Open House

Well it’s been a long break since our previous show, hope everyone out there has had a great new year? Hope there’s not too many broken resolutions already! Here at FRONTIER we had a resolution of our own, to make 2012 even bigger than 2011. And to that end this weekends show promised two things, Hanna Fox promised to out the person responsible for so many brutal assaults over the past few months and we were told that FRONTIER would hold an “Open House”, giving ANYONE a chance to shine here in Southampton.

And as the show got underway we were met with our first surprise of the evening as Shiek Abdul-Wahid made a return to the UK! Shiek told everyone in attendance that he was pissed about not being nominated for the 2011 FRONTIER awards and was back to put things right! Before he could get too far into his speech he was interrupted by MWA Hall of Famer, Tim Worthington!


Tim Worthington vs. Shiek Abdul-Wahid

The first of our Open House matches saw Worthington dominate the returning Shiek and after only a few short minutes he locked in the Atlantic 24 for a submission victory!

Your winner, Tim Worthington!

Worthington milked the applause from his home town crowd before heading out to the back, presumably to head straight to Japan where he’s due for an MWA show on Monday night!


The sounds of “Head Like A Hole” by Nine Inch Nails then hit the sound system, causing a stir amongst the crowd. Out came a sharply dressed man who was an unfamiliar face to me but some of the hardcore wrestling fans and indy purists sat around me seemed to recognise him. He then introduced himself as “The Reflection of Perfection” Cody Williams.

Williams spoke about how he has traveled the world, wrestling in front of 50 people, and wrestling in front of 50,000 people. He said his talents has taken him all over the United States, Mexico, Japan, and everywhere in-between. And with all of the experience in the world, and all of the championships he has won over the years for some reason he has found himself here at Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER. He stated that it was here where some of the best wrestling talent lies, and he put everyone on the roster on notice. He then went on to say that now that he has ended up here, he is here for one thing and one thing only… The GFC Heavyweight Championship.

I have to admit, he captivated the crowd here tonight, they were into this guy. And one other person in particular was also most interested as AFI’s “Miseria Cantare” began to play out from the PA system and another unfamiliar face walked to the ring. This was “The American Dragon” Jason Reks who had also taken FRONTIER up on the Open House offer.


Jason Reks vs. Cody Williams

The two men go toe-to-toe early doors in this one, after both adhering to the Code of Respect and shaking each others hands. Nice to see from two newcomers. It’s Reks who manages to get the upper hand first, using his high flying skills and stiff kicks to keep Williams off his toes.

But Williams comes back strongly and works his way back into contention with a massive lariat for a two count. Williams ducks a big kick from Reks and takes him over with a capture suplex for another two count!

Just as the crowd are getting into the match there’s a disturbance and a hooded figure leaps over the security railings and slides into the ring, taking down both men with some big blows. The referee instantly calls for the bell to end the match.

Result, no contest!


Scott Mayo, Matt Montell and several other members of the FRONTIER crew run out from the back and head to the ring. The man, who’s face is hidden by a mask and the hood raises his arms up before rushing out of the ring and back into the crowd. Some crew members give chase while Mayo shouts orders at them.

After a moment Mayo gets into the ring and grabs a microphone. He announces that, as promised, this ends tonight. The attacker has gotten sloppy, he says, and clues have been discovered. Before the night is out the person responsible will be found!


Jackson Rose vs. Robbie Stein

Our next match was a slight change from the one advertised as Dexter Davis has not shown up tonight and Leanne Evangelista has sadly not been medically cleared to appear here tonight. Rose and Stein are both going to have to adapt their game plan here as they face each other here for the second month running. Last month it was Rose who came out on top in a match that also included Josh Hawthorne. Now without the third person involved could Stein get himself some measure of revenge?

Rose refused the Code of Respect and the match starts. Stein picks up Rose and drives him into the corner. He goes for a forearm but Rose rolls out and hits a hard right kick. He hits three more kicks but Stein stops that with a BIG clothesline. Rose is sent into the corner. He brings his knees up but Stein catches them, spins Rose around, so his legs are draped over the middle rope, and hits a hard chop and a thunderous kick. Stein finishes that with a back suplex from out of the corner.

Rose is down and rolls out of the ring onto the apron. Stein tries to suplex Rose back into the ring but Rose blocks it and brings Stein outside. Both men on the apron and Stein delivers some sick looking chops. Rose back with three kicks but Stein with more chops. Rose clotheslines Stein back into the ring. Stein flips back over and nails Rose, taking him down. Stein heads outside, grabs Rose by the legs and Swings him head first into the metal barriers between the ringside area and the audience. That was nasty. Crowd loved it though!

Stein throws Rose back in and gets two. Stein with some vicious elbow strikes. For a funny man he certainly knows when to get mean. He delivers some stiff blows and then gets a one count. Stein with a chin lock. Rose fights back with more kicks. Rose hits a running knee that shakes up Stein. Rose with a flying suicide cutter out of nowhere and gets a two count!

Rose heads up to the second buckle. Double foot stomp results in another two count. Rose tries to lock in the Aurora Waltz but Stein is quick to get into the ropes. Good turnaround from Jackson and he’s suddenly right back in this one.

Jackson tosses Stein into the corner and tries to sit him up on top rope, but Stein fights him off and follows up with a big axe handle. Rose charges in off the ropes and Stein holds out a hand as he shouts “STOP!” followed by a slap to Rose’s face. “BITCH!” Rose is angry and charges Stein, who ducks, rebounds off the ropes and goes for a huge lariat. But Rose ducks and lands a big spinning elbow to the head of Robbie Stein.

Rose sets him up on the turnbuckle and then brings him down hard with the Dead Space, a spiked DDT. Rose is pumped up now and backs away, stalking his prey and looking for the Brain Cracker! Stein is on his hands and knees, crawling to the center of the ring and Rose charges in. But Stein grabs his foot, avoiding the punt kick. He pushes the leg away, causing Rose to spin round. Stein trips Rose up and grabs him, lifting him up for the Stein-a-nator, bridging for the three count!

Your winner, Robbie Stein!


Josh Hawthorne vs. Kevin Hardaway

A ton of streamers for Hardaway as he comes out for this match. Code of Honor followed and here we go. Lock-up and a wristlock by Hawthorne. Headlock by Hardaway and he holds onto it when Josh tries to shove him off of the ropes. Headlock takeover by Hardaway, cover for 1 by Hawthorne, headscissors but Hardaway is up and goes right back to the headlock takeover.

Hawthorne gets his own headlock, shoulder tackle but Hardaway trips him up and gets his headlock back on. Hawthorne counters to an armdrag and starts working on the arm as we get dueling chants. Hardaway goes to the ropes and gets chopped. Hawthorne counters with an armdrag and Hardaway ducks the lariat. The pace picks up until Hawthorne hits a back body drop and hits a flying back elbow in the corner.

Hardaway backdrops Hawthorne to the apron, but Hawthorne goes up top and hits a crossbody for two. Hardaway trips him up but Hawthorne kicks him to the floor, tries the moonsault but Hardaway stops him in his tracks, tries to suplex him off the apron, Hawthorne blocks, but Hardaway hits an enzugiri, NECKBREAKER ON THE APRON! Crowd loving that one, it looked sick!

Hardaway drops an elbow on the neck and stays focused on that body part. Decapitation Lariat gets two for Hardaway. Neck wrenches by Hardaway, and a knee drop to the back of the neck gets two. Half-nelson chinlock by Hardaway, but Hawthorne elbows his way out of it. Hawthorne goes around Hardaway but eats a heel kick, and Hardaway hits a backdrop suplex for two. KTFO~! gets two for Hardaway.

Hawthorne kicks Hardaway from the floor, but Hardaway kicks him in the back of the head. Vertical suplex, seated quebrada! CROSSFACE!! Hawthorne gets the ropes to break it up and keep himself alive in this match.

Turnbuckle smash by Hardaway, Hardaway goes up top and Hawthorne starts throwing punches, and a headbutt. Hardaway with gut punches and a headbutt, Williams Driver? No, back body drop by Hawthorne. Hardaway misses an elbow and Hawthorne hits a pair of polish hammers. Dropkick to the knee, Running bulldog gets two.

Hawthorne goes to the apron and hits a missile dropkick to the back of the neck. Hardaway hits an armdrag to counter a Dragon Suplex, reverse STO, KOJI CLUTCH! Hawthorne gets the ropes, Hardaway puts him up top, PALM STRIKE! ROUNDHOUSE! 1..2…no! Elbows to the neck by Hardaway, sick running neckbreaker gets two. Hawthorne fights from his knees, punches by Hawthorne but Hardaway ducks a spin kick, Decapitation Lariat, NO, SITOUT POWERBOMB FROM HAWTHORNE! 1…2…no! Hawthorne picks up Hardaway, punches, big big strikes by Hardaway, an enzugiri by Hardaway, spinebuster by Hardaway, Lionstomp! He misses! Powerbomb from Josh! THIS IS AWESOME! NGN Driver countered, KTFO~! 1…2…NO! Spin Kick by Hawthorne, Sidewalk slam, Piledriver! ONLY 2! THIS IS WRESTLING say the fans. Strikes and a kick to the back of the neck by Hawthorne, Enziguri misses! DECAPITATION LARIAT! ANGELINA’S CROSSING! It’s all over!

Your winner, Kevin Hardaway!

One hell of a finish to that match, Hardaway showing what he’s made of to come away with the win. Could that put him back in the title hunt?


Alex Jones (c) vs. Kenchi Yamamoto

GFC Heavyweight Championship

Lock up and chops by Kenchi. Jones backs off, and then kicks away at Kenchi, but Kenchi kicks him and the champ is down. Kenchi grabs him but Jones escapes. Take down by Kenchi, and Jones escapes again. Single leg takedown by Kenchi and Jones escapes once more. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Jones has no effect on the big man. Dropkick by Jones and Kenchi is rocked. Forearms by Jones, off the ropes and a corner clothesline by Jones. Tries a DDT, but Kenchi just pushes him away. Great show of strength in the opening moments here.

Chops by Kenchi and off the ropes and a HUGE big boot by Kenchi! Head butts by Kenchi and off the ropes and the running knee charge from our resident Japanese star. Sick kick and a high knee drop by Kenchi gets him a two count. Headlock by Kenchi now, and Jones to his feet, escapes, bounces off the ropes but Kenchi levels him with a running body block. The champ really is having trouble against Yamamoto here tonight.

Headlock again by Kenchi, Jones tries to escape and gets to his feet. Jones escapes and Kenchi just slams him down. Suplex by Kenchi and he covers for 2. Kenchi with rights and chops to Jones and he falls to the mat. Jones pops back up with rights, starts to rock Kenchi. Off the roes and Kenchi backdrops Jones to the apron. Slingshot dropkick by Jones! Basement dropkick and Kenchi rolls to the floor. Kenchi rammed to the steel railing as Jones connects with a SUICIDE DIVE! Back in and Jones covers for 2.

Chops by Jones, and off the ropes and a double foot stomp to Kenchi’s back takes him down. Leg drop gets 2. Jones tries the Shellshock…can’t get enough power to move Yamamoto tho! GRAND CRASH by Kenchi for 2! Off the ropes and a BIG powerslam by Kenchi for another 2. Jones staying alive in this one. Off the ropes, kick by Jones. SNAP DDT to Kenchi gets 2!

Jones grabs Kenchi, chops and off the ropes corner whip… Jones with a top rope dive but eats a knee. Sitout Powerbomb by Kenchi gets 2! Single leg Boston Crab by Kenchi! Jones fights! Jones tries for the ropes… Jones finally gets the ropes!

Kenchi is PSYCHED! Kenchi picks Jones up and sets him up top… Jones fights…Kenchi is up… Jones slips down and gets a running LYGER BOMB for 2! Jones is shocked. He calls for the Shellshock…Kenchi set up for it but escapes…ENZIGURI to Kenchi! Jones up top…

Suddenly Jones’ legs are taken out from under him! GRAND IMPACT! And it’s all over!

Your winner, and NEW GFC Heavyweight Champion, KENCHI YAMAMOTO!

A superb display from Kenchi Yamamoto, dominating Alex Jones for most of that match. But credit to Jones, he kept himself in that match and had he not lost his footing he would have connected with the Spinal Tap. But, the big question here is, how did he lose his footing? From where I was I couldn’t see, but people on the other side of the building had a perfect view.

At ringside, clapping our new champion was none other than Kevin Hardaway! I’ve not seen conclusive proof, but it sure as hell looked as though K-Hard cost his nemesis the title here tonight!

Jones spots Hardaway and goes nuts, rolling out of the ring and heading right for him. But Jones is stopped in his tracks by Scott Mayo who has run down to ringside. I’ll be honest, I thought he was here to re-start the match and throw Hardaway out but what actually happened took EVERYONE by surprise. He ordered Jones and Hardaway into the ring, alongside our new champion Kenchi Yamamoto. He then introduced the GFC’s boss, Hanna Fox.

Fox came out and told the Southampton crowd that the perpetrator behind tonights attack on Reks and Williams, the same person who has previously attacked other members of the FRONTIER roster, had been uncovered. She said the proof lead them to one person, Dexter Davis!

The crowd was in shock, everyone believed Davis to be a FRONTIER star in the making. But this wasn’t the end. Fox said she has spoken to Dexter and he told her he wasn’t working alone. He pointed the finger to one of the people standing in the ring with her right now.

Yamamoto looked over at Hardaway. Jones looked to Hardaway. Mayo looked to Hardaway. But Fox had her eyes locked on someone else. After a moment people started to realize who she was looking at and everyone else started to turn their attentions to Alex Jones, the crowd beginning to boo and jeer. Kevin Hardaway started to laugh.

Fox said that Dexter had pointed the finger at Jones and that’s why she was going to look past K-Hards involvement in the ending of tonights title match. But she said she was a fair person and would give Jones a chance to explain himself or prove his innocence. He would have until Sunday 19th February, the date of FRONTIER’s next show at the Albert Hall in Nottingham.

Everyone left the ring, leaving a shocked audience behind. Then Kenchi’s music hit, he came back to the ring and celebrated with the GFC Title to end the night!