hanson as well as a couple of great stars from GDW and SVW. We would have loved others from FGA and MWA to have joined us, but it wasn’t to be. And I don’t think the tournament will be any worse off for it, it’s going to be one hell of a night.

BB: That it is. And how proud are you that this event will be FRONTIER’s first foray into the iPPV market?

AG: Very proud. FRONTIER has had a lot of high points this year, as well as a few lows. So for us to get our show out to the world? That has to be one of the best things that has come from this. And as the one show a year I get to organise? That makes this an extra special night for me, personally.

BB: One final question… who do you think is going to walk out as the winner of this years GFC Invitational?

AG: [laughs] You know I can’t, and won’t, answer that. I’m just looking forward to enjoying a truly fantastic show!

— /VIDEO —

A very diplomatic interview from Alan Galpin, GFC Committee Chairman. Right, let’s take a look at what happened in round one of the GFC Invitational! First up was a FRONTIER debut for Brad King as he went one-on-one with GDW’s Sam Raine.

Brad King vs. Samantha Raine

Raine goes behind and segues into a hammerlock. King escapes but Raine reverses a whip and dropkicks him. She hits a whiplash backbreaker and a second-rope legdrop for two. King comes back with a flying forearm and then pounds away on his opponent; he then entraps Raine in the ropes and dropkicks her. Brad heads to the reverse chinlock. Raine reverses another whip but King avoids the dropkick this time and reapplies the chinlock. Raine tries to free herself but King nails her with a neckbreaker and gets a nearfall. King is frustrated and misses a charge in the corner. Raine comes back with SINsational! She stalks King as he gets back to his feet and creeps up behind him, nailing the Sinful End for the three count!

Your winner, Samantha Raine!

And we’re up and running with an impressive win for “The Sinful Star” who will meet the winner of our next match in the Semi-Finals. King will be disappointed to have started his FRONTIER career with a loss, especially considering his comments earlier in the week. Let’s see how he bounces back from this one.

Larry Gowan vs. CJ Osborne

Osborne reverses a cross-corner whip but misses the follow up charge; Gowan levels him with a running clothesline and a splash. A mounted ten-punch in the corner follows for Gowan, and then follows up with a leaping reverse DDT out of the corner; he tries one corner charge too many and posts his shoulder. Osborne stomps the shoulder into the ring post from the apron and then a dropkick in the ring; he focuses on the shoulder and then applies a chinlock. Gowan fires back but gets a whip reversed into a DDT for two. They exchange blows with Osborne getting the better of it; he then drops some fists and reapplies the headlock. Gowan fires back with an STO, rebounding off of a corner whip; he begins his comeback with forearms and clotheslines. He plants Osborne with a spinebuster but only gets a nearfall. Osborne pulls himself back to his feet while Gowan is talking about the count with the referee. Gowan turns, SUPERKICK! CJ pins, and gets the win!

Your winner, CJ Osborne!

CJ Osborne just turned that one on its head in one quick move; he just levelled Larry Gowan and advances to the semi-finals to face GDW’s Samantha Raine! And, finally, CJ Osborne has a win over Larry Gowan. Both Sam and CJ take a lot of momentum into that one, it should be an interesting contest.

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at what Scott Mayo had to say for himself when I caught up with him.


BB: We’re backstage with Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER’s General Manager, Scott Mayo. Scott, are you looking forward to tonight?

SM: Hell yes I am, Bobby. Tonight is the night that FRONTIER puts itself on the map for a worldwide audience, thanks to the years biggest iPPV event. It’s the night that GDW, SVW and PSW come to town and learn a thing or two about wrestling.

BB: You’re expecting the FRONTIER stars to do well against their overseas counterparts then?

SM: Oh yes. FRONTIER may be small in numbers but we’re big in talent. Osborne, Hardaway, Talbot… these guys are some of the best in this business. I think we’ll show a lot of people that FRONTIER is the place to be for top notch wrestling action.

BB: A lot has been made of the FRONTIER vs. FGA showdown coming up in November. Are you in anyway regretting getting into this battle of the Frontiers?

SM: [laughing] Don’t be daft. A lot of people thought it a surprise when I called FGA out last month. But it’s been a long time coming. The idiots at FGA needed to be put in their place and that’s just what will happen on November 4th.

BB: Are you disappointed that there are no FGA competitors in tonight’s tournament?

SM: Yes and no. It would have been nice to give everyone a preview of how FRONTIER is going to own FGA next month. But at the same time it would have taken away some of the prestige that goes along with this tournament.

BB: Are you suggesting that FGA stars aren’t good enough for this tournament?

SM: That’s exactly what I’m suggesting, Bobby. Frankly I can’t believe that Galpin even tried to invite Gordon or Scott to this thing. It’s bad enough that Hanson’s here.

BB: Any final words?

SM: No. We’re done here. Get the hell out.

— /VIDEO —

A slightly less diplomatic interview from Scott Mayo there. I know he’s technically my boss and all, but he’s starting to remind me more and more of J. Jonah Jameson every week!

Time for our third match from the first round. Ben Hanson; former FGA Champion, current Peach State Champion and Revival Champion, taking on our own Kevin Hardaway; two time GFC Champion and winner of the first GFC Invitational Tournament! And while Hanson is no longer employed by Frontier Grappling Arts, he has been defending them as of late and this could prove to be a preview of the upcoming FRONTIER vs. Frontier event!

Kevin Hardaway vs. Ben Hanson

They lock up and Hanson wrestles K-Hard down into a waistlock; Hardaway powers his way free but Hanson belly-to-back suplexes him down into a butterfly lock. Hardaway backs Hanson into a corner but the referee breaks it up; Hanson takes advantage and clubbers Hardaway down. Hardaway quickly comes back with a flying reverse elbow; he then hits a nice vertical suplex. Hardaway pounds away in the corner and hits a bodyslam and legdrop for two. He tries a running powerslam but Hanson slips off and clobbers him from behind with a clothesline. Legsweep backbreaker into an STO!

Hanson continues to work over the back with forearms. Hardaway explodes with a shoulder tackle; he hits some shoulderblocks in the corner and finishes with a clothesline. Hanson takes out his leg with a lunge to the knee; a big kick follows for two. Hanson settles into a keylock and then works a body scissors. Hardaway comes back, but cannot lift him for a bodyslam because his back is too hurt, and Hanson clobbers him with a lariat.

Hanson maintains control until Hardaway hits a Samoan drop; Hanson charges again but runs into a knee. Hardaway hits a second-rope shoulderblock and a spinebuster for two. Hanson takes a little too long capitalising, allowing Hanson a belly-to-belly slam.  Hanson tries the Metal Heart Suplex but Hardaway gets the knees up and blocks; floating out into a sleeper that looks to be taking Hanson down. But Hanson slips free, connects with a big toe kick and nails the Metal Heart Suplex for the victory!

Your winner, Ben Hanson!

A big win for Hanson, showing some domination in this opening round. Hardaway will be disappointed to have fallen at the first hurdle, but Hanson looks to be on fine form and could go all the way here tonight. But will he get his wish of facing Jason Talbot and making him submit in the Semi-Finals? Well let’s find out as Talbot goes toe-to-toe with GDW’s Silver Eagle, Andreas Lasiewicz!

Andreas Lasiewicz vs. Jason Talbot

Lasiewicz drops some rights onto Talbot right away then sends him to the corner and starts stompin him down! Ref tries to break it up, but the Silver Eagle tells the ref that he is well aware of the rules! Talbot sends Lasiewicz to the corner and he is taking the GDW man to town! He knocks him down with a hard shoulder block then hits a body slam and drops an elbow. He pins for 2. Talbot tosses Lasiewicz to the corner. Andreas charges out and turns the tide with a big European uppercut. He connects with a series of big right hands before taking Talbot down with a lariat. Lasiewicz sends Talbot to the ropes and Talbot shoulder blocks him down. We get a quick whip reversal and Talbot clotheslines Lasiewicz down.

Talbot with an uppercut and a whip. Sidewalk slam into back breaker onto Lasiewicz and Talbot goes for the pin. 1…! Talbot runs into the corner that Lasiewicz is in but Lasiewicz puts the knees up. He mounts Talbot for some rights then kicks him in the gut. Lasiewicz with a knee to the neck of Talbot as the ref counts. Talbot back into it with a boot to the face of Lasiewicz but he doesn’t get all of it and Lasiewicz hits one of his own. Lasiewicz with a kick right to the face of the fallen Talbot! A pin. 1…2….NO!

Lasiewicz locks on a headlock but Talbot hits a back suplex to get out of it! Lasiewicz goes for a right but Talbot telegraphs it, hits a shoulder block, then another, then Talbot calls for a clothesline. He nails Silver Eagle with the clothesline before shouting out to the crowd, signalling the Aftermath Edge. But Lasiewicz gets himself out… THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE!!! And this one is all over!

Your winner, Andreas Lasiewicz!

A very aggressive Silver Eagle defeats Jason Talbot in a tough contest. And with that our Semi-Final picture is complete. Ben Hanson will face Lasiewicz and CJ Osborne, FRONTIER’s last remaining contender, goes toe-to-toe with Sam Raine.

With four round one matches under our belt we headed into the intermission, a chance for our fans in attendance to purchase some FRONTIER merchandise (including our new DVD’s, which are available now in our online shop, hint-hint) as well as some refreshments. With the show about ready to re-start we had a visitor; let’s show you what went down…


“Chariots of Fire” cues the arrival of one Pat Gordon, Jr, who comes to the ring wearing blue jeans and a Frontier Grappling Arts t-shirt, much to the chagrin of the Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER fans. And to add to their dismay, he has brought with him… A MICROPHONE!

DW: Looks like one of FGA’s finest has made the trip here to Stoke!

MM: And why not, Dave, Stoke is a lovely place. But I don’t think Gordon’s here as a tourist, he’s here on business.

DW: Montell, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone refer to Stoke as a lovely place!

PGJR: “So I’m standing here in Stoke-on-Trent. It should be called ‘Middle-of-Nowhere.’ I got lost three times trying to find this place and why? Because you Brits don’t know how to speak PROPER ENGLISH. I said it before when I made my professional debut in London, and I’ll say it again. I just CAN NOT understand a country that uses SQUID as currency.”

Pat Gordon, Jr. shakes his head in disapproval. Maybe he’s also trying to shake out the confusion.

PGJR: “But that’s not what dragged me back here to England tonight. No. I’m here because eight days ago, a man named Kevin Hardaway came to Monroe, New Jersey – to a country that KNOWS professional wrestling – and demanded that I sign a contract with Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER. And when I said no, when I explained that I wanted to stay closer to home – in AMERICA, the country that bailed you people out of not one but two, TWO World Wars,” Pat Gordon, Jr. holds up two fingers, much the same way the Brits sign “fuck you,” “he insulted me and a man who is a LEGEND in this sport… My father… PAT. GORDON. SENIOR!”


DW: Charming as ever from our fans.

The jeering chants had done it. They’d pissed Gordon off. He swung wildly over the top rope, shaking it all around. His feet stomped up and down as he yelled at the crowd to shut up.

PGJR: “Stop it! STOP IT! I belted him in his gob for disrespecting me and I’ll do the same to all of you! You can’t just insult me and get away with it. And I showed that to your darling Kevin Hardaway. But just when I was about to clamp on the Pat Lock and teach him a lesson, all of his Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER cronies jumped me from behind – led by that paperweight champ… GABRIEL GAMBINO!”

The crowd roars their approval.

PGJR:”So I’ve come here tonight, not to compete like I did in London back in 2009 – I’ll never make that mistake again. But I’ve come here tonight to issue a CHALLENGE to KEVIN HARDAWAY! You versus me on November fourth, at the New Jersey Armory, on AMERICAN SOIL! So K-Hard, what I want to know is, are you man enough to accept? Are you man enough to step in the ring with a member of the greatest wrestling family of all time… a GORDON?”

The crowd goes silent for a second…


A guitar screech hits the speakers though. “This Fire Burns” by Killswitch Engage hits the speakers. A definite surprise for the UK faithful here as out walks Kevin Hardaway indeed, wearing his own pair of blue jeans and one of his t-shirts. The one with the winged angel on the front splattered across the left ribs of him. He’s still a little worse for wear after his match against Ben Hanson, but the look on his face says otherwise.

MM: Oh boy, look who’s here.

DW: K-Hard looks ready for business here.

He walks down to the ring and slaps hands with the people near the entrance ramp as he walks up the stairs and stops for a second before entering the ring, the music fading just as the chorus comes to a close. Hardaway just stands there, looking…watching as Gordon Jr. looks around the ring, wondering what Hardaway is going to say or do.

He walks up to Gordon and…SLAP! The loudest smack to the face you will ever hear as Hardaway just smacks the hell out of Pat Gordon Jr.


Gordon tackles down Hardaway as both come to punches once again, another fight breaking out as the couple security members and a couple referees try to break up the situation, but Hardaway pushes the referees off and spears Pat Gordon to the ground, wailing in on him, and…WAIT…


They start trying to pry Hardaway off of Gordon so they can get in their revenge on him for the madness that he caused at their Monroe, NJ tapings. A couple of them get their shots in, but Hardaway elbows a couple of them off. It’s not until the fans look at the way of the entrance ramp and see somebody running down. They start going nuts.


Just like with FRONTIER running away (as they want you to think), FGA guys start running like hell away from the ring, as they jump the barricade and out into the cold dark night, as they enter a truck and skid off, Bushido and others trying to run after them. Inside the ring, Gabe and CJ help up Hardaway, whose nose and mouth are covered in blood from the attack. Maybe from a shot Gordon took to Hardaway’s nose. But all Hardaway does is smile and grin it off, yelling over at Jenni Starr.


Jenni kindly hands him one, and Hardaway has had enough.

K-Hard: Who’s the bitch now? HUH?!

He sniffs off the blood pouring from his nose as someone hands him a towel. Hardaway rejects it though.

K-Hard: Well, good news that you probably won’t hear until you order the REPLAY. November 4th. Pat Gordon Jr., I kick the ever-loving BULLSHIT out of your BULLSHIT mouth. See you then, you fucking bastard!

DW: The crowd goes completely nuts at the official announcement made.

MM: It is ON!

DW: And for now, Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER has gotten an ounce of revenge on Frontier Grappling Arts. And all for the world to see, right here on iPPV!

— /VIDEO —

Man this whole FRONTIER vs. Frontier Grappling Arts thing just continues to build momentum. It’s causing a real buzz, as witnessed by the hashtag #FRONTIERvsFGA on Twitter. I can’t wait til November 4th when FRONTIER will blow the roof off the New Jersey Armory. And you’ll be able to read our report and order the DVD very soon after that date.

Ok, so let’s crack on with the first of our two Semi-Final’s shall we? Earlier tonight CJ Osborne turned the match on its head when he stunned Larry Gowan with that superkick, while Samantha Raine made pretty easy work of newcomer Brad King. But how will the pair fare this time around as they face each other?

Semi-Final: Sam Raine vs. CJ Osborne

They tease a lockup but Raine goes low with a kick and grabs a side headlock. She elbows Osborne’s head and drops him with a shoulderblock before going down to an armdrag. Osborne sends Raine to the corner but eats an elbow on a charge. Raine grabs a leg but Osborne counters into a surfboard and rams her knees into the mat. Osborne connects with a kick and covers for one. He telegraphs a back body drop and kicks Raine in the mid-section but soon ends up on the outside after a hiptoss sends the FRONTIER man flying over the top rope.

CJ catches his breath on the outside before heading back into the ring, where Sam Raine instantly goes for him. Raine rams Osborne’s head into the turnbuckle. Osborne answers with uppercuts that send Raine to the corner. Osborne charges but Raine turns momentum back on him with a kick to the chest. Raine hits with some strikes and covers for two. She continues with a couple of knee lifts before slowing things down with a shoulder stretch. Osborne fights out of it but Raine comes right back with a crossface chickenwing on the mat. She transitions into a bodyscissors and headbutts Osborne.

Back up, Osborne gets a boot up on a Raine charge and drops her with a running leg. He hits with a series of kicks and drills Raine with a running dropkick in the corner. Osborne heads to the top and comes off with a missile dropkick for two!

He tries for the superkick but Raine dodges him and rolls him up for two! Osborne gets a rollup of his own for two. He flips backwards off the turnbuckle to avoid a charge but Raine catches him with a dropkick to the face immediately after. Nice. Raine calls for the end but then CJ has other plans; REDEMPTIONS LAST RIDE!! And the pin is a formality after that.

Your winner, CJ Osborne!

And the former GFC Champion continues on his path, reaching the final after a hard fought victory. That was a tough one, for sure. There were several times in that match that I thought Raine was going to put Osborne down, but it wasn’t to be.

And it means there will be a FRONTIER man in the final of the GFC Invitational. But will CJ be facing the man that’s keen to hunt down all FRONTIER entrants, Ben Hanson? Or Sam Raine’s GDW colleague, Andreas Lasiewicz?

Earlier this week Hanson said he bore no ill will against Lasiewicz, making it clear he was here to take on FRONTIER stars. One might think that means he’d let up a little in this match, but The Metal Heart doesn’t do letting up. Plus Hanson knows that beating the Silver Eagle will lead him into the Final against CJ Osborne.

Semi-Final: Ben Hanson vs. Andreas Lasiewicz

Ben Hanson chants from the crowd as they lock up. Lasiewicz works the takedown, using his wrestling skills to ground Hanson. Hanson locks in a heel hook and Lasiewicz gets the ropes, and then escapes to the floor. Back into the ring, Lasiewicz shoots the single leg and covers for 1. Lasiewicz working more grappling, reversal and Hanson almost gets the Don’t Hold Back, but Lasiewicz to the floor. Hanson then goes to the apron, charges, leaps and NAILS Lasiewicz with a flying knee.

Back into the ring, dropkick by Hanson. Lasiewicz to the floor, stun guns Hanson off the ropes and then gets a neck breaker to get control back. Kicks by Lasiewicz and a cover for 2. Lasiewicz lays the boots to Hanson, chokes him out in the ropes and covers for 2. Lasiewicz works the headlock, but Hanson counters into a backslide for 2. Roll up by Hanson for 2. Inverted body slam by Lasiewicz gets 2. Lasiewicz works the chinlock now, crowd behind Hanson here, he fights to his feet, elbows out and Lasiewicz slams him back down. Big neck snap by Lasiewicz gets 2. Rights by Hanson, boot by Lasiewicz. Snap mare by Lasiewicz, poses, elbow drop connects and a cover for 2.

Lasiewicz locks up the body and works a choke now, Hanson to his feet, rights to Lasiewicz, off the ropes and a boot by Hanson. MISSES the charging dropkick in the corner and Lasiewicz covers for a close 2. Elbows to the head by Lasiewicz, covers for 2. Fireman’s carry by Lasiewicz into a cover for 2. Lasiewicz flattens out Hanson and looks to lock up an arm, now looking for a choke. Hanson works to his feet, Hanson escapes and then Lasiewicz misses the corner splash. Kicks from Hanson, lights up Lasiewicz and a knee to the face and Lasiewicz is down.

Hanson backflips out and gets the running kick. Leg lariat connects and a cover gets 2. Off the ropes, boot by Lasiewicz, but Hanson kicks him in the face. Springboard missile dropkick by Hanson gets a close 2! Hanson misses a kick, roll up by Lasiewicz for 2. PEACEMAKER by Lasiewicz! 1…2..NO!

Metal Heart Suplex countered, KICK to the face by Hanson and a cover gets 2. Hanson goes up top, Lasiewicz crotches him, rights follow. Lasiewicz up top with him, Hanson escapes, crotches Lasiewicz and up top now. Lasiewicz counters the top rope belly to belly into a cover for 2, Hanson rolls into a roll up for 2! Krakovian Crossface by Lasiewicz, countered, and they COLLIDE mid-ring as they both went for a cross body.

Both struggle to their feet, headbutts by Hanson. They trade rights, kick by Hanson, but Lasiewicz rolls him up for 2. They trade pinning combos here, Lasiewicz gets a 3 count, BUT the foot was on the ropes for Hanson. He is not happy about this, argues with the ref, KRAKOVIAN CROSSFACE by Lasiewicz. Hanson rolls, fights, but Lasiewicz has it locked in. Hanson rolls for the ropes. Lasiewicz is upset, he yells at Hanson, who then gets the DON’T HOLD BACK and Lasiewicz can’t reach the ropes. The Silver Eagle taps!

Your winner, Ben Hanson!

Holy hell what a contest, those two went at it hell for leather and left it all inside that ring. Ben Hanson eventually coming away with the win, but has he still got it in him to defeat CJ Osborne in the final?

And Andreas Lasiewicz put up one hell of a fight. I for one hope we see more of him in FRONTIER, which is a possibility due to the OBI WAN clause in his GDW contract. If I hadn’t already pissed off Mayo tonight I’d be suggesting we book him again soon.

Time for a break from the tournament, but not the great FRONTIER action, as Gabriel Gambino defends his GFC World Championship against Bushido. Bushido’s made a name for himself in FRONTIER with some good wins, earning him this shot here tonight, while Gambino’s been hounded by some for not defending his title enough since he won it. Tonight he gets a chance to silence his critics.

Gabriel Gambino (c) vs. Bushido – GFC World Championship

Gambino went for a big lariat to start, but Bushido avoided it and hit an enziguri that rocked the champ. Bushido hit a Tiger Suplex for a quick nearfall. Gambino sent him to the floor and hit a running plancha that gets the crowd excited. Kick flip moonsault from Gambino. The crowd is super into Gambino by the way, probably a first in his FRONTIER career. He seems to be growing on them.

Gambino then hit a diving guillotine legdrop on the apron. Crowd is already chanting “This is Awesome!” Back in the ring, Bushido hit a moonsault to a standing Gambino for a nearfall. Bushido sent Gambino to the floor and hit an Asai Corkscrew Moonsault. Holy shit indeed. Bushido went back into the ring and hit a tope con hilo on Gambino.

Back in the ring again, Gambino came back with a rolling DVD. Gambino went for a senton, but Bushido got his knees up. Both men struggled to their feet. Bushido ended up in the corner, where Gambino hit a charging lariat. Gambino put Bushido on the top rope where he seemed to be trying for a super Fongul. Bushido fights out and nails a reverse hurricanrana from the top!! 1…2…NO! Bushido peppered the champ with kicks and then hit some kind ofa flipping DDT: 1…2…NO! What the hell was that??? Great action, that’s what.

Bushido went to the top rope and went for a Phoenix Splash but he didn’t quite pull it off quickly enough, allowing Gabe to escape his path. Gambino quickly took advantage, nailing a lariat and following quickly THE FONGUL!! 1..2..3!

Your winner, and still GFC World Heavyweight Champion, Gabriel Gambino!

A great challenge from Bushido, who shouldn’t be disheartened by that defeat. Gambino will rub this in the face of his detractors for a while, I’m sure. While Bushido had him rocked for periods of that match he showed the determination to turn it round and hold on to that title of his. 

I guess now it’s time to find out who will be awarded a shot at Gambino and his title. Will it be his old foe and former GFC Champion CJ Osborne? Or will Ben Hanson complete his goal of destroying the biggest names in FRONTIER and move on to get a shot at a third World Championship?

GFC Invitational Final: CJ Osborne vs. Ben Hanson

They lock up right away, struggle and release, eyes locked on one another! Another lock up, they work around the ropes, and Osborne takes him down and they grapple. Hanson with the hammerlock, and Osborne escapes. Lock up again, Osborne works the arm. Hanson escapes, they work counter holds, and a side headlock takeover by Hanson. Osborne counters out of that, and applies a side headlock. Hanson to his feet, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Hanson. A hip toss and arm drag follows. Hanson works the arm bar, to the corner they go, eye rake by Osborne. Rights follow, Hanson covers up as Osborne beats on him. Off the ropes and a knee buster by Hanson, neck breaker follows and a cover for 2.

Hanson then clothesline Osborne to the floor. He follows and rights to Osborne. Hanson slams Osborne to the barricade and more rights follow. Hanson breaks the count, and then Osborne slams him to the steel steps. After two hard bouts that one looked tough to take.

Back into the ring we go and Osborne kicks Hanson in the head. Chinlock applied by Osborne as he tries to keep the Peach State champion grounded. Hanson fights to his feet, elbows out, off the ropes and a back elbow by Osborne sends Hanson to the mat again. Mounted rights by Osborne, and he breaks due to the count from the referee. More rights from Osborne and Hanson crumbles to the mat. Elbows by Osborne to the head and face of Hanson. Hanson tries to cover up, but Osborne still continues his attack. This is brutal stuff, CJ really taking the fight to his opponent, I wasn’t expecting this.

Hanson tries to fight back with rights, off the ropes and a sleeper applied by Osborne. Osborne takes Hanson to the mat, and the referee checks the arm of Hanson. Hanson fights out to his feet, elbows out and then gets the belly to back suplex. BOTH men are down. Crowd are screaming at them. Osborne gets to his feet first, they trade rights, off the ropes and a clothesline by Hanson. Another and a third. Osborne fires back, lung blower and then a back stabber by Hanson gets 2. Rights by Hanson, but an overhead belly to belly by Osborne gets 2.

Osborne looks for a German, Hanson counters, off the ropes and a roll through and figure four by Osborne. Hanson escapes, rolls to the apron and gets back to his feet in safety. Boot by Hanson, lariat ducked and a GERMAN by Osborne! Holds on and lands another. Rolls again and then lands the third and Osborne covers for 2. Cashout countered and Hanson nails a gutwrench suplex. That gets 2 for Hanson. Hanson to the apron, up top now and Osborne runs up and almost slips, but then gets the HUGE belly to belly off the top. Osborne covers for 2.

CJ is looking more determined than ever, Suplex countered by Hanson and a superkick by Hanson countered into an ankle lock, transitioning to a Figure Four once more. Hanson looks to tap, tries to fight, but then escapes. Osborne misses a charge and hits the steel post, both men to the apron. How are they still going like this in their third match of the night!?

Hanson grabs Osborne and gets a reverse DDT on the apron. Osborne falls to the floor as does Hanson. Hanson works his way back into the ring, rolling in Osborne as well. Hanson sets in the corner, looks for the pump kick, Osborne dodges. Osborne swings with a big lariat, Hanson grabs the arm, takes him down into the DON’T HOLD BACK!! CJ fights, but it’s too much and eventually he taps out!

Your winner of the 2012 GFC Invitational Tournament, Ben Hanson!

What a great end to a great show here in Stoke-on-Trent! A big night for FRONTIER, although you could argue that it was two non-FRONTIER men in Hanson and Lasiewicz that stole the show here tonight. That semi-final match and then the final were two fantastic matches! Ben Hanson gets himself a future GFC World Championship match, could he go on and carry THREE championships from three different companies?

Make sure you join us back here in two weeks when Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER takes on Frontier Grappling Arts! If Ben Hanson’s performance here tonight is anything to go on, we’re in for one hell of a tough evening!