International Tag Challenge

Well, what a month it’s been. Southampton Football Club is flying high at the top of the Championship (well, second), the England Cricket Team is ranked number one in the world and the GFC has announced its plans to crown their first Heavyweight Champion! Truly a good time for all my local sporting interests. And tonight we put on a hell of a show at The Regal here in Oxford!

Headlining the show tonight were Jay Pride and Leanne Evangelista as they took on two legends from the Millennium Wrestling Alliance, John Patrick and Sean McBride. As soon as Patrick & McBride were announced we witnessed a surge in ticket sales, in fact The Regal sold out! 400 seats were snapped up in no time and a further 75 standing room only tickets were added last week, needless to say these went like hot cakes!

Before the show we had our meet and greet session where fans got the chance to get autographs from our MWA visitors and all of the FRONTIER stars. Everything was going well, as usual, until they decided to sit Kevin Hardaway and Alex Jones next to each other at the autograph session. Needless to say the two men didn’t get on, continuing their verbal war with each other that began on Twitter about a week ago. The air turned blue as the two men traded insults while still managing to sign autographs and pose for photos.

Matt Montell, FRONTIER’s head trainer, noticed what was going on and had to stand between the pair to stop things turning physical. After what’s been said on Twitter and what took place this afternoon I’m sure that Scott Mayo can no longer ignore these two men, this is something that is calling out to be settled in the ring. And if they do book it I know these two men will tear the house down… and tear each other apart in the process!

Morrison Montgomery vs. Ole McDonald: Commonwealth Rules

The show itself kicked off with Morrison Montgomery getting his Commonwealth Rules match, a match he pretty much demanded last month in Southampton. He came to the ring to a chorus of boos, but seemed to feed off them. He was in the mood tonight, I could tell.

But so too was Ole McDonald. Ole strode to the ring confidently and once the bell sounded he took control of the early stages of the match. In fact the entire first round was pretty much all McDonald. Montgomery looked glad when the bell signalled the end of round one.

Round two was the polar opposite, everything went well for Montgomery. McDonald found himself on the receiving end of a torrent of wrestling moves; Exploder Suplex, Half Nelson Suplex and a series of big lariats gave Morrison the upper hand. This time it was McDonald who seemed happy to hear the bell.

But as the bell sounded to start round three things were far more even. That was until Montgomery slipped and allowed McDonald in to lock in the Iron Claw. But Montgomery recovered well to get himself out of the hold and pull off his double underhook brainbuster while shouting “Old Man Killer”. I guess that’s what he’s calling it this month. He went for a cover but McDonald kicked out, it was too soon for the old timer to be put away. By the time he was back to his feet the bell sounded and round three was over.

Round four started brightly for Montgomery as he grabbed McDonald and nailed the Montgomery Cutter, followed right into the Montgomery Stretch. McDonald now looked to be suffering after three big moves in a short period of time, but he still had his wits about him and managed to reach the ropes to break the count.

McDonald got Morrison into a hammerlock, spun him round and took him down with a jawbreaker. Knee drop and a two count followed. He then got his opponent into a Bear Hug, but Montgomery fought his way out. McDonald dropped him, Montgomery spun Ole around and lifted him over with a German Suplex. Montgomery rolled through, still holding on to his opponent. He nailed a second German, this time bridging into a cover for the pinfall victory!

Your winner, Morrison Montgomery!

Alex Jones vs. Echo

Echo and Jones both got decent receptions from the crowd, but it did seem like Jones got a little more heat of the two. Probably down to his Twitter antics and the slagging match with Kevin Hardaway.

Once referee Sal Mancini got the match underway Echo caught Jones in a hammerlock. They went back and forth with some solid wrestling early. Echo snap suplexed Jones down but Jones came back with a leg lariat. Echo was sent to the floor, where Jones nailed him with a dropkick through the ropes. Jones went for a moonsault from the ring apron but rolled out of the way. He whipped Jones into the railing.

Back in the ring, they exchanged chops. Jones was sent up and over but landed on the apron. Echo was run into the corner. He came back to suplex Jones back in and sent him shoulder first into the ringpost. Echo stalked Jones on the floor. He brought Jones back into the ring and choked him in the corner. Jones began kicking to attempt a comeback but was cut off by Echo. Echo continued to work over Jones’ shoulder.

Jones dragged Echo back to the ring and began doing some stiff martial arts kicks. Echo caught him in a leglock. Jones escaped but was caught in a rolling cross armbreaker. Jones muscled out of the move and slammed Echo into the turnbuckles. Echo nailed a DDT for a two count. They exchanged strikes in the middle of the ring. Echo got Jones up for a Samoan Drop but Jones wriggled free and takes Echo down with a hip toss, followed by a jumping fist drop, a nip up and a stiff kick to Echo’s back as he sits up.

The crowd were feeding off that combo, which AJ calls the Xtreme Combo. Jones seemed to be growing in confidence and as Echo got back to his feet he nailed the AJ-guri, sending Echo crashing back to the mat for a near fall.

Echo seemed to get a second wind as he slapped the mat as getting back to his feet. He grabbed Jones and went for the Second Wave, which got him a LONG two count. He argued with the referee briefly before trying to go for The Silencer, but Jones fought him off and turned the tide with a Nip up Hurricanrana! Echo went for Jones again but Jones nailed the Time to Burn for a good pinfall victory!

Your winner, The American Nightmare, Alex Jones.

After the match was done and dusted Scott Mayo made his way to the ring, demanding both men stay in the ring as he wanted to address them individually.

Mayo went over the recent announcement of the GFC Invitational Tournament, and the Battle Royal match that is scheduled for next month in Wolverhampton. During the week it was announced that newcomers John Empires, Caylen Collye’ and Joel Hall would be in that match. Tonight Mayo announced that newcomer Mark Evil would be the fourth man in the match and then told Echo that he was the fifth man to be entered. Whoever wins that match is guaranteed second seed when the tournament brackets are announced, so there’s a lot at stake!

Mayo then addressed Alex Jones. He reminded Jones of what he said on Twitter last week. Jones had demanded that he be booked to face Kevin Hardaway. Mayo said that if he booked these two then there would be one stipulation. Whoever wins will be declared the number one seed for the GFC Invitational. But whoever loses is automatically disqualified from the tournament!

Mayo’s rationale was that Jones had been running his mouth, wanting to show up Hardaway without regard. But was he willing to put an opportunity at the GFC Title on the line? Apparently he is, he agreed to the stipulation. He said that if Hardaway was man enough to accept the challenge then he would gladly kick his ass on the way to winning himself another Championship. I sure as hell hope that Hardaway agrees to this stipulation, I cannot wait to see these two finally be allowed to go at each other!

Shiek Abdul-Wahid vs. Benedict Auslander

Auslander was booed as he arrived into The Regal for this match, the FRONTIER fans sure have taken a dislike to the guy. Shiek Abdul-Wahid, on the other hand, seems to have a cult following within the FRONTIER fans.

They locked up at the bell with Auslander forcing Abdul-Wahid into the corner. Clean break. They lock up again, this time with Auslander being backed up. Deja vu with the clean break. Auslander grabbed a side headlock but was shoved off. He rebounded off the ropes and took Abdul-Wahid down with a series of shoulder blocks. Abdul-Wahid responded in kind and Auslander went down.

Auslander came back with a kick to the gut but failed with the Call to Power. Abdul-Wahid went for the Sitout Piledriver but Auslander escaped. He nailed some rapid fire back elbows in the corner. He charged Abdul-Wahid in the corner but was kicked in the gut. Abdul-Wahid went to the top for a bodypress. Auslander tried to catch him but they ended up crumbling to the ground and Abdul-Wahid covered him for a near fall.

Abdul-Wahid was feeling his ribs as Auslander nailed a knee charge in the corner. Auslander nailed a Trapped Arm Suplex for a two count. He choked Abdul-Wahid’s throat against the ropes before tossing him over the top. Auslander dropped a guillotine legdrop across Abdul-Wahid’s throat on the apron.

Auslander covered his opponent but Abdul-Wahid kicked out. Auslander yelled at him to stay down. Abdul-Wahid tried to escape a side headlock but was blasted in the ribs. Auslander maneuvered Abdul-Wahid onto the apron but was hit with a slingshot shoulderblock into the ring. Abdul-Wahid exploded with offense, including a splash in the corner for a two count. Abdul-Wahid avoided a backdrop attempt and picked up Auslander for a delayed brainbuster suplex.

Auslander rolled out onto the arena floor. Abdul-Wahid hit a dive over the ropes onto Auslander. Abdul-Wahid hit his shoulder as he landed and immediately went down grabbing his shoulder. Abdul-Wahid was almost counted out but Auslander stopped him, saying he didn’t want to win that way. That surprised me, I thought he’d want to win ANY way! Auslander held the ropes for his opponent to get in the ring, then ran him into the corner shoulder-first and rolled Abdul-Wahid up, hooking the tights.

Abdul-Wahid somehow escaped, getting out of the pin with nanoseconds to spare. Auslander was incensed and rushed into a clothesline attempt. Shiek ducked, clotheslined Benedict and went for the Camel Clutch. But his shoulder was too painful and so the move was ineffective on one side, giving Auslander an out.

Auslander whipper Shiek into the ropes and got ready to back body drop him as he came back. But Abdul-Wahid stopped in his tracks, nailing a boot to the head of Auslander. He moved quickly to take him down with the Sitout Piledriver for a pinfall victory!

Your winner, Shiek Abdul-Wahid!

Auslander tried to make the most of that injury to Shiek, who held his shoulder long after the match was finished and made his way to the back. But Auslander should have taken that opportunity for a count-out win.

Rock ‘n Roll God vs. Chris Jacobs vs. Ndamukong Asomugha vs. Nana Moto

Asomugha out first, with Kristoff Sterling by his side. Auslander accompanied Nana Moto too and ended up stood chatting to Sterling. Not sure what to make of that, they actually looked pretty friendly!

Next out was Rock ‘n Roll God, to be referred to as RnRG for the remainder of this report! And then came Chris Jacobs, to a good reception. Jacobs and the Young Lions have been making a name for themselves recently in High Octane Wrestling and Peach State Wrestling, the fans have obviously been paying attention to his career. And, truth be told, he looked excited to be here in Oxford.

Nana and RnRG began the match, going into a test of strength. They battled for position, RnRG took Nana down but she kips back up, to the shoulders of RnRG. Great agility shown early on. She played the crowd but took an arm drag from RnRG. A head scissors by Nana, then a series of arm drags which are stopped by a clothesline from RnRG.

Asomugha and Jacobs tagged themselves in, they traded boots and chops, off the ropes, Asomugha pressed his opponent up but Jacobs got a nice dropkick. Great fan reaction too. Forearms by Jacobs, an Irish whip, Jacobs charged in but got caught by a lariat that almost takes him out of his boots. He gets up to take some chops by Asomugha, a whip and running chop connected. Another running lariat by Asomugha got a two count.

More big chops by Asomugha, into a sleeper. RnRG and Nana both came in to break that up. They bounced off the ropes and Asomugha levelled them both with a shoulder block. Asomugha clears them from the ring with lariats, Jacobs is back up and misses a dropkick, but he completely back flips to his feet in the process. Tremendous.

RnRG back in off of the tag, works over Asomugha, tries the Rock ‘n Roll History, countered but RnRG grabbed the big mans legs and trips him up, locking in the Sharpshooter in the process. Running uppercut connects for 2 as Jacobs breaks it up.

Nana tags herself in…huge top rope lariat to RnRG. Cobra stretch countered, but she then rolls through and gets it! RnRG to his feet, and gets a face first side slam. Another uppercut and a cover for two. Asomugha and Jacobs brawl to the floor, Nana and RnRG battle, a whip and Nana head butts RnRG on a cross body try. Jacobs back in the ring, grabs up Nana but his powerbomb is countered into a Hurricanrana! She then nails both men with a Panic Attack! Definitely a shot at Chris Jacobs there, that’s one of his moves! He won’t like that!

Asomugha came back in with a lariat on Nana Moto that turned her inside out. RnRG charged in and nailed Asomugha with the Red, White & Blue Kick! Jacobs grabbed RnRG and pulled off the East Coast Driver! Asomugha back up grabs Jacobs and nails the Nsukka Nightmare! As Asomugha stands back up Nana Moto leaps off the ropes and takes the big man down with the Iconoclasm before collapsing to the canvas herself!

Outstanding series of moves from all four competitors, the crowed were eating this up. “This is Awesome” chants echoed around The Regal. These four really giving a great show for the Oxford fans. When the DVD of this show comes out, make sure you watch this match!

It took a while for anyone to stir but eventually Nana Moto did and got back to her feet. Kristoff Sterling jumped up onto the ring apron to distract Ed Watling and while the two were arguing Asomugha sat up, grabbed Nana and punched her hard in the face with a closed fist. Moto went down hard holding her face and Asomugha went for a pin.

Auslander pulled Sterling off the ring apron and clotheslined him to the floor. Sterling got up quickly and ran off, Auslander giving chase. That was until he noticed that Watling was starting to count the pin attempt. Auslander slid in and broke up the pinfall.

Watling was irate and ordered Auslander to leave the ring. Sterling found this highly amusing, until he too was forced to leave ringside! The crowd chanted goodbye to Auslander and Sterling as they made their way to the back, arguing all the way. Whatever happened to the peaceful conversation these two were having before the match?

The interruption allowed time for the other wrestlers to regain their breath and get back to their feet. Asomugha and Nana were arguing with each other… well more AT each other. I’m not sure they were speaking the same language. This allowed RnRG and Chris Jacobs time to sneak up on the pair. Had snuck out to the ring apron and springboards in, taking Asomugha down with the KTFO (not to be confused with the KTFO~! of Kevin Hardaway) while RnRG went for the Rock ‘n Roll History but Nana managed to block the move, pushing her attacker away and nailing a superkick!

Nana and Jacobs then hooked up, trading kicks and chops until Jacobs whips Nana into the corner. He nails a running knee strike into the corner, with a big smile on his face as he does it. Sending a message back to Nana Moto who used the same move on him earlier in the match. Jacobs grabs Moto by the head, stands her up and nails the East Coast Driver for the pin! Asomugha tried to break it up but was just too slow!

Your winner, Chris Jacobs!

Jacobs comes through this tough match, and while Asomugha has a career first loss under his belt, he can still rightly claim he wasn’t the one who was pinned.

After the match August Joyce ran down to the ring. People were happy to see him but at the same time confused as to why he was here. It soon became evident as he attacked Chris Jacobs. August takes him down with a Northern Lariat and as Jacobs gets back up Joyce hoists him up into a Canadian Backbreaker before dropping him with the Yokosuka Cutter.

Joyce grabbed a microphone, yelling at Jacobs. He said “How does it feel? Being on the end of a random attack?” He then backed away, shouting “See you in two weeks.”

This was a totally different August Joyce from the one who made a guest appearance here just a couple of months ago. This man is angry and out for blood. I guess he’s referencing the fact that he is due to face Jacobs in a tag-team match in Peach State Wrestling in just a couple of weeks from now. Not many FRONTIER fans would have known about that match, but I think Joyce just got their interest!

Kenchi Yamamoto vs. Kevin Hardaway

Kenchi was the first out for our penultimate match, getting a good reception from the Oxford fans. They seem to have taken to him after his impressive debut win over Jay Pride last month. Hardaway also got a good reception from the fans, more so when he grabbed a microphone and told us he’d accepted Scott Mayo’s offer.

In fact that announcement almost took the roof off The Regal. We may not have seen much of Hardaway or Jones but people can already tell that seeing them go at it next month is going to be something special.

But Hardaway had more pressing matters to attend to, namely the giant Japanese star stood opposite him. The two shook hands, adhering to the code of respect, and the match was soon underway.

Duelling chants of “Let’s Go Kenchi” and “Let’s go K-Hard” started to build as the two men traded blows early on in this match. It was Kenchi who struck the first big blow after taking Hardaway to the mat with a big lariat and following up with a seated senton. Hardaway is winded after that and I’m not surprised with all the weight of Yamamoto coming down on him like that!

But Hardaway fought himself back into the match with a roundhouse kick and went for a pin, but Yamamoto kicked out at one. A neck breaker got him another one count and a double arm DDT managed a two count. Yamamoto fought back, blocking another big Hardaway kick by catching his leg. With K-Hard trapped Yamamoto nailed a series of headbutts, finishing off with a massive headbutt that sent Hardaway crashing to the mat.

Kenchi kept hold of the leg and turned his opponent into a single leg Boston Crab. Hardaway was trying to get to the ropes, clawing at the canvas to try and drag himself along the floor. But the strength of Yamamoto meant Hardaway was going nowhere. K-Hard held on for a long time until Kenchi eventually released the hold.

Hardaway got back to his feet but Kenchi met him with a big boot that resulted in a two count. Yamamoto hit the Death Combo; Snapmare/Chop to the Neck/Running Knee/Seated Senton. Again he got a two count.

Hardaway again had to fight his way back into this match. Some big chops and kicks rocked Kenchi, a dropkick to the knee brought the big man down to size and Hardaway spotted the opportunity to pull off the KTFO~!, a boot to the top of Kenchi’s head followed by a spinning elbow to the side of the skull.

Yamamoto was down and Hardaway was out to capitalise. He headed to the top rope, facing out to the crowd as he jumped sideways onto the top rope and launched himself backwards. He was trying for the Lionstomp but Yamamoto rolled out of the way. Hardaway went for the Decapitation Lariat but Yamamoto stood firm and the move hardly made an impact! In fact Hardaway went down holding his arm!

K-Hard went back to the drawing board, again getting some good low kicks to the legs of the big man, trying to weaken him. A reverse DDT followed and Hardaway looked like he was ready to put away his opponent. As Yamamoto was up to a knee Hardaway spotted his chance. He got into a standing head scissors position and grabbed the arms of Yamamoto in a double underhook, he was looking for the Williams Driver!

Kenchi stood up, lifting Hardaway into the air and reversing the move. But instead of flipping him over in a back body drop, as so many do in this position, Yamamoto did it slowly and held on to Hardaway. He got an arm free and managed to move Hardaway into a firemans carry position. From there he moved him over one shoulder and before Hardaway could do anything about it Yamamoto nailed a version of the Giant Driver! That was one hell of a reversal and the crowd were eating this up, a “This is awesome” chant coming from one section of fans.

Yamamoto was slow to make the cover, all the attacks from Hardaway seemed to have slowed him down somewhat. And that delay helped Hardaway who kicked out at two.

Hardaway slowly got back to his feet and Yamamoto needed the ropes to help him back up, K-Hards kicks to the legs were obviously working. Yamamoto got behind Hardaway and grabbed him around the waist. He hoisted Hardaway off his feet and took him over with a dead lift German Suplex. The referee was standing in the wrong position and got hit by Hardaways flailing feet during the move and collapsed in a heap on the canvas, holding his head.

Just as K-Hard looked down and out there was a distraction for the crowd as Ole McDonald started walking down to the ring. For the second month running he was coming down to watch Kenchi Yamamoto, showing a blatant disregard for the Code of Respect.

Yamamoto was not happy, shouting abuse to McDonald in Japanese. McDonald told him to carry on with the match and to ignore him, that he meant him no harm. Yamamoto stood for a moment, looking at McDonald, before returning his attentions to his downed opponent.

As soon as Kenchi’s back was turned McDonald jumped up onto the ring apron, grabbed Yamamoto by the shoulder and spun him around. He then nailed the young Japanese star with a pair of brass knuckles! Yamamoto collapsed to the canvas as McDonald shouted down to him. “Rule Two: Trust no-one!” McDonald slinked away, a smile on his face. “I’m just helping the kid adjust.” He was heard to say as he made his way to the back.

The referee started to come round just after Ole had left the area and was confused to see Yamamoto and Hardaway both laid out on the canvas. He started a mandatory ten count and reached eight before Hardaway got back to his feet. It was on the stroke of ten that Yamamoto finally got back to a vertical base.

Credit to Hardaway for not taking advantage of the situation, he actually stood back and waited for Yamamoto to get up. I think he was as confused as the referee as to what happened. And, truth be told, he was a little hesitant to hook up with his opponent again. At least at first. Yamamoto’s a tough son of a bitch and he seemed to have shaken off the attack after a minute or two.

The two traded blows in the middle of the ring and Yamamoto was coming out on top of the exchange. He got Hardaway down to a knee but Hardaway slipped a hand under the legs of Kenchi as he was turning away and stood up, lifting the big man onto his shoulders into a Torture Rack position! From there Hardaway nailed the Angelina’s Crossing and covered for a three count!

Your winner, Kevin Hardaway!

So both Hardaway and Jones have ended up on the winning side of their matches tonight. Both are taking momentum into their War in Wolverhampton next month. I for one can’t wait to see those two clash.

As for Kenchi, he only just came up short tonight. Perhaps some part of this result was due to Ole McDonald. Scott Mayo cannot let this pass without something being done, if Hardaway and Jones get a match from things they said on Twitter then McDonald and Yamamoto HAVE to face off in the ring!

Evangelista & Pride vs. McBride & Patrick: International Tag-Team Challenge

Jay Pride and Leanne Evangelista made their way to the ring to a mixed reaction. I think there were a lot of MWA fans in the building tonight, hoping to see these two fail in their own challenge. But the majority of the crowd were behind the duo. A “Best team in England” chant started until Jay Pride took offense and made the fans change it to “Best in the UK”. I guess some people in Oxford forgot he’s Scottish.

McBride and Patrick got a fantastic reaction as they made their way to the ring. This may have been one of the smallest crowds they’ve performed in front of but I’m sure they’ve seen few who have been as vocal. Their faces told the story, they looked excited to be here. Especially John Patrick, because this was his first match in a very long time and the first since being diagnosed with cancer earlier this year.

Patrick is an inspiration, diagnosed with cancer and in hospital as recently as two months ago after collapsing in training. But he’s been adamant about coming to FRONTIER since the day Jay and Leanne first made their challenge. McBride let Patrick enter the ring on his own and take all the cheers as the crowd shouted out messages of support such as “Kick cancers ass” and “Cancer fears John Patrick.”

We get handshakes all around to start, and it’ll be McBride and Evangelista to start the match. McBride and Evangelista circle each other, and Evangelista gets the quick single leg takedown into a front chancery. McBride slides behind and grabs a waist lock, but Evangelista reverses into a quick roll-up for a one count. McBride makes the tag to Patrick, and Patrick calls for the tag to Pride. Evangelista obliges, and Pride quickly gets a rear waist lock into a front chancery. Pride is riding Patrick, and Patrick can only get to the rope to force the break.

We get a test of strength in the middle of the ring, and Pride muscles Patrick down to the mat. Patrick counters and we’re back to a stalemate. They lock up and move to the corner, so Evangelista makes the blind tag. McBride calls for the tag, and Patrick obliges. McBride lands a double-leg takedown and works over the leg. Quick tag to Patrick, and Patrick locks in the front chancery. Another quick tag to McBride, and McBride sweeps the leg and rolls into an inverted Figure Four Leg Lock.

McBride spins and bridges into the Muta Lock before making the quick tag to Patrick. Patrick punches the gut in the corner and makes the tag to McBride. McBride wrenches the arm and makes the tag to Patrick. Patrick comes off the top rope with a double ax-handle shot to the arm of Evangelista. Patrick wrenches the arm, applies a hammer lock, and makes the tag to McBride. McBride hits a top rope double stomp to the arm and goes for a cross arm breaker, but Evangelista clasps her hands to block. McBride applies a key lock and makes the tag.

Great tag work from McBride and Patrick in these early stages. You can tell these two have known each other a LONG time! Patrick goes with a modified Fujiwara Arm Bar into a hammer lock before once again making the quick tag to McBride. McBride tries to whip Leanne to the corner, but Evangelista reverses and instead whips McBride to the corner. That gives Evangelista enough time to FINALLY make the tag to Pride.

Pride whips McBride chest-first into the corner and gets a two count. Pride hits a delayed suplex for another two count. Evangelista gets the tag and drives a knee into the gut. Evangelista whips McBride HARD into the corner and gets a two count. Evangelista cinches in the body scissors, but McBride rolls into a submission stretch. Pride rushes the ring to prevent a submission and then gets the legal tag. Pride drives his head into the… um… lower abdominal region of the former MWA World Champion. Pride muscles McBride into a Figure 4 but Patrick connects with a boot the skull to break the hold.

Pride makes the tag to Evangelista, and Evangelista drives a knee into the back for a two count. Evangelista applies a side head lock on the mat, but McBride escapes and hits a clothesline. Evangelista rolls to the outside, and Pride rushes the ring to prevent McBride from nailing a baseball slide. McBride sends Pride to the outside, and we get stereo baseball slide from the MWA pair to Pride and Evangelista on the outside.

Patrick rolls Evangelista back into the ring, and McBride connects with an assisted diving head butt from the top. Patrick gets the tag and hits a monstrous chop. Patrick connects with a snap suplex for a two count and then transitions to a seated abdominal stretch. Evangelista counters into a crucifix pin for a two count. Evangelista tags Pride, and Pride lands a STIFF kick to the back of Patrick’s knee. Pride hits a knee-DT and a spinning toe hold. Evangelista gets the tag and continues to work over Patrick’s injured leg.

Patrick comes close to making the tag, but Evangelista gets a single-leg takedown and drags Patrick back to the corner. Pride gets the tag back in and tosses Patrick knee-first into the second turnbuckle. Pride locks in a leg bar, but Patrick makes it to the ropes. Pride pounds on the back and goes for a scoop powerslam, but Patrick floats out into a reverse DDT for a two count. Pride connects with the short-arm clothesline and makes the tag to Evangelista.

Patrick creates some distance and hits a diving lariat from the second rope before FINALLY making the hot tag to McBride. McBride takes Evangelista up top, but Evangelista connects with three head butts that send McBride back down to the mat. McBride heads back up top and goes to work with a vicious series of head butts of his own. McBride hits the top rope superplex but only gets a two count. McBride and Evangelista roll for a bit, but McBride ends up catching her in the Ankle Lock. Evangelista escapes and makes the tag to Pride, but McBride catches Pride with a crucifix pin.

Evangelista makes the save. Patrick chops Evangelista as McBride kicks Pride. Patrick and McBride hit stereo clotheslines to Pride and Evangelista and follow with a double big boot to Pride for a two count. McBride hits a powerbomb on Evangelista with an assist from Patrick, and we’ve got stereo rolling German suplexes from Pride and Evangelista to McBride and Patrick. The MWA duo reverse and hit stereo rolling German suplexes of their own. Pride and Evangelista reverse again and go back to the stereo rolling German suplexes! But McBride and Patrick counter into stereo roll-ups for duplicate near falls.

All four are down in the middle of the ring as we get a “This is wrestling!” chant from the crowd. An awesome display from these two legends from the MWA and the young British pair of Evangelista and Pride. Another great showcase match for FRONTIER.

Evangelista and Patrick slug it out in the middle of the ring, but I have no idea if they’re the legal pair. I actually think Pride and McBride are legal at the moment. Patrick takes out Evangelista, but Pride gets back to his feet and damn near kills McBride with a vicious rebound lariat. Pride goes for the cover, but Patrick catches him with a lariat of his own. Evangelista hits Patrick with the Filipina Legsweep, and McBride connects with a volley of forearm shots to the back of Evangelista’s head. Evangelista counters into an inverted atomic drop, and Pride follows with a second rebound lariat for a LONG two count.

Pride and Evangelista take McBride up top, but McBride dumps Evangelista to the outside. Pride heads up top, but McBride sends him back down to the mat. Pride pops back up top with a big kick and looks for the superplex once more, but Patrick catches him with a boot to the head. Patrick assists McBride with a big side slam from the top. McBride locks in the Ankle Lock on Pride as Patrick locks in the Achilles lock on Evangelista, but Pride and Evangelista kick out and send the MWA duo into each other. Pride catches McBride with the Pride Eater and FINALLY gets the three count.

Your winners, from FRONTIER, Jay Pride & Leanne Evangelista.

What an outstanding match that was! Truly breathtaking at times, these two teams showed some excellent teamwork and blew the crowd away. But as the dust settled and the crowd were on their feet applauding the four fighters Scott Mayo walked to the ring. John Patrick and Sean McBride didn’t look to happy to see him, not surprising bearing in mind what happened between them on BattleZone. Mayo asked for a mic and directly addressed the MWA duo.

He said that on Monday night he told a story to the world about how Sean McBride cost him his job. He said McBride came to FRONTIER’s predecessor, the UKWA, as part of an MWA team. He said McBride helped kill the UKWA. He said that, today, Sean came back and helped show the world that FRONTIER is the greatest wrestling promotion in Europe. He thanked McBride and Patrick and told them they’d be welcome back here any time.

Just as Mayo was shaking hands with the MWA duo there was a disturbance in the crowd as a figure leapt over the guardrail and slid into the ring. The man grabbed the microphone from Scott Mayo and addressed the audience. He said that FRONTIER picked the wrong team to appear here tonight. He said that there was another team that offered to challenge Pride and Evangelista. A team from High Octane Wrestling. He said that Scott Mayo was too scared to let this team appear. He said that HOW will not be denied a chance to prove themselves better than anyone FRONTIER has to offer. He said this team will be in Wolverhampton next month, whether Mayo liked it or not!

What a night, what a show! And it’s all heating up as we head into our next show in Wolverhampton. Pride and Evangelista against the team from High Octane, the Battle Royale and Alex Jones against Kevin Hardaway… I for one cannot wait for September 24th to roll around!