It’s been a while but on Sunday night FRONTIER returned “home” to Southampton. With the suspension of Kevin Hardaway, the departure of William Wallace and the disappearance of other key stars, what could we expect from this show?

Well, the answer is carnage. Naturally. Our meet and greet was a short and sweet affair this week, letting us get to the action early. And first up was a debut for Salem Dorian who was set to go toe-to-toe with one half of the Uprising Tag-Team Champions, Cody Williams.

Cody Williams vs. Salem Dorian

Both men refused the Code of Respect and the match starts. Dorian picks up Williams and drives him into the corner. He goes for a forearm but Williams rolls out and hits a hard right kick. He hits three more kicks but Dorian stops that with a BIG lariat. Williams is sent into the corner. He brings his knees up but Dorian catches them, spins Williams around, so his legs are draped over the middle rope, and hits a hard chop and a thunderous kick. Dorian finishes that with a superplex for a near fall.

Williams is down. Dorian tries to suplex Williams again but Williams blocks it, reverses it and the two end up tumbling to the outside. Both men on the apron and Dorian delivers some sick looking chops. Williams back with three kicks but Dorian with more chops. Williams clotheslines Dorian back into the ring. Dorian quickly back up and nails Williams, taking him down. Dorian heads outside, grabs Williams by the legs and catapults him head first into the metal barriers between the ringside area and the audience. That was nasty! Dorian throws Williams back in and gets two.

Dorian with some vicious elbow strikes. He looks like me means business. He whips Williams into the corner and follows up with 3’s & 7’s, a vicious running corner European Uppercut. Williams staggers out of the corner and Dorian connects with the One Armed Scissor. But he doesn’t make the cover, instead waiting for Cody to get back up before finishing him off with the Witching Hour for an impressive debut victory.

Your winner, Salem Dorian!

A great debit win for Salem Dorian. But what happened to Cody out there? He looked out of sorts and there was no backup from his comrade, Aaron Arcadian!

Before we got to our next match there was a visitor who wanted to say a few words…


The bagpipes play through the arena in Southampton, the home of Pro-Wrestling Frontier. Flower of Scotland begins to play and there is a relatively mixed reaction from the crowd. William Wallace appears from behind the curtain, however he isn’t in his usual kilt and William Wallace T-shirt. Instead he was in his casual street clothes, a pair of jeans and an AC/DC t-shirt. The former champion slowly makes his way to the ring still showing the effects from the last show in Liverpool. He stops at the ring and looks about, taking in his surroundings. He doesn’t roll under the bottom rope as he usually does; he walks over to the side and up the ring steps, pausing before climbing through the second rope. Wallace is handed a microphone from ringside and slowly begins to pace around the ring as he speaks.

Wallace: Two weeks ago in Liverpool a lost ma title. Two weeks ago in Liverpool a lost ma job here at Pro-Wrestling Frontier. Two weeks ago in Liverpool, you all lost your Scottish hero, but not only that we all lost the fight to get rid of these yanks from our shores.

A mixed cheer comes from the crowd at this point.

Wallace: A apologise to you all, a came here an made a promise to take back British wrestling for the British people an the young British talent, it is not to be. A lost to Jackson, a man who…never mind, a can’t find anythin nice to say so a won’t bother…

Lies by Evanescence begins to play, interrupting Wallace. He stops in the middle of the ring and looks less than impressed to see the new GFC World Heavyweight champion appear proudly at the top of the ramp with the belt slung over his shoulder.

Jackson: Cut the music!

He shouts over the sound of the mixed reaction from the restless crowd as his music is cut off abruptly. Jackson continues speaking with a big grin on his face.

Jackson: Listen to you out here, running your mouth about how you fucked up. Everyone knows, Braveheart, since your precious belt’s right here on my shoulder!

He thumps the belt for emphasis as the crowd starts booing.

Jackson: Damn right, bitches— poor Braveheart lost and I stand before you as the NEW GFC World Heavyweight Champion. That also means that you no longer belong in that ring, MY RING, because you no longer work here. You know how that works, right?

He snaps his fingers, and an entire entourage of security guards begin to assemble behind him as he moves down towards the ring. Wallace drops his head and looks at the mat, almost the exact spot where Jackson made him tap two weeks previous. Wallace raises his head and with it the microphone as he tries to speak again. Jackson cuts him off.

Jackson: Hold up, Groundskeeper Willie… pretty sure you’ve wasted just about enough of these people’s time with your crap. I can’t take it anymore, and neither can they.

Wallace: Jackson, a didn’t come out here to fight, a came out here to say goodbye. You get what you want; a am leaving the company. You were the better man on the night, no hard feelings.

Wallace stuffs the microphone into one of his pockets and rolls out of the ring. He moves towards Jackson and then extends his hand for Jackson to shake. Smirking, cocky with his backing of the security guards who surround the two men, Jackson reaches out and shakes the hand of the former champion. Wallace however pulls him in and onto his shoulders, planting him with a Highland Fling! Wallace bounces back to his feet and strips off the AC/DC shit, revealing that he’s wearing a WARPED Wrestling t-shirt underneath. The crowd goes absolutely insane as Wallace spits on the motionless body of Jackson.

Wallace: A have one last thing to say before a leave you all forever…FUCK THE FRONTIER!

The crowd erupt with boos, throwing their rubbish at Wallace as security swarms him, dragging him from ringside. Jackson sits up slowly, reaching for the GFC World Heavyweight belt and cradling it to his chest. Noticing that Wallace is being bodily hauled away, he staggers up and takes off after them in hot pursuit, shouting at the top of his lungs.


— / VIDEO —

Somehow I had a feeling we hadn’t seen the last of our former champion. But his actions here tonight, the revealing of his WARPED t-shirt? I have a feeling that there’s more to come on that one!

After the room had calmed itself somewhat it was time for two of the most in-form men to go face to face. It’s CJ vs. AJ!

CJ Osborne vs. Alex Jones

Osborne and Jones shake hands, obeying the Code of Respect. Osborne with a headlock to start and then ends up in back to back armdrags and an armbar. Osborne breaks the hold and hits an elbow. Jones with a kick and hits a back suplex. Jones with a kick. Osborne with kicks while Jones hits chops. Jones with a flying forearm then misses a kick and Osborne hits a backbreaker drop for two.

Osborne with some rest holds. Jones elbows out but Osborne hits a knee and a side suplex for two. Osborne with a back suplex for one. Osborne back with a rest hold, slowing the pace again. Jones manages to escape. Jones with a springboard elbow and then a neckbreaker for two. Jones blasts Osborne and then hits an AJ-guri. But Osborne pops right back up and takes Jones out of his boots with a superkick! One Dream Street later and this one is all over!

Your winner, CJ Osborne!

Well that is NOT the match I was expecting to see. CJ just nailed that superkick and AJ was out, no fight left in him at that stage. Osborne’s momentum just keeps on rolling here in FRONTIER. It’s got to the stage where that just HAS to be rewarded with a title shot. Surely.


Just as CJ Osborne has left the room there’s a commotion in the crowd and suddenly they start chanting “Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit!” Through the crowd comes Kevin Hardaway! He leaps over the guardrail and slides into the ring, grabbing the microphone away from Jenni Starr.

KH: There’s no suspension in the world that would stop me from being here in Southampton tonight!

Loud pop from the crowd.

KH: This suspension was the doing of Scott Mayo, trying to keep me out of the way.

Crowd: Bullshit!

KH: They knew damn well that Wallace was going to come out here and try to take out Jackson. They let it happen.

Crowd: Bullshit!

KH: They know damn well that Aaron Arcadian is capable of beating Jackson. So they made the match non-title.

Crowd: Bullshit!

KH: And they know damn well that Kevin Hardaway has his sights set on Jackson! But they’d rather protect their new champ.

Crowd: Bullshit!

KH: They kept me off the show tonight instead of putting me in that main event… WHERE I BELONG!

The crowd cheer.

KH: You can’t keep me away from…

Hardaway stops as several security guards and Scott Mayo are starting to head down to the ring. Hardaway slides back out of the ring and jumps back into the crowd as they chant “bull-shit” at Mayo. 

— / VIDEO —

Well I guess we know what Kevin Hardaway thinks of the current situation in FRONTIER. Appearing here while suspended was a risky move for K-Hard, we’ll have to see if there are any ramifications to this.

But before talk of any ramifications, it’s time to talk main events! Aaron Arcadian is adamant that he’s deserving of DVD covers, title shots and a great deal of respect. But he’s not getting any of that until he proves himself in the ring, so says Hanna Fox. So how does he prove himself? How about a non title match with FRONTIER’s new GFC World Heavyweight Champion, Jackson. And this isn’t just any regular Jackson, this is the Jackson that William Wallace already pissed off tonight. The Jackson that got attacked by a fan a few days ago. He’s ready for a fight. Is Arcadian ready?

Jackson vs. Aaron Arcadian

Jackson gets an early roll-up for 2, catching Aaron by surprise. Headlock, takedown and float-over by Jackson before Arcadian fights him off. Back to the headlock, shoulder block, armdrags by Jackson this time. Arcadian gets up and whips Jackson to the corner, Jackson evades and hits a big elbow and goes back to the headlock. Some good wrestling exchanges lead to a stalemate as the crowd applaud the action. Arcadian moves quickly to connect with a big kick and smashes Jackson off the top rope and hits a slingshot splash for 2.

Headlock by Arcadian this time, shoulder block, Arabian Press for 2. He puts Jackson in the corner and hits a few forearms, but Jackson tosses him to the apron. Jackson hits a neckbreaker through the ropes and Arcadian falls to the floor. Jackson heads up top and hits a flying elbow to the back on the outside. Flat-palm chops by Jackson. He sets Arcadian on the apron and hits an elbow. You can tell he’s fired up for this one.

Back inside Jackson hits a DDT for 2. Chinlock by Jackson, elbows by Arcadian, STO and an elbow drop by Jackson. Jackson avoids the Constellation Killer by driving Arcadian into the buckles. Jackson continues to stay in control, but runs into an elbow, and Arcadian hits a sick neckbreaker. Punches by Arcadian and the brainbuster gets 2.

Jackson hits a knee to the ribs, Arcadian strikes back and tosses him back to the outside. Jackson avoids the Corkscrew Press outside, Arcadian landing hard! Jackson follows up with a PILEDRIVER ONTO THE FLOOR! That’s got to daze Aaron Arcadian! Jackson rolls him back into the ring but only gets a 2!

Jackson goes for an STF but Arcadian is too near the ropes. Arcadian drags himself free and connects with a big springboard enziguri! Jackson avoids a Yakuza kick but Arcadian hits the superkick and a running knee to the head of a seated champion. But Jackson gets a foot on the ropes to stop the resulting pin attempt.

Arcadian is fired up now and nails a springboard hurricanrana! He looks for the Constellation Killer but as he lifts Jackson up the champ spins his way out and plants Arcadian’s face into the canvas with a sitout facebuster for a 2 count! Jackson can’t believe he didn’t get the three there and he’s not quick enough to follow up, Arcadian is up and grabs the champion. Double Underhook Backbreaker! He leaps up to the top rope… FALL OF ARCADIAN… NO! Jackson moves out of the way. CHOKE ON THIS! 2 count only!

Again Jackson bemoans not getting the three and leaves an opportunity for Arcadian to grab the champ again. CONSTELLATION KILLER!!! And that’s enough to keep the champ down!

Your winner, Aaron Arcadian!

Well I didn’t see that one coming, Aaron Arcadian just beat the GFC World Champion! Jackson almost had him put away but the younger man had just enough in him to sneak out with that win.

As Arcadian celebrated in the ring a video played on the big screen…

— VIDEO — 

A familiar video plays, the REVOLUTION teaser video that we first saw a few months back. Reminding us that the TV tapings begin in just under a month’s time. But as the final sentence settles on the screen, “the REVOLUTION will be televised” there’s a sudden flicker and one of the words changes.

“the UPRISING will be televised”

Arcadian smiled wickedly as he looked at the video before walking out of the room leaving Jackson being checked over by the referee, who hands him the GFC Championship. 

— / VIDEO —

Well what an ending to the show! The Uprising will be televised? What does Aaron Arcadian have in store for FRONTIER as we head into the next chapter of this company? And what will Jackson have to say about the result of this match? Make sure you join us all in two weeks as we head to the London Olympics!