There are a lot of myths and stories around in the city of Nottingham, most famously the tales of Robin Hood. But this weekend there were other stories here in Nottingham. The story of former GFC Champion, Alex Jones; the story of newcomer Cody Williams; the story of challenger Gabriel Gambino and the story of GFC Champion Kenchi Yamamoto.

Last time out Hanna Fox accused Alex Jones and his accomplice Dexter Davis as the men responsible for a series of attacks on FRONTIER stars. Jones was given until tonight to answer these allegations, to put over his side of the story. But in the two weeks since that night Jones has been deathly silent.

So we started this show with Jones who came to the ring before his match with newcomers Jason Reks and Cody Williams. And with our new production deal in place we’re now able to bring you video footage of exactly what went down; commentary comes from Dave White.

—– VIDEO —–

Alter Bridge’s “Come to Life” begins to play out of the Albert Hall’s PA system and the crowd begin to boo the arrival of Alex Jones.

DW: “Ladies and gentlemen, here comes The American Nightmare.”

Jones looks dejected as he makes his way to the ring, walking down the aisle slowly with a microphone in hand.

JS: “Making his way to the ring, from Dallas, Texas; weighing in at 215lbs; he is the former GFC Heavyweight Champion, ALEEEX JONES!”

Jones slides under the bottom rope and stands in the middle of the ring, looking out to the fans with a hint of sadness to his face.

DW: “Now, let’s see what Jones has to say for himself…”

Jones holds the microphone up to his mouth but stops short of saying anything. He’s listening to the crowd who are booing and jeering him.

AJ: “…”

He continues to wait, listening to the crowd. Then after a while longer he shrugs, drops the mic and heads to a corner of the ring to wait for his opponents.

DW: “Folks, I’m not sure what’s going through the mind of Alex Jones right now. I’m not even sure he is responsible for those attacks, he seems genuinely hurt by all of this, he seems to have given up!”

—– / VIDEO —–

I have to agree with Dave, it was a surreal sight. Jones seemed to have given up. But then he had a match against two newcomers to FRONTIER!

Cody Williams vs. Alex Jones vs. Jason Reks

Reks came out first to a lukewarm reception and then came Williams, the self proclaimed Reflection of Perfection! Williams made it known to FRONTIER that he’s here to make a name for himself and to challenge for the GFC Championship when he appeared on our last show. Now was his chance to back up his words.

And he wasted no time in doing that as he went straight for Jason Reks, some stiff kicks, elbows and chops had him rocked early on. And all while Alex Jones just stood back and watched. A European uppercut was followed by a big clothesline for a one count as Cody chalked up the first pin attempt of the night.

Reks and Williams went at it as the pace picked up. Williams took Reks down with a dropkick for a 2 count. Williams went for a springboard, but Jones tripped him and he rolled out of the ring. Jones went to work on Reks. Jones hit a snap DDT and covered Reks for a 2 count. Reks pulled down the ropes on Jones as he charged at him, Jones spilling to the outside. Reks set up for a dive, but Williams cut him off with a Yakuza kick! Massive impact on that one!

Williams continued to work over Reks with Jones on the outside. Forearm smash, chop, elbow and brainbuster see him get a two count. He pulls Reks back up only to take him down just as quickly with a Fireman’s carry into a double knee gutbuster. Jones ran back into the ring and nailed Reks from behind. He sent Reks out of the ring and went after Williams with a big clothesline in the corner. Jones hit a legdrop for a 2 count and taunted Williams. Williams fired back with a rolling elbow and a T-bone suplex. Williams followed up with a springboard dropkick off the turnbuckles that sent Jones to the outside. Reks then caught Williams by surprise with a dropkick off the top. Williams and Reks traded some shots until Williams took Reks down with a reverse swinging neckbreaker he likes to call the Perfexecution.

Jones ran into the ring and broke up the count before taking out Reks with an AJ-guri. Jones then went after Williams, but Williams nails a superkick on Jones. Williams hit the CCXX on Reks for a nearfall. Jones hit a stiff martial arts kick and a clothesline on Williams for a nearfall. A short time later, Williams went up top with Reks grounded, but got caught with a John Woo Dropkick from Reks. Williams spilled to the outside as Reks hit a rope-to-rope plancha to wipe out Williams. He then took out Jones with a DDT through the ropes on the outside. Reks hit a Kawada kick on Jones and a flashing elbow for a nearfall. Reks really tearing the place up!

Williams back up hits an STO on Reks inside the ring. Williams went up top and went for the elbow drop to a good crowd reaction. Williams connected with the elbow drop, but Reks rolls out of the ring before he can make a cover.

Jones then makes a move on Williams, grabbing him and looking for the Time to Burn. But Williams escapes Jones’ grasp and nails the PERFECT rush, bombarding his opponent with slaps, spinning chop, roundhouse kick to the head and a single leg dropkick. He signals to the crowd and pulls Jones to his feet, lifting him up over his shoulder. But Jones escapes and nails the AJ-guri! Williams is straight back up, nailing a rolling elbow that rocks Jones hard. Williams gets him up over his shoulder again and nails the Picture Perfect!

Williams makes the cover, Reks tries to break it up but it’s too late, Cody Williams gets the win!

Your winner, CODY WILLIAMS!

An impressive win from the debutant Cody Williams, pinning former GFC Champion in emphatic style here tonight. And he had a few words to say about it too.

—– VIDEO —–

Williams is stood over a fallen Alex Jones with his arms in the air. Jones rolls out of the ring and starts to walk away, not looking back and not acknowledging the crowd.

DW: “Alex Jones defeated by newcomer Cody Williams in our opening bout, Nottingham has just witnessed something here. I’m not sure what, mind, but it’s definitely something!”

Cody asks for a mic and gets one, standing in the middle of the ring he looks out at Jones disappearing through the curtain with a smile on his face.

CW: “Let it be known that Cody Williams has put the FRONTIER roster on notice and he is coming for the championship!”

Williams drops the mic and celebrates with the fans once more.

—– / VIDEO —–

Jackson Rose vs. Vincenzo Massaro

Rose and Massaro both got average receptions here in Nottingham. Rose has been unfortunate not to put together a good run of results since his FRONTIER debut and this was the first time any of us had seen Massaro, so both had a point to prove here.

Once referee Sal Mancini got the match underway Massaro caught Rose in a hammerlock. They went back and forth with some tough brawling early. Massaro shoulder-blocked Rose down but Rose came back with an elbow to the head. Massaro went to the floor, where Rose nailed him with a dropkick through the ropes. Rose went for an uncharacteristic moonsault but Massaro grabbed his legs and slammed him to the floor. He whipped Rose into the railing and laid into him with jabs, fist pumping the air between each shot.

Back in the ring, they exchanged chops. Rose was sent up and over the ropes but landed on the apron. Massaro was run into the corner. He came back to suplex Rose back in and sent him shoulder first into the ringpost. Massaro stalked Rose on the floor. He brought Rose back into the ring and choked him in the corner. Rose began kicking to attempt a comeback but was cut off by Massaro. Massaro continued to work over Rose’s shoulder.

Rose began mounting a comeback with a series of rights and the T-Bone Suplex. He missed a clothesline but then managed to take out Massaro’s knees with a dropkick. He nailed a Juicebox Special on Massaro for a two count. Rose went for a German suplex but Massaro elbowed his way out of it. He went for a flying lariat but was caught in mid air by the main known as Flex Diesel and snap powerslammed for a two count.

Massaro backdropped Rose over the top. Rose landed on his feet and went for a shoulderblock but Massaro kicked him in the head and DDT’d him back into the ring. Massaro went for a lariat in the corner but missed. Rose hit a dropkick. Massaro went for the Atomic Bomb but Rose escaped and rolled Vincenzo up for a two count. Rose went for a powerbomb of his own but was reversed into face smash. Massaro stomped a hole in Rose before pulling him up and nailing the Grenade Drop.

Massaro went to the top for an elbow drop but Rose got his knees up. He waited for Vincenzo to get back to his feet and went for the Suicide Cutter, but Massaro just pushed him away. Rose bounced off the ropes, unsteady on his feet. When he came back Massaro hoisted him up onto his shoulders and nailed the GTLS (Gym, Tan, Laundry, Sleep) for a pinfall victory.


Robbie Stein vs. Kevin Hardaway

The men lock up a couple of times but neither man can get an advantage. They then both exchange forearms before Robbie hits several uppercuts which send Hardaway out of the ring. Robbie then follows up with a diving somersault to Hardaway on the outside. Both men return to the ring and Stein hits a suplex followed by an attempted monkey flip which is reversed by Hardaway. Stein backs Hardaway into the corner and hits several shoulder thrusts followed by a face wash but Hardaway gets back into the contest with a drop toe hold, elbow drop to the head and follows that with a German Suplex. Hardaway goes for a second but Robbie throws back an elbow and escapes, then rolls him into a small package for a two count.

When the men get back to their feet, Hardaway spins behind Stein and hits another German Suplex. Hardaway then goes for a top rope move and hits a diving elbow drop followed by several stomps to the back of the head of his opponent. Hardaway continues to focus his attack on the neck of Stein and delivers a neckbreaker but Robbie fights back with some chops. Robbie attempts to suplex Hardaway out of the ring but it’s reversed and Robbie eventually gets bumped out of the ring. Hardaway then comes off the ropes and hits a perfect GTFO~! Crowd loving that one, chants of Hardaway’s name ring around Nottingham.

Robbie gets to his feet and back into the ring to break the count. As K-Hard gets back into the ring Stein grabs him and launches Hardaway over his head for a belly to back suplex. Stein climbs to the top rope and gives Hardaway a big elbow drop. Both men then climb to the top rope and after a struggle, Hardaway hits a brainbuster followed by a decapitation lariat but only gets two. Hardaway drags Stein to his feet and then gets a near fall with a bridging German Suplex.

Stein holds his neck, Hardaway having done him a large amount of damage. Stein tries for a suplex but Hardaway blocks it. Stein tries again but K-Hard stops it once more. Stein is getting frustrated and releases his opponent, going for a hard slap. But Hardaway ducks it before connecting with a massive kick to the head and a spinning elbow, the KTFO~! Stein is dazed but somehow on his feet, Hardaway charges in and takes Robbie out of his boots with a HUGE Decapitation Lariat, seriously the most vicious that I’ve ever seen that move done.

From there Hardaway had the simple task of a lateral press for the three count.

Your winner, KEVIN HARDAWAY!

Quite a simple win in the end from Hardaway. But just as he was celebrating he was joined by someone who’s been eager to face him, based on what he’s been saying on twitter this past few weeks.

—– VIDEO —–

Kevin Hardaway is celebrating in the ring, his music playing loudly throughout the building. That is until his music stops and “I Stand Alone” by Godsmack kicks in instead.

DW: “Who the hell is this?”

A few moments later Gabriel Gambino, former MWA Executive Director, steps out from behind the curtain with a massive grin on his face and a microphone in hand. He begins to walk down to the ring.

DW: “Gabriel Gambino has been talking trash with K-Hard on twitter in recent weeks, looks like he’s set to continue that in person here tonight!”

Gabe climbs into the ring, tucks the mic under his arm for a moment and applauds Hardaway on his win here tonight. Hardaway can be seen to mouth “What do you want?” Gambino raises a hand and the music fades out.

GG: “Kevin, congratulations on your win here tonight. Although Robbie Stein is hardly competition for a man of your… stature. That’s why I’m here, to put to you a challenge. Me versus you, one-on-one!”

The crowd is cheering, Hardaway is nodding and smiling, but before he can respond he notices another person on the way to the ring.

DW: “Watch out folks, here comes Matt Montell, FRONTIER’s head trainer. What could he be doing out here?”

Montell climbs into the ring and stands between the two men, taking the microphone from Gambino.

MM: “Gabe, I’m not sure if you know who I am. But you may know my son, Tim Worthington. And you should know that my boy has recently joined forces with another man you’re familiar with, August Joyce. Now August has asked a favour of me and after finding out the grim details of how you two know each other I’m going to grant him that favour.”

DW: “I think Montell is referring to the fact Gambino was a part of the kidnapping of August Joyce, holding him captive for almost two years!”

MM: “So you can stroll into FRONTIER and start challenging people, but be warned that if you want to fight it’ll be in FRONTIER’s own unique style. And, if it’s alright by you Kev…”

Montell looks over at Hardaway who shrugs and mouths “whatever”.

MM: “Ok, then it’s official. In two weeks time in St Ives it’ll be Kevin Hardaway to take on Gabriel Gambino… in a Commonwealth Rules match!”

Hardaway smiles while Gambino looks on in confusion. He can be heard to say “what are commonwealth rules?” to Montell. K-Hard leans in and says “You better study up, mook!” at which point Gambino tries to attack, only to be held off by Montell.

DW: “Looks like we’ve got our first Commonwealth rules match in several months! I can’t wait to see how these two adapt their styles for this unique FRONTIER match!”

—– / VIDEO —–


Kenchi Yamamoto (c) vs. Josh Hawthorne –  GFC Heavyweight Championship

Hawthorne came to the ring looking nervous, never a good sign for a man who’s getting the shot of his life here tonight. Kenchi on the other hand looked confident as hell and the streamers and chants in his honour were well deserved. Then we went through the GFC ritual of the title being held up, GFC Committee Chairman Alan Galpin going through the rules and talking to the competitors and then we were ready to go.

The match started as Yamamoto nailed Hawthorne with a series of knees and he slumped into the corner. Yamamoto continued to dominate the action. Hawthorne fired back with some punches, but Yamamoto eventually took him down with a big clothesline. The crowd tried to rally behind Hawthorne, the underdog in this match, which I thought strange seeing as how much Kenchi is loved here.

Josh tried to make another comeback and eventually hit a big punch off the top. Yamamoto ducked a punch and nailed Hawthorne with a spinning backchop. Yamamoto then hit a big running body block on Hawthorne in the corner. Yamamoto hit several knees in the corner, Hawthorne looking in real trouble here.

Yamamoto backed off, waiting for Hawthorne to get back to his feet. Hawthorne eventually came out of the corner, hooked up with Kenchi and tried to overpower him. Big mistake, Yamamoto pushed Josh away and when he bounced off the ropes nailed him with the Giant Missile. Yamamoto pulled Hawthorne to his feet and nailed the Giant Driver for an easy three count.

Your winner and still GFC Champion, KENCHI YAMAMOTO!

Well Kenchi did say this week he wanted to humble Josh Hawthorne and I think he’s managed that here tonight! Will Josh be able to come back from that? Who’s next for Kenchi? And will the MWA stars all talking about FRONTIER online turn up in St. Ives? Only one way to find out… get your tickets now!