It’s Saturday night in Wolverhampton and boy have I just witnessed a hell of a show here at the Civic Hall! The day started in such peaceful fashion with our regular meet and greet session, local fans getting the chance to get autographs from new FRONTIER stars such as John Empires, Mark Evil and Caylen Collye’ ahead of their debuts on tonight’s show.

Fortunately there was no problems like we had in Oxford with Hardaway and Jones. These two seemed to have a complicated, possibly even one sided grudge that would potentially be settled here tonight. And speaking of grudges, Kristoff Sterling told me he was looking forward to his GENOCIDE team to get one over on Pride & Evangelista after being overlooked in favour of an MWA team on last months show.

But a lot of the hype surrounding tonight was to do with High Octane Wrestling and the declaration from Christopher America that he and Mike Best, the Best Americans, would be here for tonights show. The two didn’t appear at the meet and greet, much to the satisfaction of Scott Mayo.


Ole McDonald vs. Kenchi Yamamoto

The show was due to start with McDonald and Yamamoto in a Chivalry is Dead match. McDonald had been taunting Yamamoto for the past two months and now Kenchi had the chance to face his foe in the ring. This was set to be the first of our three big Grudge matches here tonight!

Kenchi made his way to the ring to a great reception, He waited patiently for his opponent but McDonald just didn’t show up.

Eventually Scott Mayo made an appearance and apologised to Kenchi and to the crowd. He said that Ole’s behaviour over the past two months has been unacceptable, showing a blatant disregard for the Code of Respect. Plus with his no show tonight FRONTIER has taken the decision to fire Ole McDonald!

The crowd were disappointed that the match wouldn’t go ahead, and while Kenchi was visibly happy to see the back of McDonald he also seemed frustrated that his match was off. But that frustration passed when Mayo declared that Yamamoto would instead be entered into the Battle Royal match!



Kenchi Yamamoto vs. Caylen Collye’ vs. Echo vs. John Empires vs. Joel Hall vs. Mark Evil vs. Rock ‘n Roll God vs. Dave Spikey

And then it was time for said Battle Royal. The winner of this match is guaranteed second seed in the GFC Invitational Tournament, with the draw being made on Tuesday night. So it’s a massive incentive to all competitors to win this match.

With Kenchi already in the ring the other seven men made their way to join him. One of whom was a previously unannounced participant, “The Betamax Kid” Dave Spikey. Spikey has not been seen since our preview show and may not be seen again any time soon as he unfortunately became the first person eliminated after being clotheslined over the top rope by Kenchi Yamamoto. Spikey landed on his head on the floor and had to be helped to the back.

Things weren’t much more favourable for Rock ‘n Roll God who was soon on the end of a John Empires clothesline that dumped him over the top rope and out of the match! Empires then was set upon by Mark Evil and Joel Hall, both spotting an opportunity to dump out the veteran. But Empires stood his ground and traded punches with both men as he stopped them from eliminating him.

Over the other side of the ring Collye’ was locked up with Echo while Kenchi Yamamoto looked on. Collye’ nailed a neck breaker on Echo and Yamamoto followed up with a seated senton to the masked man. Echo got up holding his ribs and Yamamoto went for a big kick. Echo almost stumbled over the top rope but managed to rebound and went for a clothesline on the big Japanese star. But Kenchi saw it coming and soon took Echo down with a big powerslam. Collye’ took advantage as he laid the boots to Yamamoto. Kenchi got back to his feet and a big clubbing blow sent Caylen flying. Echo was back up and leaped up onto the back of Yamamoto, wrapping his arms around his neck in a sleeper. Yamamoto fell backwards, squashing Echo in the process.

Empires was still brawling with Hall and Evil and when Hall went for a clothesline Empire spotted an opportunity to back body drop him over the ropes. Hall held on but Empires nailed a hard right hand that sent him crashing to the floor. Evil tried to take advantage but Empires saw his dropkick coming and swatted him away. He pulled Evil to his feet and tossed him into the corner where he tried to push him over the top, but Evil was holding on for dear life.

Echo was up against the ropes himself as Yamamoto tried to lift him over. Collye’ then tried to eliminate both men but Yamamoto proved too heavy and too strong. Yamamoto managed to bang both mens heads together, sending them crashing to the mat.

Empires gave up on eliminating Evil and instead grabbed Echo as he got back to his feet. He tossed him into the ropes, clotheslined him and then threw him over the rope like it was easy. Another elimination! Collye’ charged for Empires but again the veteran spotted the move coming and before he knew what was going on Collye’ found himself over the ropes and on the ring apron. Empires nailed a baseball slide to send him crashing to the floor and out of the match!

Yamamoto applauded the efforts of Empires who seemed to smile back at the star from the orient. The crowd were certainly getting behind him.

Mark Evil tried to jump Yamamoto and catch him by surprise, which almost worked. A reverse DDT was followed by a clothesline that had Yamamoto stumbling back into the ropes. A dropkick should have sent him over but Yamamoto stood firm and Evil couldn’t believe it. It got worse for Evil as Empires caught him from behind with a stiff lariat. One swift suplex later left him hanging over the top rope and a dropkick was all it took for Empires to make yet another elimination!

Yamamoto now looked concerned as he and Empires were the final two men in the match. The two locked up and Yamamoto won the battle for strength, getting Empires into a front face lock and then down into a submission hold, designed more to wear his opponent down than make him tap. Empires was slowed, he was visibly struggling to get out of the hold. But he drew some strength from somewhere as he fought his way back to his feet. The two traded blows again before managing to pull off the double arm DDT. Empires had rocked the big man and as Yamamoto got back to his feet Empires struck.

With Yamamoto on one knee and his head at the perfect level, Empires got him into a standing head scissors, grabbed his trunks and nailed the Stump-Puller Piledriver. Yamamoto was dazed and after a brief struggle to pull him to his feet, Empires pushed him up against the ropes. Yamamoto got a burst of energy as he went for a clothesline to save himself, but Empires ducked it and lifted the big man onto his shoulders. Empires then stunned the crowd as he flipped Yamamoto over the top rope with a variation of the Babylon Falls to win the match!

Your winner, John Empires!

As Empires celebrated and the crowd cheered his name Alan Galpin, chair of the GFC Championship Committee, came to the ring. He congratulated Empires and officially announced that John Empires will be the number two seed when the GFC Invitational Tournament is drawn this Tuesday night!


Chris Jacobs vs. Shiek Abdul-Wahid

Our next match pitted two undefeated FRONTIER stars against one another as Jacobs, fresh off his four corner survival win last month, took on a Shiek who was 2-0 so far in his FRONTIER career.

The men lock up a couple of times but neither man can get an advantage. They then both exchange forearms before Chris hits several uppercuts which send Shiek out of the ring. Chris then follows up with a diving somersault to Shiek on the outside. Both men return to the ring and Jacobs hits a suplex followed by an attempted monkey flip which is reversed by Shiek. Jacobs backs Shiek into the corner and hits several shoulder thrusts followed by a face wash but Shiek gets back into the contest with a drop toe hold followed by two suplexes. Shiek goes for the third but Chris rolls him into a small package for a two count.

When the men get back to their feet, Shiek hits another suplex, his third one. Shiek then goes for a top rope move and hits a diving shoulder block followed by several knees to the back of the head of Chris.
Shiek continues to focus his attack on the neck of Jacobs and delivers a neckbreaker but Chris fights back with some chops. After receiving three earlier, Chris attempts to suplex Shiek out of the ring but it’s reversed and Chris eventually gets bumped out of the ring. Shiek then comes off the ropes and hits a perfect Topé con Hilo.

Chris gets to his feet to break the count and goes for a sunset flip off the top rope which Shiek avoids by holding onto the referee. He eventually lets go and Chris gets a near fall. Jacobs then gets Shiek up and launches him into the corner and then delivers a fisherman buster for yet another near fall. Shiek gets to his feet and hits an STO but Chris fights back again and gets another two count after an exploding suplex.

Getting frustrated, Chris launches Shiek over his head for a belly to back suplex. Jacobs climbs to the top rope and gives Shiek a big elbow drop. Both men then climb to the top rope and after a struggle, Shiek hits a brainbuster followed by a lariat but only gets two. Shiek drags Jacobs to his feet but gets a near fall with a bridging T-Bone suplex. Jacobs goes for another top rope move but is cut off by Shiek who then hits a boot into the gut and then nails the sitout piledriver to get the victory and to remain undefeated in his FRONTIER career!

Your winner, Shiek Abdul-Wahid!

A good match and a great effort from Abdul-Wahid. This has to leave him in a good position for the GFC Invitational Seedings!



Evangelista & Pride vs. GENOCIDE

Then it was time for our second big grudge match of the evening as the team of Ndamukong Asomugha and Vladmimir Radinovic finally got their chance to take on Pride & Evangelista. Kristoff Sterling got on the mic and told the Wolverhampton crowd that GENOCIDE came to FRONTIER to answer Jay Pride’s tag challenge but were pushed aside by the appearance of John Patrick and Sean McBride. Now, said Sterling, was the time to put things right.

Pride & Evangelista then made their way to the ring, met by a chorus of cheers. This young British team have enjoyed good success since their arrival in FRONTIER and the fans have really taken to them.

Just as the match was about to start there was a burst of music which caught everyone in the ring by surprise. “The Best Around” by Joe Esposito played loudly throughout the building as The Best Americans made their appearance, as promised. Mike Best and Christopher America, both former HOW Champions, had come ready to fight. They were in ring gear, had a stern lock about them and were packing a microphone.

America told the fans that HOW management and FRONTIER management have been locked in negotiations for several weeks. He told us that FRONTIER had agreed to lift the ban imposed by Scott Mayo, hence their appearance here tonight. Best followed up by telling the Wolverhampton locals that not only did they lift the ban but they actually agreed to add the HOW pair into the match.

The crowd erupted, Jay and Leanne nodded and applauded the decision. GENOCIDE and Kristoff Sterling, however, were less than pleased. Sterling ranted and raved at the referee, thinking somehow he could change things. But the only thing the referee could do was eject Sterling from ringside!

GENOCIDE were up in arms but the referee was having none of it. Kristoff Sterling rolled out of the ring and headed to the back, passing the Best Americans as he went. America gave him a cheeky grin and waved him goodbye. And then we had all six competitors in the ring, ready to go in what was now a three way tag match.

GENOCIDE immediately send the Best Americans to the outside and begin to beat on Pride & Evangelista, but the Best Americans head back into the ring and toss GENOCIDE to the outside. Christopher America connects with a low drop kick through the ropes to GENOCIDE, and Mike Best flies over him and takes out everyone on the outside. Everybody is on the outside, and they all take turns flying and taking out the rest of the competitors. They all head back into the ring, and it looks like Christopher America, Jay Pride, and Ndamokong Asomugha will be the legal men.

America and Pride team up on Ndamokong, and Pride makes the tag to Leanne Evangelista. Christopher makes the tag to Mike, but all hell once again breaks loose. At some point Ndamokong made the tag to Vladimir, and Vladimir got a two count on Evangelista. Mike Best shows up and hits a DDT on Radinovic. Pride sets up one of the Best Americans for a suicide dive / Doomsday Device combination on the outside. It was so chaotic I don’t even remember who it was Pride took out!

By the time things calmed down a little we had Pride, Asomugha and Best circling each other. Best stopped, stepped back and pointed to the corner where Leanne Evangelista was stood. He pointed right at her and smiled as he beckoned her into the ring. Pride looked out at the crowd to gauge a response and nodded, stepping over to his partner to tag her in.

Evangelista came in to the match, walked right up to Best and slapped him hard across the face. Best looked back at her and smiled. Evangelista smiled back before kicking him in the gut and nailing a swift DDT. She quickly stepped back allowing Ndamukong Asomugha to step into the match. The giant Asomugha looked down at Best, who was just getting back to his feet. Best saw the big man stood there and instantly turned and tagged out to Christopher America.

America shook his head and laughed at his partner as he squared up to the War Machine. Asomugha rocked America with a series of big right hands but America shook them off, laying in some big punches of his own. The two stood there, trading blows, until America ducked a big punch and got a shot to the ribs of Asomugha. He followed up with a swift kick between the big mans legs, with the referee blindsided and unable to do anything about it. The crowd booed and America ate it up.

That kick brought back out Sterling, unhappy at the low blow to one of his clients. The referee instantly saw him coming and kept telling him to back away. He threatened to disqualify GENOCIDE if Sterling came any closer. But Kristoff ignored him, leaping up onto the ring apron. Mike Best went over to speak to him and Sterling struck the HOW man on the chin. Best struck back, quicker, harder and with more venom than Sterling’s own shot. Swiftly the referee turned to the ring announcer and shouted down at them. Before anyone really knew what was going on it was announced that GENOCIDE had been disqualified!

The crowd laughed and cheered in equal measure. Best, America, Pride and Evangelista all made sure GENOCIDE and Sterling were gone from the ring and we were down to a more normal looking tag team match. Truth be told this is the match we all secretly wanted, the fans cheering for all four competitors.

America and Best began working over Pride, who tried to fight back, but continually got cut off. Pride fired back again, but Best caught him with a dragon screw. He then hit an airplane spin using Pride’s leg before applying a leg submission. Pride struggled, but eventually got the ropes. Evangelista finally tagged herself back in and took out America and Mike Best. Evangelista followed up with a dive off the top onto America for a 2 count as the crowd started getting into this changed match!

Evangelista hit a neckbreaker off the top, but America kicked out. Evangelista applied the Cloverleaf but Best broke it up. The action broke down and spilled to the floor and the FRONTIER team hit stereo dives through the ropes onto Best and America, which popped the crowd. Myself included.

Pride laid out Best on the apron and Evangelista came off the top with a doublestomp as the pace picked up. The FRONTIER duo hit stereo kicks to America’s head, but Best broke up the following pin. America and Best fired back with running kicks to Evangelista and Pride. Best then covered Evangelista for a 2 count.

The crowd was on their feet making a ton of noise at this point. Evangelista hit a hurricanrana on Best, who was hung on the top rope and both competitors were down. Pride got the tag, but Best hit a double arm DDT for a nearfall and the crowd went nuts again. Pride caught Best in the ankle lock and then grapevine the leg, but America broke it up. Best hit a superplex and America followed with a splash off the top, but Evangelista made the save. Great action, great teamwork from both sides.

The action broke down again and both teams traded some fantastic exchanges as the crowd went absolutely nuts. Pride & Evangelista hit a superkick/German combo on America, but Best came out of nowhere to make the save. The FRONTIER duo hit a top rope lung blower/powerbomb combination on America. Evangelista then applied the Achilles lock, but America got the ropes. America isolated Evangelista moments later and hit the American Suplex, but Evangelista kicked out.

America hit two rolling elbows on Evangelista, but she stayed on her feet. America hit a third rolling elbow on Evangelista and grabbed her. FOR AMERICA! Evangelista gets spiked on the canvas and America covers for the win!

Your winners, from High Octane Wrestling, The Best Americans!

A great display from FRONTIER’s team here tonight but the boys from HOW proved one step too far for them. A great match. Pride and Evangelista got back to their feet and applauded along with the crowd as America and Best made their way to the back.


Alex Jones vs. Kevin Hardaway 

Finally it came to our main event of the evening, the third and final grudge match of the show. Both men received good reactions from the crowd as they made their way to the ring. The determination to win etched on both men’s faces. This match had become all the more important with the announcement that the winner is guaranteed to be named top seed in GFC Invitational while the loser is set to be disqualified from tournament!

Alex starts as he backs Hardaway into the corner, Hardaway does it back to him and backs off with a grin. Jones wins a brief mat wrestling exchange and starts to go after the arm. This lead to an impressive chain wrestling sequence where Hardaway blocked a kick to the arm. Jones counters an armdrag into a headscissors and then avoids a headstand dropkick. A slap exchange leads to an attempted surfboard by Alex but Hardaway gets an arm free and slams back an elbow to escape.

Strikes from both men, Hardaway avoids an enzugiri and does a victory celebration. He follows that up with a elbow and MORE celebrating. He’s trying to rile up his opponent here tonight and I think it’s starting to work! We’re seeing a different side to K-Hard here tonight.

Hardaway rakes Alex’s eyes across the rope. Alex responds with punches to the gut, snapmares Hardaway and kicks the back. Hardaway responds with one of his own, which Alex laughs off before hitting another one. Hardaway looks to respond in kind once more but hits a mule kick. Alex responds with several kicks and wheel kicks Hardaway right out of the air. They start brawling outside the ring and Alex kicks Hardaway over the rail.

Backdrop suplex gets 2. Hardaway knocks Alex to the floor when he goes up top and then hits a double axehandle to the floor. Hardaway then starts to take over with a slingshot axehandle to Alex on the apron. A back elbow sets up the spinebuster for 2!

Hardaway cuts off a comeback with a slam. Lots of strikes sets up an STO but Alex escapes with headbutts, and Hardaway tries to trade kicks. Bad idea. He switches to a gutbuster instead. Alex avoids an elbow and they start slugging it out until Hardaway runs into a roundhouse kick. Hardaway survives a diving headbutt, so Alex grabs a cross armbreaker, the AJ Lock!

Hardaway escapes and sets up the double arm DDT, Alex counters with a forearm. Alex counters the German suplex into a roll-up for 2 and gets an enzugiri.

They fight to get a big move off the top for a bit, Hardaway gets it with a Decapitation Lariat for 2!

Jones fights back into it as he puts Hardaway in a Tombstone position before falling into a powerslam. Alex goes up top, headbutts Hardaway when he tries to block him, but takes too long and misses a Shooting Star Press. Alex grabs his knee so Hardaway dropkicks it and applies a half crab. A trio of shinbreakers sets up a suplex to the floor.

Hardaway sets up Alex’s leg in the corner of the guardrails, KTFO! SICK! Alex makes it back into the ring so Hardaway rolls into the half crab again. The crowd really getting into this, the fans are split too. While K-Hard is usually the crowd favourite his actions tonight are fueled by rage and some of the fans aren’t so keen!

Hardaway tries to knock AJ out with elbows, tries the Brainbuster but settles for a gourdbuster that hurts Alex’s knee. Jones tries for the AJ-Guri but Hardaway ducks out of it. LIONSTOMP TO THE LEG! FIGURE-FOUR! That was nice. Brutal but sticking to his game plan to ground Jones!

Alex fights out and Hardaway tries to slam the legs into the post, but Alex pulls Hardaway headfirst into the post! Hardaway snaps Alex’s throat off the top rope, but Alex ducks a charging Hardaway and sends him to the floor, then just SOARS into him with a suicide dive! AWESOME!

Jones hits a missile dropkick, more kicks, sets Hardaway up top and pulls him down into a hurricanrana. Only 2! Crowd LOVES Alex right now. German Suplex connects, Alex catches a kick to the head and hits the AJ-Guri, corner forearms, BACK RAKE by Hardaway, ROUNDHOUSE KICK! JUST 2!

Hardaway drives Alex into the corner to avoid the Time to Burn, pushing him up onto the top turnbuckle.GERMAN SUPERPLEX! AGAIN ONLY 2! I admit, by this point I was joining in the “holy shit” chants that were filling the Wolverhampton Civic Hall.

Jones eventually back up tries the Time to Burn but just awkwardly drops Hardaway, Hardaway attacks the knee again, KTFO! DECAPITATION LARIAT! WILLIAMS DRIVER! CLOSEST OF 2 COUNTS!

Jones is somehow still in this and looks pumped. Hardaway tries to escape, they trade strikes on the apron, APRON BRAINBUSTER! SICK! Hardaway dumps Alex in the crowd but he JUST beats the 20 count! KNEES TO THE HEAD! KAWADA KICKS BY ALEX! KNEES! KICKS! KNEES! Brainbuster attempt but INSIDE CRADLE GETS 2! Hardaway almost had him again!

Huge strike exchange culminates in a flying lariat from Hardaway but that only gets 2. Hardaway starts slapping Jones but Alex keeps telling him to bring it, so he does with the WILLIAMS DRIVER! KICK TO THE HEAD! LIONSTOMP! ONLY 2!

AJ is really fired up and kips back up to his feet, albeit a little unsteady on his injured knee. He screams at Hardaway who goes for another Decapitation Lariat. AJ grabs him… XTREME COMBO! TIME TO BURN!! AJ LOCK!!!

K-Hard struggles, AJ pulls back even harder! And Hardaway taps!

Your winner, Alex Jones!

Unbelievable match. Could have gone either way, Hardaway gave out some punishment to Jones but he came back out of nowhere and won the match, winning himself the number one seed spot in the GFC Invitational in the process!

Hardaway looked pissed after the match and was about to leave when Alan Galpin made another appearance. He congratulated Jones on becoming the number one seed, but said he was mainly here to speak to Hardaway.

Galpin said that Rock ‘n Roll God has been released and with the earlier departure of Ole McDonald FRONTIER was a little light on competitors for the GFC Invitational. He told the Wolverhampton fans that it had been decided, before this match even started, that whoever lost would no longer be thrown out of the tournament! He stated that Hardaway’s name was back in the hat, but that he could not be seeded. This leaves the possibility that Jones and Hardaway could meet again in the opening round next month!

Jones was not happy, he was shouting across the ring at Hardaway and at Galpin. He felt this was just another example of FRONTIER kissing the ass of Kevin Hardaway. He yelled that had he lost this wouldn’t be happening.

The three men were left in the ring arguing as the show drew to a close. Wow, what a night. Firings, seedings decided, rules changed! I for one cannot wait to see who gets the seeding slots for the GFC Invitational. And then the draw itself will be made on Tuesday night, live on this website… make sure you check that out!