Gold Rush

It’s been one hell of a weekend for British sport, Olympic Gold medals all over the place in the Sailing, Cycling, Rowing, Long Jump, Tennis, Heptathalon and the 10k. But could FRONTIER step forward and show the sporting world that Professional Wrestling is another great British sport?

No meet and greet for this show, at least not in the usual style. Fans and wrestlers mingled in the Olympic Park during the day with several FRONTIER stars attending some of the many sporting events. I found myself in the North Greenwich Arena watching Louis Smith and Max Whitlock win Silver and Bronze in the Pommel Horse final. And at the ExCel we had two worlds firsts, the first women to compete in Olympic Boxing and the first Pro-Wrestling event to be held at an Olympic Venue.

Due to the circumstances we weren’t able to put on a full show for the fans, just two matches on the card for this one. But boy, what a great couple of matches they turned out to be! But before we get to those, let’s take a look at how we started things off.


Bulletproof by 12 Stones fills the arena as CJ Osborne and his wife Hope-Marie make their way out from behind the curtain. The fan reaction is mostly positive as they walk down to the ring together. CJ opens the ropes for his wife to get in the ring with relative ease, before entering himself and asking for a microphone.

CJ: Tonight I have an opportunity. An opportunity to get in the ring with one of the best to ever grace a ring. An opportunity to do what few people actually do. However, I am not out here right now for that. A little bit later you will see myself and Jackson do battle. All the words either of us care to say about have been said. I’m out here right now for a completely unrelated reason.

He walks around the ring for a moment before bringing the microphone back to his lips.

CJ: Those of you who follow twitter, know that this week I had dinner with Hanna Fox and Scott Mayo. There has been some speculation as to what that dinner was about. I’ve heard rumors that I’m trying to buy FRONTIER or that I was trying to insure that I won tonight. I assure you neither of those are the true. The reason I was meeting with them is standing right here in the ring with me. Allow me to introduce to you the newest member of the FRONTIER roster. Ladies and Gentlemen I present you my wife, Hope-Marie Osborne.

CJ looks at his wife and hands her the microphone. She takes the microphone as a few whistles can be heard from the crowd.

Hope: I won’t take up much more time, but I wanted to say I am excited about this opportunity. It’s always been a dream of mine to wrestle. Now that the opportunity is available I’ll show the world I am more than just the wife of CJ Osborne. One day, after I work my way through the ranks. I will be the first woman to win a championship in FRONTIER.

Hope hands the microphone off as Bulletproof by 12 Stones comes back on. CJ steps out of the ring to allow Hope the opportunity to soak in a few cheers before she exits the ring.

— / VIDEO — 

Another Osborne joins the FRONTIER ranks. I’m not familiar with her from a wrestling point of view, but with CJ Osborne as her husband I’m sure she’ll do well here. I guess we’ll see her in-ring debut soon enough, probably at our first set of TV tapings. I look forward to that.

Our first of the two matches tonight was a MASSIVE tag-team match as Kevin Hardaway picked Gabriel Gambino to be his partner to face the Uprising!

Kevin Hardaway & Gabriel Gambino vs. The Uprising

Hardaway gets chants but he points to Gabe and the crowd cheers for him too. Suprising really, considering how the crowd usually reacts to Gambino. Guess that’s the Hardaway effect in action here! Lots of smack talk from the Uprising and then all hell breaks loose. Gabe goes outside after a clothesline from Arcadian and K-Hard fights both members of Uprising with kicks and hits Arcadian with an enzugiri. Gambino back in hits Williams with a flying elbow. Hardaway schoolboys Cody for two, and then puts him in a cloverleaf as Gabe hits a back elbow on Aaron. Williams gets the ropes and Gabe tags in and stomps the crap out of him before choking him with his foot. Gabe chokes him again but stops so that K-Hard can hit a sliding kick before getting some cheers from the London crowd. K-Hard tags in and hits a dropkick and knocks Arcadian to the floor before getting a two count. Gabe tags in and hits a clothesline for two. Great quick tags here from this makeshift team, on top in the early stages.

K-Hard is back in and boots Arcadian to the floor again, but Williams starts fighting hard. Gabe hits a superkick and Hardaway hits a spin kick, but Cody fights off a superkick/German Suplex combo and sends Gambino to the floor. Hardaway hits a flying forearm and some kidney punches, Williams reverses a whip and K-Hard tries a handspring enzugiri but Arcadian catches him in a torture rack and spins him into a blue thunder bomb! Big move there, getting the Uprising a two count. And Kev looks pissed that Aaron used a move that is a variant on the Angelina’s Crossing!

The Uprising drive Hardaway into the corner, Aaron whips Cody into a clothesline and hits a sidewalk slam for another two. Arcadian hits several elbows and tags out to Williams. K-Hard fights back with chops but Williams goes to the eyes, more clobbering and Arcadian tags in again. K-Hard misses a dropkick and Aaron starts stomping him. He hits a body slam and tags out, Williams hits a catapult into a spinning uranage for two. The crowd can sense the tide has turned a little in this match, boo’s ringing out for the Uprising here at the ExCel.

Cody and K-Hard fight over a suplex before Aaron breaks it up and hits Gambino for good measure. Cool moment as the Uprising try to hit a double clothesline but K-Hard hits a big boot on their hands, spin kick to Arcadian, enzugiri to Williams and now he hits the suplex for good measure. Gabe gets the tag and hits Arcadian with a shoulder to the gut, an clothesline for Williams and Gabe then leaps over Arcadian before hitting Williams with a dropkick. Gambino sends the Uprising into each other and takes out Arcadian with a flying knee strike, hits a few boots on Williams, ducks some clotheslines and finally takes him down with another boot. Big fisherman’s buster gets two for Gambino. Williams avoids a German Suplex, Gabe escapes a waist lock but runs into a kick, Arcadian is in and the Uprising hit a double lariat! Awesome move, as much as it pains me to say so.

Williams catches another boot from Gabe but he slaps him before connecting with an European uppercut. Lots of complicated moving around eventually sees the team of Hardaway & Gambino hit the KTFO~! on Williams, with Gabe hitting the boot and Hardaway the elbow! K-Hard moves quickly and hits the GTFO~! on Arcadian on the floor! Great series of moves from this team, the crowd are loving it!!

Gabe tries a powerbomb, no good, knees to the face, still no good as Williams hits a back body drop. Gabe pops right back up and gets a knee to the gut of Cody… THE FONGUL!! Cover… and Arcadian back in to break up the pin!!

Hardaway back in and attacks Arcadian, holding him in the corner while Gabe sets up Williams in the opposite corner. Both men whip their opponents to the opposite corner… DECAP LARIAT from Hardaway on Williams! DECAP LARIAT from Gambino on Arcadian! They pick the men up… FONGUL! ANGELINA’S CROSSING! DOUBLE PIN! And this one’s all over!

Your winners, Kevin Hardaway and Gabriel Gambino!

A decent win from Hardaway and Gambino. An unlikely team that got the job done here at the ExCel in London. But, as with most things in FRONTIER, the match was just the start! Let’s check out what happened once the dust settled.

— VIDEO — 

Hardaway and Gambino are celebrating in the ring, their hands raised by the referee as the crowd cheer. The two go to shake hands but afterwards Hardaway doesn’t let go. Gambino looks at him with a raised eyebrow but before he can do anything Hardaway yanks his arm, pulling him close enough to nail a massive Decap Lariat!

DW: What the hell? They were working so well together, looks like Hardaway has had enough of Gambino here tonight.

Aaron Arcadian and Cody Williams are back to their feet and step forwards towards Hardaway. Suddenly Arcadian looks at Cody and grabs him, pushing him towards Hardaway. K-Hard connects with a boot to the midsection and then levels him with the Williams Driver!

DW: Arcadian letting Williams take the heat here.

Arcadian looks at Hardaway and the two come face to face. But Gambino and Williams are back on their feet and heading for the pair. The two men nod at each other, Hardaway turning to Gambino and taking him down with a KTFO~! and the Angelina’s Crossing while Arcadian nails Cody with a Superkick and the Constellation Killer! The two men begin to put the boots to Cody & Gabe before Arcadian slips out of the ring and grabs something from ringside.

DW: What the hell is going on here? Are these two working together?

Arcardian pulls out a t-shirt from a bag and tosses it to Kevin Hardaway. He opens it out and quickly pulls it over his head, revealing “Uprising” written in bold letters across the front!



Hardaway smirks as he hears the crowd suddenly turn on him, flipping his middle finger to them before getting a pat on the back from Aaron Arcadian.

DW: Kevin Hardaway has joined the Uprising! What does this mean for the future of FRONTIER?

Hardaway heads to the ropes, leaning over and shouting at Jenni Starr to toss him a microphone, which she does.

K-Hard: Mayo!

Crowd: Boooooo!

K-Hard: Shut the fuck up, London!


DW: The London crowd telling Hardaway what they think of this move.

K-Hard: Mayo… this is all on you. You screwed me over one too many times; and now you’re going to regret it for the rest of your life!

Hardaway tosses the mic to Arcadian.

RKDN: With REVOLUTION upon us, the Uprising WILL be televised!

Arcadian tosses down the mic as the two men stand tall in the ring.  

— /VIDEO —

I have to say, I did NOT see that one coming. Just two weeks ago the crowd were chanting “bullshit” in support of Kevin Hardaway, tonight they’re chanting it to show their displeasure. What a complete turnaround for the former GFC Champion.

With those shocking events behind us we moved on to our second and final match of the evening. Jackson defends the GFC World Heavyweight Championship against CJ Osborne, a man on a rich vein of form here in FRONTIER.

Jackson © vs. CJ Osborne – GFC World Heavyweight Championship

Jackson and Osborne lock up to start, the Champ soon taking CJ down with a big clothesline. Osborne bails to the outside to catch a breather. Jackson follows Osborne to the outside, but Osborne quickly attacks and sets him in a chair; connecting with a huge running boot. Jackson fires back with rapid-fire kicks to Osborne on the outside and then wrenches Osborne’s arm around the guard rail. Jackson and CJ get back in the ring, and Osborne connects with a lariat in the corner. Jackson catches Osborne with a running boot in the opposite corner before chopping the chest  of the challenger. Jackson lands a volley of kicks, wrenches on the arm, and kicks the arm again for a one count in the match’s first pin attempt. A good back and forth opening to this one.

Jackson locks in a Fujiwara arm bar and then transitions into a cross arm breaker. Jackson puts on the cravat and lands a low drop kick to the face for a one count. Jackson lights up Osborne with kicks in the corner, but Osborne catches him and lands a knee to the gut. Osborne hits a uranage backbreaker over the knee, but Osborne is in no condition to capitalize on the manoeuvre after that flurry of attacks from the GFC Champion.

Osborne with a stomp to the knee and follows up with a knee drop to the knee and a boot to the side of the head. Osborne lands a knee breaker and a standing senton to the legs. Osborne gets a piledriver and a knee drop to the head for a two count as he begins to reverse the momentum. Osborne wrenches on Jackson’s leg, but the champ refuses to submit. Osborne hits another kneebreaker before landing another stomp to the knee in a very focussed attack, obviously paying attention to Jackson’s recent MWA outing and the injured knee he mentioned during the week.

CJ hits a rope-assist DDT and follows up with a springboard double-knee shot to the back of the head. Osborne drags Jackson to the outside, but Jackson regains control and drives Osborne’s back down onto the ring apron. Jackson connects with a baseball slide that sends Osborne into the crowd. JACKSON WITH A TOP ROPE MOONSAULT FROM THE TOP ROPE OVER THE GUARD RAIL AND INTO THE CROWD! What a move from Jackson, completely turning this match around again!

Jackson rolls CJ back into the ring and connects with a springboard missile drop kick to the back. Jackson sweeps the legs and hits a running senton for a one count. Jackson lands a top rope leg drop for a two count. Jackson hits the ropes, but Osborne absolutely levels him with a brutal looking powerslam.

Osborne gets a rear waist lock, but Jackson gets to the ropes to force the break. Osborne ducks an overhead kick and lands a knee strike to the head. Jackson traps Osborne in the corner, but Osborne counters into a Buckle Bomb and follows with a Fallaway Slam. Osborne takes Jackson to the top rope and hits a superplex for the two count.

Osborne goes for Dream Street, but Jackson escapes. Jackson blocks a lariat and connects with a back heel kick. Osborne retaliates with a big right hand, but Jackson regains control with a kick to the top of the head. We’ve got dueling “Let’s go Jackson!” / “Let’s go Osborne” chants from the crowd as these two really go at each other.

Jackson connects with Therapy. Osborne muscles Jackson into Cashout but only gets a two count. Osborne is SHOCKED that didn’t get the three count. Osborne lifts Jackson onto his shoulder and goes to the top rope, but Jackson counters whatever the challenger had planned and slams Osborne off the top rope.

Osborne goes for the Dream Street, but Jackson escapes again and hits Therapy again. Jackson hits a top rope senton BUT ONLY GETS A TWO COUNT! He argues with the ref, giving CJ an opportunity to get back to his feet. Jackson spots him and charges in, but CJ trips him up and quickly LOCKS IN THE ANKLE LOCK!! Jackson looks in trouble and the crowd are torn, some chanting “Tap, Tap, Tap!” while others are chanting “Please don’t tap!”.

After a nervy few moments for the Champ he reaches with all his might and grabs the bottom rope, forcing Osborne to release the hold. Jackson gets back to his feet, trying to shake off the effects of that hold. Osborne charges in… SUPERKICK FROM JACKSON! CJ STRAIGHT BACK UP! SUPERKICK FROM OSBORNE!! DREAM STREET!!! ONE, TWO, THREE!!!!

Your winner, And NEW GFC World Heavyweight Champion, CJ Osborne!

Wowsers, what a finish! CJ Osborne looked ecstatic and couldn’t quite believe it! He was handed the GFC World Championship and held it tight as his wife joined him at ringside.

— VIDEO — 

CJ and Hope-Marie Osborne stand in the ring, CJ having the GFC World Championship put around his waist by his loving wife as the crowd are on their feet in appreciation of a great match. Brad Jackson is sat in the corner of the ring watching on, a look of disgust on his face.

DW: We have ourselves a new GFC Champion here, CJ Osborne gets the reward for all the hard work he’s put into FRONTIER over the past few months.

Jackson pulls himself to his feet, standing in the corner behind the new champ and his wife. Jackson suddenly rushes CJ and clocks him on the back of the head with a big forearm. CJ stumbles forwards into the opposite turnbuckle while Jackson turns his attentions to Hope. UNTIL IT SLEEPS!!!

DW: HOLY HELL! Jackson just floored Hope-Marie Osborne!

Jackson looks down at Hope and smiles wickedly. He looks over at CJ who’s just realised what’s happened. Jackson rolls out of the ring as CJ checks on his wife.

Jackson: You wanted the monster? Here I am, champ!

DW: A vicious attack from Jackson. And CJ Osborne just went from being the hunter to the hunted!

— /VIDEO —

A shocking turn of events to close the show here in London. It was always going to be a special show, live from the London Olympics, but no-one expected the events that have unfolded here. Hardaway joins the Uprising, CJ Osborne is our new GFC Champion and Brad Jackson has unleashed his inner monster!

It may not have been the longest or biggest FRONTIER show ever, but boy the ramifications of this one will be felt for a long time. With our next show being the very first TV tapings, the face of this company just changed as it’s about to be seen by a whole new audience!

And those TV tapings are in just two weeks time at the King George’s Hall in Blackburn. The event has been sold out for weeks and marks a new dawn for FRONTIER. I hope to see many of you there, and if not, make sure you tune in to Premier Sports on Monday 20th August at 11pm for episode 1 of REVOLUTION!