Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER rolled into another new venue last night as show 12 emanated from the Fairfields Hall in Croydon. The meet and greet session went well, very well in the case of two young Kevin Hardaway fans who got engaged right there in front of their hero. It was an interesting moment to say the least; the footage is up now on our YouTube page so why not go check it out.

Jayden Gabriel vs. Jason Talbot

The show’s opening match saw a debut for Jayden Gabriel as he faced off against Jason Talbot. The two start off the match with some grappling. Gabriel gets a headlock and then throws Talbot into the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle. Gabriel says something to someone in the front row, giving Talbot a chance to rebound and whip Gabriel into the ropes. Talbot hits two arm drags and the locks in an arm bar. Gabriel with a punch to break the hold. Gabriel whips Talbot into the ropes but is caught with a kick. Talbot gets Gabriel wrapped up in the tree of woe and hits a running baseball slide. Talbot heads out to the floor and wants to hit a move but one of our DVD cameramen is standing between the two. Talbot finally gets the cameraman to move and charges across and leaps to the apron with a unique baseball slide kick to Gabriel. Talbot gets back inside, covers and gets two.

Talbot moves in but Gabriel gets in the ropes. The ref separates them and Gabriel hits a shoulder breaker and then a big swinging neckbreaker. Gabriel starts wrenching Talbot’s arm, trying to wear him down. Gabriel works on the arm until Talbot chops back to stop him. Gabriel with a nice move as he kicks Talbot’s arm while he is attempting a chop. Talbot won’t give up and delivers some big chops. Jason went for a big high knee but Gabriel dodged his head and speared Talbot in the midsection. Gabriel’s an expert at those knees and knew just how to avoid them!

Both men into opposite ropes and Gabriel hits the big knee this time, known as the TVisionary I. Jayden gets a two count. Talbot with some solid rapid fire chops. Talbot sends Gabriel into the buckle but Gabriel flips up and over Jason and then hits Quantum Mechanics, a reverse STO into a Koji Clutch but Talbot is in the ropes.

Gabriel and Talbot get back to their feet and lock up, Talbot pushes Gabriel away and nails the Last Call out of nowhere! He follows up with the Aftermath Edge for an emphatic three count.

Your winner, Jason Talbot!

A good win for Talbot and while Gabriel will be disappointed with the result he did put in a decent performance here.

Now let’s catch up with something our cameras caught backstage…



Voices could be heard from around the corner, backstage in the hallway. The cameras try to find out where they are coming from and make their way into a locker room where two men dressed in designer suits are conversing amongst themselves. The first man is identified as Cody Williams, the other man’s identity unknown because his back is turned.

Cody Williams: So just hear me out.

The unidentified man nods his head and crosses his arms in front of his body.

Cody Williams: You and I are a lot alike. We both live the life of luxury: we drive the most exotic cars, live in the most lavish homes, the women can’t get enough of us.

“The Reflection of Perfection” lets out a playful laugh as he pats him on the shoulder.

Cody Williams: So what I’m saying is…

He looks to the side and notices the camera trying to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Cody Williams: HEY!

He begins to make his way towards the camera and the other man turns around to see what the commotion is. It is revealed to be FRONTIER newcomer Aaron Arcadian in the room with Cody. They both rush to close the door, covering their faces as Cody slams the door shut.


— / VIDEO —

I can only imagine what those two were talking about and, to be honest, I don’t like the possibilities. But I guess time will tell. And so we move on to our next match of the evening…

Spike Kane vs. Jackson Rose

Next up was the returning Jackson Rose against a Spike Kane keen to make FRONTIER his new home since coming out of retirement.

We start the match as the two wrestlers grapple. Kane goes low and takes Rose down to the ground. Early pinfall gets a one count. Kane kicks Rose and sends him towards the ropes. Rose reverses the momentum but Kane comes back with a leg lariat. Pinfall gets two. Kane sends Rose out of the ring and joins him. Kane climbs the ring barricade and comes down with a kick that misses. Kane lands on his feet and dodges a Rose punch. He climbs the barricade again and comes down with a kick that nails Rose in the head. Kane sends Rose back inside and pins him. Two count.

Rose reverses a whip to the ropes and Spike ends up going over the top and gets hung up in the ropes. Jackson Rose goes to the outside and begins beating down Spike Kane. Kane goes on the apron and eventually gets untangled. Rose goes back inside and works over the left leg of Spike Kane. Kane tries to break out of Rose’s grasp but Rose responds by stomping on Spike Kane’s left leg. Rose grabs the left leg for another stomp but Kane kips up and takes Rose down with a Pele kick! The two trade blows with Kane getting the best of Rose. Kane takes the Alaskan down with a clothesline. Both men up. Kane avoids a Rose clothesline and takes Rose out with another Pele kick! He covers Rose and gets a two count.

Rose punches the leg of Spike Kane and lifts him for the Dead Space. Kane avoids by pushing off against the turnbuckle and sending Rose to the mat. Kane springboards off the ropes and takes Rose out with a kick. Pinfall gets two. Spike Impaler attempt is foiled by Rose who sends Spike Kane into the ropes. On the rebound, he takes Kane out with a running knee. Pinfall gets two.

Rose takes the covering off of the top turnbuckle and Kane meets him in the corner. Kane attacks the cornered Jackson until the ref tells him to get off. Jackson takes advantage of the referee’s distraction as he pushes Spike who trips and falls against the ref, knocking him down. Rose pulls Spike up and drop toe holds him face first into the bare top turnbuckle! Spike is rocked and is on the mat on all fours. Rose spots the perfect opportunity for the Brain Cracker and starts to charge at his opponent.

But at the last second Kane flings himself up onto his knees, avoiding the punt to the head. He leaps up to his feet and as Jackson Rose turns around he’s met by a super fast Superkick! Now Rose is rocked and Kane makes the most of the opportunity by nailing the Spike Impaler and making the cover. The referee comes round just in time to count to three!

Your winner, Spike Kane!

A good performance from Spike, even with Rose’s underhanded tactics he’s still come out on top. And the fine folks of Croydon really took to Spike tonight, cheering loudly and chanting his name as he made his way out of the ring.

Well, before we get to our next match it’s time to get some answers; the outcome of the Alex Jones saga…



Scott Mayo and some of PWF’s security came out to the ring and set up a table and chairs. Mayo grabbed a microphone and waited for the crowd to settle down before speaking.

SM: “Last Week we had an unscheduled appearance from a former employee. Now since then my office has been flooded with e-mails and calls and the PWF twitter has received a plethora of tweets.”

Mayo stopped and looked around at the audience, staring at a lot of signs in the audience that seemed to make him upset. Mayo then continued.

SM: “Alex Jones is here tonight and I would like to ask that he join me in the ring.”

And with that and an eruption of the crowd Thousand Needles in Red’s “Fire in the Sky” came over the PA system and Alex Jones emerged. He got in the ring with Mayo with a rather large grin on his face with the crowd chanting “Jones”.

DW: “Well here he is, Alex Jones is back in a FRONTIER ring at the request of Scott Mayo!”

After a few moments Mayo just slid a piece of paper toward Jones on the table. Jones just stared at it and then smiled at Mayo before signing it and sliding it back. Mayo picked it up and nodded.

SM: “Our business is done here”.

Mayo turned to walk away before Jones raised the mic to stop him.

AJ: “WHOA WHOA WHOA. Hold on a second, I wasn’t going to come out here and sign this without opening my mouth.”

The crowd again cheered as Jones sat on a chair and put his legs up on the table.

AJ: “Here’s the deal Mayo. I was in a bad place when I faced Kenchi. Kenchi beat me and has gone on to be a great champion. But while I have this burning desire to get that belt back I have a greater desire……to beat Kevin Hardaway’s ass for the third time….”

Alex lowered the mic and allowed the fans to chant “Jones Hardaway 3”. Alex got to his feet and pushed the table over before adding finally.

AJ: “We trended jonesvshardawayIII worldwide on twitter, so if you know what’s good for you, you’ll get PWF’s golden boy in this ring with me as soon as you can……”

Alex threw the mic down but before he could leave Mayo stopped Jones.

SM: “Hey!…you don’t control what happens here! You just signed your name and now you play by the rules. You’ll get your shot at Hardaway, but you have to earn it, you have to climb that ladder again before you get to Kevin or Kenchi, your second chance starts now Alex…don’t waste it.”

The crowd boos as Jones walks away, smiling.


— / VIDEO —

So, does this mean we’re not going to get Jones/Hardaway 3? It seems that way, at least not just yet. But both sides want it, the fans want it. Is it just Mayo that’s against it? I can’t wait to see what Hardaway has to say about all this!

And speaking of Hardaway, it’s time for the first of our two special attraction matches!

Tim Worthington vs. Kevin Hardaway

MWA Hall of Famer Worthington was out first, to a great reception from the Croydon fans. To be honest it was probably just a good a reception as Hardaway got. But before the match started we had a little change of plans as Scott Mayo made his way back to ringside…



DW: “Scott Mayo’s back out here. Has this got something to do with what we just saw with Alex Jones?”

Mayo climbs into the ring, microphone in hand and stands between Hardaway and Worthington.

SM: “Gentlemen, if you’ll excuse me for just a moment. It has been brought to my attention that we’re already running a little behind schedule tonight. Local council rules mean we have to be wrapped up by a certain time tonight and if we’re to do that then we need to drop a match.”

The crowd boo, expecting that this is the match to be cancelled.

DW: “Running behind schedule?”

Hardaway and Worthington both look at each other and then back at Mayo with their faces clearly showing their disapproval.

SM: “So what were going to do is have ourselves a little tag-team match! So, Tim, first off let’s bring out your partner…”

August Joyce appears on the entrance ramp as he makes his way to the ring.

JS: “Making his way to the ring, from Vancouver, Canada. He is the Peoples Choice, AUGUST JOYCE!”

DW: “Well that was a given, these two have formed a team this year. But who’s Hardaway going to get?”

SM: “And, Kevin, let’s say hello to your partner…”

Gimmick Game by Nana Mizuki begins to play over the PA and the crowd goes INSANE!

DW: “Oh my!”

JS: “Making his way to the ring, from Nara, Japan. He is the GFC Heavyweight Champion, KENCHI YAMAMOTO!”

Kenchi makes his way to the ring, the GFC title draped over his shoulder. He climbs into the ring and stands facing Kevin Hardaway. The two stare at each other for what seems like a long time.


— /VIDEO —

Rising Sons vs. Hardaway & Yamamoto

Hardaway and Joyce start, Joyce gets an inverted atomic and a headscissors. Hardaway fights back and tags in Yamamoto who nails a roaring elbow! A rocked August tags out to Worthington. Right hand by Yamamoto, Worthington blocks a whip and kicks Yamamoto in the face. Joyce tags in and makes a ramp for Worthington, who jumps off the back of Joyce to nail Kenchi with a leg lariat. The duo gets a drop toehold/bulldog combo for a two count on the GFC Champion. Tag to Worthington who leapfrogs Joyce and lands on the arm of Yamamoto. Yamamoto gets a knee lift and tags Hardaway, he tries a German but Worthington holds the ropes and tags in Joyce. Double back elbow and double senton gets two for the Rising Sons, showing good team work here. Joyce knocks Yamamoto off the apron, Hardaway then smacks Joyce.

I have to say, some great quick tags from August & Tim in the early stages of this one. The crowd really getting into this. But Hardaway and Yamamoto are going to have to work together to get through this one.

After a failed superplex attempt from K-Hard August is left on the turnbuckle. Yamamoto crotches Joyce on the corner post and tags in. Hardaway applies a chinlock, Joyce tries to fight back but is cut off and eats a double vertical suplex. Hardaway and Yamamoto showing some signs of being able to work together here.

A pair of whips by Yamamoto on Joyce, followed by gutbuster for a two count. Rear bearhug by Yamamoto now. Joyce elbows out, Yamamoto tags Hardaway in and HE applies the rear bearhug. Joyce breaks free and hits a jaw breaker. Yamamoto grabs him from the apron but Joyce fights out of the corner, avoids a charging Hardaway and gets a drop toehold on Yamamoto through the ropes!

Worthington tags in. He shoves Yamamoto into Hardaway, then uses Hardaway as a ladder to hit a tornado DDT on Yamamoto. 1…2… broken up by K-Hard. Worthington hits an enziguri to hardaway! Springboard clothesline to Yamamoto! 1…2… no!

Worthington holds Yamamoto for the Hope n Glory… Hardaway takes out August on the floor, while in the ring Yamamoto eats the Hope ‘ Glory! 1…2…Hardaway interrupts! And the crowd love that this match is continuing!

Worthington fights off both men and nails a forearm on Yamamoto and a DDT on Hardaway. He tries another but gets caught by Yamamoto and passed to Hardaway who hits the KTFO~! 1…2…no!

Joyce in, he gets his leg swept by Yamamoto who picks him up and side slams him back to the canvas. Yamamoto sets for Grand Crash….Worthington breaks it up. Kicks to Yamamoto, Hardaway levels both Sons with a double decapitation clothesline! Shots to Worthington in the corner, a whip and charge is blocked by Worthington. Hardaway tries to kick Worthington in the head, he blocked it and Joyce comes out of nowhere and kicks HIM in the head. K-Hard is sent crashing to the floor and August rolls out to the ring apron.

Springboard crossbody to the floor by Worthington! Yamamoto tries to suplex Joyce back in but ends up hitting a flying SUICIDE DIVE to Worthington after Joyce escaped. TOPE SUICIDA by Joyce. All four men are down on the floor as the crowd chant “This is Awesome!”

Yamamoto is the first to get back up, rolling back into the ring to prevent the count out. But there’s someone else at ringside….



Cody Williams slides into the ring and attacks Kenchi with a forearm to the back of the head. Cody removes his jacket and tosses it out of the ring. As he loosens his tie, Kenchi begins to get back onto his feet. Kenchi struggles to get to his feet, standing on wobbly legs. Cody flashes a devilish smirk before hitting him with a stiff rolling elbow. Kenchi collapses onto the mat, hitting it like a stack of bricks.

“The Reflection of Perfection” paces the ring anxiously waiting for the champion to come to. He gets into a ready position, his eyes widened and his face displaying a psychotic smile. Kenchi Yamamoto starts to slowly sit up, not knowing what had just hit him. Cody helps Kenchi to a vertical base before lifting him onto his shoulders. He gets a running start and drives Kenchi head first into the canvas with his patented manoeuvre, PICTURE PERFECT.

Cody rolls over onto his stomach and stares at his fallen foe, Yamamoto lying on the mat unconscious. He reaches over and grabs the GFC Championship and stands onto his feet. He leans over and holds the belt in Kenchi’s face.

CW: “Next time you see me, this is what you’re going to see.”

He raises the championship into the air to the dislike of the crowd in attendance as they boo Cody and his potential foreshadowing of things to come. He takes one last look at the GFC Championship before dropping it onto the fallen champion. Cody places his foot onto Kenchi’s chest and raises his arms high into the air symbolizing he has taken down the dominant champion.


— /VIDEO —

Your winners, by way of disqualification, Kenchi Yamamoto & Kevin Hardaway!

Well that was a disappointing end to a fantastic match. I have a feeling that Williams will be feeling the ramifications of that one sooner rather than later!

Thomas Driver vs. Aaron Arcadian

This one starts as a brawl! Driver wins with the fists, but gets tossed to the floor and Arcadian hits a hilo from the ring. He whips Driver into the guardrail. Arcadian hits several chops and punches before whipping Driver into the rail again. Back inside and Arcadian flies in with a crossbody for two. He starts pummeling Driver again. Arcadian keeps beating Driver down and stomps a mudhole in him. Driver tries gutwrench suplex but eats a dropkick. Driver goes to the apron and snaps Arcadian’s throat off the top rope, but runs into the springboard enziguri!

Arcadian tries the tornado DDT but Driver counters to a sick backbreaker and then drops a senton on Arcadian’s back. They trade punches but Driver ends that with an Exploder suplex. Aaron tries to fight back but a stiff forearm knocks him down. Driver hits the diving European uppercut on a seated Arcadian. Driver is enjoying himself tonight.

Arcadian is still trying to get up, but Driver won’t slow down. He starts mockingly cheering Arcadian on, and Arcadian finally gets a flurry of strikes, and he pops right back up off a shoulder block and hits a clothesline. And another one. Driver blocks the corner yakuza kick, but runs right into the superkick, which gets a two count.

Driver counters the tornado DDT again but gets crotched. Driver wants a Piledriver on the apron but gets back body dropped to the floor. Arcadian glides through the second and third ropes and plants Driver with a tornado DDT on the floor!! Back inside, he hits a moonsault for 2!

Arcadian wants the brainbuster, pumphandle backbreaker by Driver, but only 2! Throat Slash? No, Arcadian fights it off! Gutwrench suplex gets 2 for Driver! Arcadian gets back to his feet and they trade strikes, Driver wins, Driver hits a corner clothesline, SECHS DEUTSCHEN SUPLEXIEN!! Driver looks to go for the Throat Slash again, but Arcadian escapes. RUNNING CORNER YAKUZA KICK from Arcadian!

Brainbuster? Countered, New York Nightmare countered, Driver runs into a kick, counters a Constellation Killer to a Package Piledriver! 1…2…NO! “This is Awesome!” chants from the crowd. Both men down and take a long time to get back to their feet. They eventually hook up again… Driver reverses a whip, nails a flying knee in the corner and goes for the Throat Slash again but Arcadian gets out AGAIN. SUPERKICK! CONSTELLATION KILLER!!! THREE COUNT!

Your winner, Aaron Arcadian!

A close match that one, Driver puts on a good show but Arcadian caught him with some killer moves at the end there. Will that see him move further up the card again next time out?



The shot opens up backstage where the sounds of “Party Rock” by LMFAO are heard in the background. We then see “Flex Diesel” Vincenzo Massaro standing in front of a mirror pumping his fist like no one is watching.

Vincenzo Massaro: Time for some spray action!

He reaches up and takes off his sunglasses, revealing another pair underneath. He grabs a can of hairspray in each hand and pushes down on the spray nozzle. Several seconds pass and he is still spraying his hair, making circular motions around his head. Cody Williams could be seen in the mirror entering the room with a confused look on his face. Vincenzo cannot see him because his eyes are closed.

Cody Williams: Vinny, Vinny, Vinny…

He snatches the cans from Vincenzo and puts them on the counter. He turns the volume knob, bringing the loud, obnoxious music to a low background noise.

Vincenzo Massaro: Whoa bro! Hairstyling foul!

“The Reflection of Perfection” pats him on the shoulder.

Cody Williams: Moderation… Bro. Moderation. A little goes a long way. Say, listen. How about you and I have a talk?

Vincenzo Massaro: Alright bro. But first, I gotta get my protein on.

“Flex Diesel” grabs a blender bottle from the counter and closes the top. He turns the music back up and starts fist pumping to mix his protein shake. Cody drops his face into his palm and shakes his head. He turns towards the door and slams it shut.


— /VIDEO —

So first it’s Arcadian and now Massaro? What has Cody Williams got planned? Well, whatever it is I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough. But before then, time for the main event of the evening!

Jackson vs. William Wallace

Jackson gets a good reception here in Croydon, a damn sight better than William Wallace that’s for sure. A chorus of boos greets FRONTIER’s resident Scot.

The match starts and straight away Jackson sends Wallace to the floor, follows and lands uppercuts. Wallace whips Jackson into the steel steps where he smashes his knee hard. That’s got to hurt! Wallace rolls Jackson back into the ring and takes him down with a DDT for 2. Wallace now mocks Jackson, and then lays the boot to the same knee.

Jackson fires back, back breaker connects, but there’s obvious damage to the knee that he’s trying to shake off. Wallace gets a stunner like move on Jackson’s leg, and goes back to work on the knee. Wallace sets Jackson up top, and into the tree of woe. Wallace up top, stands on the knee for a while before dropping down and taunting the fans at ringside.

Wallace calls for the Highland Fling, pulls Jackson up and hoists him up onto his shoulders, circling the ring with Jackson, who elbows out and tries an Ace Crusher! Wallace pushes him away to counter and lands a variation on the side slam, getting him a two count.

Jackson gets back up, feeding off the crowd who chant for him. He connects with some big right hands. Jackson looks over the crowd, up to the 2nd rope and drags Wallace with him. All the way up top….SUPERPLEX connects! That only gets a two! Wallace rolls to the floor, pulls Jackson down and slams his knee off of the ring post!

Back into the ring, leg drop into a leg tie and hammers down on Jackson’s knee. Jackson frees himself, to his feet, and gets a clothesline and a snap slam. Thesz Press by Jackson, Therapy follows and Jackson covers for 2. Jackson grabs Wallace, but Wallace with kicks and a leg sweep. GLASGOW KISS! Seated sleeper by Wallace, center of the ring, Jackson struggles to escape. Jackson is able to roll and into the ropes they go, and Wallace has to break.

Wallace rolls out to the apron, grabs Jackson and Jackson fires back. Slams Wallace into the post, DDT by Jackson! Jackson pounds the mat, stands and looks at Wallace. He wants to finish him, and backs to the corner. Jackson charges, but his leg gives out on him. Wallace laughs, gets to his feet and stares down Jackson. Wallace grabs Jackson, hoists him up again and looks for the Highland Fling once more. Jackson escapes again and SOMETHING WICKED!!! A three count later and this one’s over!

Your winner, Jackson!

What a great main event that was, brilliant performance from both men. William Wallace failed to best this foreign star though, that’ll dent his hopes for rolling through the whole foreign contingent of the FRONTIER roster!

And after the match was done, just when we thought the show was over, we had a visitor at ringside…



The sounds of “Head Like A Hole” (Clay Remix) by Nine Inch Nails hits the sound system as Cody Williams makes his way out from the curtain. He looks out into the crowd as he fixes the lapel on his gray Armani suit. He makes his way towards the ring, swatting away the hands of fans who try to get a high five. He stops in front of a fan with a sign that reads: Cody got DOMINATED. He smirks at the fan, nodding his head, before snatching the sign away from him and ripping it into pieces and throwing it into the air. Once Cody is in the ring, he grabs a microphone from Jenni Starr.

Cody Williams: If I can have your attention please…

The crowd responds to his request by drowning him with a chorus of boos. He reaches up to his face and removes his designer sunglasses from his face, folds them, and places them into his left breast pocket.

Cody Williams: All of you need to shut your mouths, clear out your ears, and open your eyes!

Those in attendance continue their booing as Cody continues on.

Cody Williams: The last time I appeared at a FRONTIER show, I was in the main event with Kenchi Yamamoto. And as you can see, I did not walk out the GFC Heavyweight Champion.

The crowd begins to chant, half of them chanting you suck and the other half chanting Kenchi’s name.

Cody Williams: For weeks I requested a shot at this promotions Heavyweight champion but was continually overlooked. I proved myself to be worthy of facing Kenchi for the championship but it wasn’t until I hit him repeatedly with a steel chair that the championship committee finally took notice. Finally I had my match with Kenchi, and for the majority of the match I had your Heavyweight champion in the palm of my hand. I had him right where I wanted, but instead of pinning him and getting the victory I wanted to make a point. But my clouded judgement proved to be my downfall. Right when I was going to put Yamamoto away, he got lucky and hit me with the Grand Impact.

He paces the ring trying to gather his thoughts.

Cody Williams: And I mean that. You were LUCKY Kenchi. But I promise you that the next time we face each other, you will not be so lucky. Because I know in my heart of hearts that I can beat you. I know that I AM better than you, I know that I CAN defeat you, and I WILL become the GFC Heavyweight Champion, whether you like it or not! Which brings me to why I came out here. I am requesting.. No. I am through with requesting. I am DEMANDING, a rematch against Kenchi Yamamoto. If you and the GFC Championship Committee can hear me, all of you know that I DESERVE a rematch and that I should be the immediate challenger for the championship you hold. So it’s up to you. Either you accept my challenge, or I will MAKE you accept it.

He turns the microphone upside down and lets it drop to the mat. His music hits and he reaches into his coat pocket and puts his sunglasses back on. He pops his jacket lapel and runs his fingers through his hair, flinging the water from his hair into the crowd. Cody is about to step out of the ring when his music is interrupted and “Chaney Can’t Quite Riff Like Helmet’s Page Hamilton” by Evergreen Terrace kicks in. The crowd cheer wildly as Kevin Hardaway appears and makes his way to the ring, with a beaming smile on his face. Cody Williams seems less than impressed to see him. Hardaway climbs into the ring and Jenni Starr passes him her microphone.

KH: “Hold on just one second, Cody. You come out here DEMANDING a GFC Heavyweight Championship match? That’s… frankly, that’s hilarious. After what you did out here earlier tonight?”

Cody looks sheepish as Hardaway gets right into his face.

KH: “You had your chance two weeks ago and you got beat! So you think you deserve another shot? You think that coming out here and attacking Kenchi is going to get you what you want? If that’s truly what you believe then you’re more retarded than Alex Jones.”

The crowd cheer and laugh at the former GFC Champion.

KH: “For months I’ve been FRONTIER’s play thing, fighting whoever they see fit to put me up against. All these special attraction matches… Gambino, Spike, Tim & August. Not to mention putting up with the crap from Alex Jones. And all of this has kept me away from the one thing I want… the GFC Heavyweight Championship. So I ask you, Cody. What makes you think you deserve that shot more than ME? What have YOU done for FRONTIER? I MADE this company!”

Cody is about to say something back but Hardaway cuts him off.

KH: “Without me there would be no FRONTIER, there would be no company for you to stroll into and demand the world. So I’ve got a message for you…”

Before Hardaway can finish there’s another interruption as Gimmick Game by Nana Mizuki kicks in once more and Kenchi Yamamoto starts running to the ring with Scott Mayo in tow. The GFC Champion slides into the ring and confronts both his would be challengers. The three stare each other down while Mayo grabs the microphone.

SM: “You know what, I’m sick of this bullshit. Cody, I agree that your performance against Kenchi was good and on that you deserve a re-match.”

Cody nods and grins while the crowd boo.

SM: “BUT… with your behaviour here in Croydon tonight your aspirations have been severely dented.”

The crowd cheer as Cody looks on, shocked. Now K-Hard is the one smiling wildly.

SM: “You ruined our special match earlier and so, with regret, I’m going to have to ask you to leave the ring right now and leave the building. Go home, train up and get ready because next month you’ll be going one on one with Alex Jones!”

The Croydon fans cheer once more and Williams looks pissed. He steps out of the ring, being waved goodbye by Hardaway. Mayo watches him leave before checking his watch and turning back to Hardaway and Yamamoto.

SM: “Now… you two… I’m sorry that your match didn’t get to finish earlier. I want to make it up to you both. So, seeing as we’ve got 30 minutes until we have to be out of here why don’t we have an extra match? Right here, right now… and for the GFC Heavyweight Championship!”

The crowd erupts and both men smile and nod before turning to each other. The two stand chest to chest and stare each other down.


— / VIDEO —

And just like that the whole feel of the night changed. Cody Williams had been planning something all night, trying to get the title match he feels he deserves, but it’s Kevin Hardaway who gets there first. Williams just got out-hunted by the former GFC Champion!

Kenchi Yamamoto © vs. Kevin Hardaway

They stare down centre ring, back off to the corners and here we go. Hardaway charges in with rights, to the corner and lights up Yamamoto. Yamamoto shoves him away, and then tosses Hardaway to the floor. Yamamoto follows, and they brawl on the floor for a while. Hardaway back in the ring and calls Yamamoto on. Yamamoto back in and they trade rights. Off the ropes, lariat by Yamamoto. He lays the boots to Hardaway, and looks for a running body block. Hardaway is able to counter by tripping Yamamoto to the mat.

Kenchi up, hits the ropes and LARIATO! GRAND CRASH by Yamamoto gets 2. Rights by Yamamoto, head butts follow. Hardaway slams him to the corner, shoulder blocks follow. Mounted corner rights by Hardaway, Yamamoto tries the Giant Driver, Angelina’s Crossing countered, but Yamamoto gets snake eyes and as he rebounds, a spinebuster by Hardaway gets 2. Hardaway rolls to the floor and gets a chair. Boot by Yamamoto, and he has the chair. Chair shots to the back of Hardaway by Yamamoto. The referee is about to call this match off but Scott Mayo catches his eye and shakes his head, he’s letting this one go! I guess this is a No DQ match? Hardaway back up, counters, ANGELINAS CROSSING! 1…2…NO!

Hardaway stalks Yamamoto, to the corner and sets Yamamoto on the top. Rights by Hardaway, he climbs up, Yamamoto sneaks under, GIANT DRIVER!! 1…2…NO! Yamamoto is frustrated as hell. Cutthroat by Yamamoto, he calls for the end, picks up Hardaway, GRAND IMPACT connects! 1…2…NO! Yamamoto does NOT approve of this. Yamamoto grabs the chair now, slams it down and picks up Hardaway. GRAND IMPACT try again, countered, DDT onto the chair! BOTH men are down. Holy hell this is insane, the crowd are LOVING this!

They struggle to their feet, ANGELINAS CROSSING by Hardaway again! 1…2…NO! Crowd was into that pin. They again struggle to their feet; Hardaway grabs Yamamoto, ANGELINAS CROSSING AGAIN but only 2 again! Hardaway is now pissed! How the hell is the champ getting up from these moves?! Hardaway now gets the chair, gets to his feet, and nails Yamamoto in the back. A second chair shot by Hardaway. A third and Hardaway yells at him to stay down, a 4th, 5th shot to the back! The ref checks on Yamamoto but he’s never going to give up!

Yamamoto to his feet, Hardaway has the chair, and NAILS Yamamoto in the head with it! Hardaway in the corner as Yamamoto lays on the mat, turns and sees Yamamoto trying to get to his feet. Yamamoto sits up, Hardaway can’t believe it. He yells at him to stay down, ad then says to just die. He asks Yamamoto what’s wrong with him, Yamamoto with the Gamengiri, Hardaway shake sit off and Yamamoto is up and calls him on. Hardaway with the cutthroat. GRAND IMPACT BY HARDAWAY! Covers 1…2…NO! HUGE pop from the Fairfields Hall there as Hardaway backs off in disbelief. Unbelievable action in this impromptu match!

Hardaway catches his breath, struggling to believe that Yamamoto is still in this. Kenchi is back up and roars, bashing his chest. He points at Hardaway and challenges him to come at him. Hardaway does, Yamamoto ducks a clothesline but on the rebound K-Hard connects with the KTFO~! DEATH COMBO FROM KENCHI! DECAPITATION LARIAT FROM HARDAWAY! GIANT MISSILE FROM YAMAMOTO! Single Leg Boston Crab from Yamamoto, Hardaway gets to a leg and Enziguri to escape! WILLIAMS DRIVER!!




Your winner, and NEW GFC Heavyweight Champion, Kevin Hardaway!

Hardaway celebrates in the ring, the GFC Heavyweight Championship handed to him by Committee Chief Alan Galpin. Hardaway holds the title aloft to a chorus of cheers from the Croydon crowd. And one man leading the applause is none other than Kenchi Yamamoto. Kenchi offers his hand to the new champion, who shakes it with a smile.

Well, I can hardly believe it. And I don’t think K-Hard, Kenchi, Cody or Alex Jones can believe it either. This title chase just got a whole lot more interesting, that’s for sure! But what will be the fallout of this shocking twist? I guess you’ll have to join us in three weeks to find out!