#OneLastTime cards announced

The massive, two night, send off show is one step closer today with the announcement of the 17 matches that fans in Southampton will get to see on the weekend of 4th/5th June, featuring stars of FRONTIER’s past plus some of the greatest stars of wrestling today.

The weekend will include some FRONTIER staples, including a Chivalry is Dead match, a Commonwealth Rules match, an Open House battle royal and a new GFC World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned!

Night 1

Nina Stokes vs. Angelica Jones
Casey Black vs. Riley Owen
Joey Edwards vs. Terry McKenna
Ai vs. Julia Braddock
Kickass Smurf vs. Cloudy P
Chivalry is Dead: Kevin Hardaway vs. Mr Rottentreats
Jackson vs.Sylar Drake
Commonwealth Rules: Pat Gordon Jnr. vs. Evangelista

Night 2

Open House Battle Royal
Terry McKenna vs. DC Wiland
Destiny Skye vs. Joey Edwards
Nina Stokes vs. Casey Black
Neil Newman & Kyle Butler vs. Dragons Unleashed
Pat Gordon Jnr vs. Andreas Lasiewicz
Mr Rottentreats vs. Annie Zellor
Kevin Hardaway vs. Gabriel Gambino
GFC World Heavyweight Championship: Anastasia Starling vs. Jay Pride