Well it’s finally here, the Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER television debut of REVOLUTION! Tonight was a VERY special night for everyone involved in the company as it ushers in a new era for our little upstart promotion. We’ve gone from entertaining a handful of people at our opening shows to selling out some of the best wrestling venues this country has to offer. We’ve been to the Isle of Wight Festival, we’ve been to the Olympics. And now we’re on TV!

So let’s get going with a summary of the nights action; and remember, this show will be edited into TWO episodes of REVOLUTION. So make sure you tune in to Premier Sports at 11pm on Monday night to catch our TV debut! But first, let’s take a look at what went down as soon as we started!


Bulletproof by 12 Stones fills the arena as the new GFC World Heavyweight Champion, CJ Osborne appears from behind the curtain. The champion is still dressed in the blue jeans and white Frontier polo shirt he arrived in. The GFC World Heavyweight Championship is draped over his shoulder. CJ smiles while he slaps hands with fans as he makes his way to the ring with his music still playing. He walks up the steel steps to enter the ring, where he is handed a microphone.

CJ: To be honest when I saw I had a GFC championship match with Jackson, I didn’t think winning would be that big of a deal.

A few boo’s come from the crowd.

CJ: Now, hold on.. Let me finish… I started to grow more excited as the match became closer. I don’t think it hit me until right before I walked to the ring, just how much I wanted to win. I realized that had a real desire to hold this championship.

He holds the championship belt in the air drawing a pop from the crowd.

CJ: I’ve accomplished many things in my career, but this ranks right up there with top two or three. More importantly I am very excited to be the new face of Pro-Wrestling Frontier. I promise every fan here tonight and those watching this from home for the first time, that I will do everything I can to keep the integrity of this championship in tact.

Before he can say anymore, the sounds of The Offspring’s “Self Esteem” rings out over the speakers, as out walks the newest member of The Uprising, Kevin Hardaway, to a stammering amount of jeers and boos from the crowd. Instead of walking and slapping hands with the people in the crowd, like CJ did, he just walks to the ring dressed in camo shorts and his old school “Unbreakable” t-shirt as he walks up the ring steps and walks in the ring grabbing the nearest microphone from the timekeeper’s table and tapping on it.

K-Hard: Did I hear that correctly? That you were sure that you were walking into the lion’s den the second you walked out of that curtain to face Jackson for that title belt? Is that really what the mindset of your champion should be like? I’ve been here since day one, and every time I walk out there, I know for a fact that I’m going to walk out with my hand raised. Yet, here I am, titleless, and once again, the so-called “martyr” because I tapped our precious Scott Mayo in the head.

More boos are heard from the crowd.

K-Hard: Then again, maybe that’s why Mayo treated me like a piece of crap, because when I became the GFC Champion, not once, but TWICE, I was never offered to do talk shows or interviews with major websites. And it’s not because of my “agent”, like you have. It should have been Mayo to offer me a chance. No, I had to do things myself. Sure, a chance to talk on a local news morning show here and there, but what the hell do they know about the things we do for a living? I shouldn’t be complaining though, all it does is it gets me in trouble with retired wrestlers and their bitch wives who don’t know me one single bit, but that’s another story.

Hardaway winks to the camera that’s near the apron.

CJ: What is your problem, man?

K-Hard: Nothing. We’re still friends, right? We have been since the second I decided to face Steve Pinex in a MWA ring. You know for a fact that what Mayo has done for me tonight, the first match I wrestle on television in almost 4 years is against your wife, who has almost NO wrestling experience at all compared to the 15 years that I have under my belt. I am out here to tell you to go to Mayo in the back, and ask him to stop being so damn loopy and actually give these people the match that they want. You’re facing some random Russian in his debut match for that World title, and I’m facing your wife in her debut match. They don’t deserve to be facing people like us.

The crowd is unsure at what’s going on at the moment.

K-Hard: Tell Mayo in the back that they should be getting CJ Osborne defending the GFC World Championship for the first time on national television against Kevin Hardaway.

The fans go nuts at the idea that K-Hard has offered. Maybe he’s not as bad as once thought.

CJ: Do you think I have something over Mayo? As love to point out, you held this championship twice. So you know that I have no control over who I do and do not defend against. Don’t get me wrong, I would much rather defend against you then some rookie, but it’s out of my hands. I’ve told Mayo already how stupid this booking is. Seeing as the match is still booked you can figure out how well it went over….

CJ backs into a corner and leans into a corner.

CJ: This jealousy you have over my doing a late night talk show is quite unnecessary. I was doing them at random points in my career long before I ever started here. Despite what he may think, Scott Mayo, doesn’t have the clout to get anyone on a late night talk show. So, is there another reason for this…. hostility?

Kevin smirks and grins at CJ before speaking again.

K-Hard: I already told you that this whole “talk show” thing was just me being a little pissed off and nothing more, but watching your actions and watching the way you speak to me, I have a right to be a little, what do you call it…”hostile”? Because I know exactly what all of this is. I’ve been here working my ass off for over a year now, this company wouldn’t be alive, we wouldn’t be talking on national television if it wasn’t for me, yet the second you walk in here, not even a member of FRONTIER, but as “Executive Director” of the MWA, and for some reason, Mayo saw something in you.

Hardaway scratches his head, as to think about what to say next.

K-Hard: And the second that you lost to Gabriel Gambino and lost your gig, Mayo’s eyes lit up. You see, he wants YOU as his golden boy. He wants YOU to take this company to the next step with the whole TV deal and the iPPV’s, and whatever he has in store. He sees me and he gets scared. Somebody who went to a rival company with his belt, somebody who wanted to defend it with pride and glory and ended up losing it on one of their PPV’s. Something that you could’ve stopped from happening if you would’ve not napped on the job. Is that why I lost that title? Because you knew that Mayo was going to give you an offer you couldn’t refuse?

The fans start booing now at Hardaway’s words.

K-Hard: That’s why you don’t want to face me right now. That’s why you refused your offer for tonight, regardless of what Mayo thinks. He knows that I can beat you in this ring. He’s afraid that me as the GFC World Champion would scare the living hell out of him. Admit it, Mayo. Admit it, CJ.

CJ looks around at the crowd before adjusting the championship belt on his shoulder.

CJ: I can’t tell you what Mayo thinks. You know what I think? I think you screwed up. You couldn’t keep your ego in check for thirty seconds. You just had to put Scott Mayo in his place. Which in turn caused him to suspend you. That is no one’s fault but yours. You forced Frontier to look for someone else to feature. You thought no one could be the guy, and you could do whatever you wanted.

CJ smirks as he continues.

CJ: I’m sensing a theme. Are you? You want to blame someone for the fact that you’re no longer Frontier’s little pet, look in a mirror. Let’s be honest though. All this crap is about the poor ego of Kevin Hardaway. You don’t have anyone massaging it. You’ve proven that you don’t give a damn about representing Frontier or entertaining the fans. It’s about this.

CJ holds the championship up over his head, allowing the fans to pop.

CJ: For once be honest and tell us what all this about. Your damaged ego can’t handle not being the center of attention.

Kevin puts his head down and runs a hand through his hair, his eyes wide and bloodshot, not even paying attention to CJ, the fans, or even the belt around CJ’s shoulder.

K-Hard: I’ll tell you what it’s all about. Later tonight actually. Just do me a favor will you…your wife, kiss Hope like it was your last night alive. Because what I do to her tonight, it WILL be her last night alive.

Kevin immediately drops the mic and walks out of the ring, silent. No music, no nothing…as he gives off an evil, sadistic smile. The camera catching every second of his devious thoughts, as the scene goes back into the ring, CJ looking on. We can’t tell though if it’s out of fear…or even anger as to what Hardaway just said.

— /VIDEO —

Hardaway shocked us all by aligning himself with Aaron Arcadian and The Uprising a few weeks back. This new mean streak of his has divided fans here in FRONTIER and we could be about to see something dangerous later tonight.

Our first match of the TV era should be a classic as former champion Jackson faces off against a former Uprising member, Cody Williams.

Jackson vs. Cody Williams

The match almost immediately goes to the mat, and Williams is neutralizing Jackson’s power by grounding him. Williams is focusing his attack on Jackson’s knee. Williams has been dominant so far in this match. On the outside, Williams drops Jackson throat-first across the barricade. Jackson sidesteps Williams, which sends Cody into the ring post. Jackson tries to go to the top, but Williams pushes him to the outside. Williams hits the Perfexecution, but Jackson kicks out. Williams hits the CCXX, but once again Jackson kicks out of the pin attempt. Jackson is looking angry and motions to the crowd that he’s had enough. Jackson hits Therapy. He follows it up with Something Wicked to pick up the convincing victory.

Your winner, Jackson!

What an emphatic win that was for Brad Jackson! He’s unleashed his inner monster since losing that GFC Championship, Hope-Marie Osborne took the brunt of his anger on our last show. But he seemed a little more restrained in this match. Jackson appeared to be a little slow to leave the ring after this match, walking out of the arena backwards as he looked out at the crowd. There was no wild smile, no glint in his eye. He just walked off through the curtain without a word.

We move straight on to our next match as former champ Gabe Gambino takes on debutant Mike Penney!

Gabriel Gambino vs. Mike Penney

The two men shake hands, adhering to the Code of Respect and then the match gets underway. Gambino picks up Penney and drives him into the corner. He goes for a forearm but Penney rolls out and hits a hard right kick. He hits three more kicks but Gambino stops that with a BIG clothesline. Penney is sent into the corner. He brings his knees up but Gambino catches them, spins Penney around, so his legs are draped over the middle rope, and hits a hard chop and a thunderous kick. Gambino finishes that with a Sicilian suplex from out of the corner.

Penney is down. Gambino tries to suplex Penney back into the ring but Penney blocks it and brings Gambino outside. Both men on the apron and Gambino delivers some sick looking chops. Penney back with three kicks but Gambino with more chops. Penney clotheslines Gambino back into the ring. Gambino flips back over and nails Penney, taking him down. Gambino heads outside, grabs Penney by the legs and catapults him head first into the metal barriers between the ringside area and the audience. That was nasty! The crowd LOVED it!

Gambino with some vicious elbow strikes. Now, he has Penney over and slams his head into the mat three times. He delivers some stiff blows and then gets a one count. Gambino with a chin lock. Penney fights back with more kicks. Penney hits a running knee that shakes up Gambino. Penney with a flying cutter out of nowhere and gets a two count! He almost stole it there!

Penney heads up to the second buckle. Gambino grabs his leg and yanks him off. Gambino starts laying in the boots. Gambino with four running knee smashes into Penney’s face. He follows up with the Fongul. And that gets the three count!

Your winner, Gabriel Gambino!

A solid win for Gambino as Penney makes a decent debut. He’ll no doubt be looking to improve on that in the coming weeks, but he looked solid. Gabe will be happy with that one, but I know he’ll be itching for a GFC Title match sometime soon! In fact Gabe had a few words to say on the matter…


[Gabriel’s match has just ended, but he still seems to be in a foul mood. He sits on his knees, his eyes staring holes up the ramp towards the back. He seems to be watching, waiting for someone, something. That something never comes. A half-smirk, half-scowl crosses his lips as he pushes himself to his feet, running his hands through his hair. The crowd is firmly behind him, something he is not particularly used to in Frontier. He nods his head in appreciation, grabbing a mic in the process.]

Gabe: It seems the Uprising doesn’t have the balls I thought they did. [He rubs his chin, the crowd booing loudly at the mention of Uprising.] I thought for sure they’d come down here and try to finish me off once and for all. Maybe, just maybe, I gave them a little too much credit. Or maybe, they are a little smarter than I originally thought. Let’s face it, they aren’t rocket scientists… They attacked me two-on-one from behind and thought it was a good idea. It wasn’t a good idea. In fact, it was a very, very bad idea.

[Gabriel circles the ring, still very aware of his surroundings. He knows how opportunistic Hardaway and Arcadian are, and how quickly they can strike.]

Gabe: You see, Kevin Hardaway… [Before he can continue, the crowd completely cuts him off with boos. He can’t help but chuckle.] Kevin Hardaway… [Again, more boos. Chants of “sell out” can be heard.] Oh, he is a sell out alright. But, I can do you one better… Ass-hole. Ass-hole. [The crowd is in a frenzy, and soon the chant catches on with Gabriel leading the way.] Kevin Hardaway IS a grade-A ASSHOLE! I stood firmly behind that mook when nobody else here would. I decided, against my better judgement, to team up with him to take out the trash in Aaron Arcadian and Cody Williams. And we succeeded. But then, for some reason unknown to me, Kev decided to jump me from behind. Kev decided to turn his back on me, to turn his back on US, and join the Uprising. [More boos.] There is only one logical reason why Kevin Hardaway did this… He knows that I, not he, truly is the best wrestler on the planet. And the only way Kevin Hardaway could beat me, is with back-up.

[Gabriel moves towards the ropes closest to the ramp, leaning up against them as he peers towards the back.]

Gabe: Kevin Hardaway is a COWARD! Kevin Hardaway is a SELL-OUT! And Kevin Hardaway couldn’t hold my jock strap, and he knows it! [The smirk has disappeared from his face, replaced with anger, seriousness.] Arcadian, Hardaway… You two say you want an Uprising. You say you want a revolution? Well you got it! You wanted my attention? You wanted to make an example out of me? Here I am, boys. Come finish the job!

[He drops the mic, readying himself for a fight. When neither Arcadian, nor Hardaway show up he just shakes his head. The crowd boos even louder, as Gabe picks the mic up from the mat.]

Gabe: That’s what I thought. You’re both cowards. You both know whose house, whose ring this truly is. And it certainly ain’t yours. You want to attack me, from behind no less? That’s fine. You want to try to make an example out of me? That’s fine. But, just know this. You’ve awoken a sleeping dog. And that dog is very, very angry. I will not stop until you both get the Uprising you so badly desire. Only, I don’t think you’re going to like the outcome very much. You can run, but you can’t hide boys. I will find you. And I will CONQUER.

[He seems to be finished, but brings the mic back up to his lips.]

Gabe: Oh, and one more thing… Scott Mayo… Hanna Fox… Don’t think because I’m a little preoccupied with this failed Uprising that I’ve forgotten what is owed to me. Don’t think for a second I’ve forgotten that I am owed a rematch for the GFC World title… A title that I did not lose in a one-on-one match. All I want is what I have EARNED. No more, no less. And I have certainly EARNED my rematch! You can throw whomever you want at me, but the result is always going to be the same: ME with MY hand raised. I am the best wrestler on this planet. I know it. You know it. These people now know it. And it’s only a matter of time before I am once again the GFC World champion.

[Gabe drops the mic, the crowd again firmly behind him. He stands in the ring momentarily, before rolling out from under the bottom rope, and making his way back up the ramp. He slaps hands with some fans in the front rows before disappearing behind the curtain.]

 — /VIDEO — 

Interesting that the Uprising didn’t make a show when Gabe called them out. For all their talk of the Uprising being televised we’ve yet to see Aaron Arcadian here tonight. Maybe he’s just biding his time? Now before we get carried away with talk of the Uprising and title matches, let’s take a look at what happened when the FRONTIER fans met a new face here tonight.


AS the fans in King George’s Hall sit back and await another action packed FRONTIER match, MKG- wild boy blast through the hall bouncing off the walls as the people whip there heads to the doorway. the door flings open and holding his arms out and wearing a blue and white cut off hoodie jacket and jeans, he turns around with a smirk of cockyness on his face as he struts to the ring with a mic in his hand. As the crowd looks to wonder who the unknown star is he slides into the ring and looks around at the crowd. walking over to the corner he props himself up on the ropes laying back and relaxing.

???: Well well well.. What a great show we got so far.. I wish I was actually watching the show but i’ve been too busy enjoying the sights here across the pond. Let me introduce myself. I am the one.. the only… The franchise.. the biggest acquisition in FRONTIER’s history, Chase Stevenson!! I’m not here to make friends and I for sure could care less to make any of you people happy.

>< Crowd boos at Chase from his smart remarks ><

CS: I’ve been to the top, I’ve wrestled the best, now I leave the States and come here to make an impact. Bring FRONTIER to a whole new level. This being the first TV taping, thats why I am here. I am the guy they want. I will become the face of this company and lead us to places we have never been. With an iPPV on the horizon, I am the future franchise player!! Boys in the back and ladies, This is your notice..

>< Chase looks around at the fans as the boos get louder as he smirks and looks into the camera at ringside ><

CS: Chase Stevenson .. The Franchise…. is here!!!! get ready!!!!

>< Chase hold out his arms wide as he laughs to himself and walks out of the ring ignoring the few fans for a high five as he walks to the door and exits the ring area ><

— /VIDEO —

Chase Stevenson arrives in FRONTIER talking the talk and at the next TV taping in two week’s we’ll see if he can walk the walk!

Now it’s time for our next match, which I’m reliably informed will be the main event for the first TV broadcast! Will Hardaway live up to his word from earlier tonight? Should Hope be worried about a rampaging K-Hard?

Kevin Hardaway vs. Hope-Marie Osborne

The Code of Respect is not followed by Kevin Hardaway who is moaning to the referee about his choice of opponent, so Hope shakes the hand of the referee instead, getting a loud cheer from the Blackburn fans for doing so.

We open with a lock up and a clean break. Hardaway starts the match trying to learn how to adapt to Hope but doesn’t know what to make of her at first, you can tell he doesn’t want to be facing a woman making her debut. Hardaway catches Hope’s leg off a kick and tosses it to one side, but Hope blocks the clothesline that follows and gets a dropkick on the former two time GFC Champion.

Hope gets a boot up in the corner and Hardaway catches it, but Hope then elevates herself up and slams the leg down taking Hardaway down as well. That was pretty unique.

Hardaway seems fired up by that, connecting with a neckbreaker to get the first pinfall attempt of the match. Hardaway in charge now. Running knee to the side of Hope’s head in the corner gets another 2. Snapmare and a chinlock from Hardaway, but the audience claps Hope to her feet. She’s punching Hardaway and trying to mount a comeback.

Mrs Osborne goes for a middle rope moonsault to the standing Hardaway, but Hardaway drops down and Hope eats knees! Hardaway had that one scouted well but Hope gets snake eyes! Slap! Slap! Rollllllling ELBOW!! Pele kick in the middle of the ring on Hardaway!! 2 count.  Good series of moves there from Hope, rocking Hardaway and almost picking up the win.

Hope gets another boot up in the corner but Hardaway ties her up in between the ropes. German suplex on Osborne gets 2! He goes for another suplex…Hope’s out and SUPERKICK! Hardaway gets to the ropes to stop the pin attempt. Hope charges with spinning heel kick in the corner and Hardaway moves. Hope’s hanging up top and Hardaway has her up into a torture rack position while on the turnbuckle! TOP ROPE ASYLUM BOMB!!! And this one’s all over!

Your winner, Kevin Hardaway!

Hardaway with a strong display and one hell of a finish. Hope will be feeling that one for quite some time, I can assure you. After the match Hardaway got on the mic and shouted out some abuse to Scott Mayo for his booking choices. After the night was finished Mayo came and found me, telling me that the second TV taping will be topped off with a MASSIVE title match as CJ Osborne defends against Kevin Hardaway AND Gabriel Gambino! That is, of course, if the Champ gets passed tonights opponent…

Scott Mayo has taken some abuse recently, from fans and wrestlers alike. For his handling of the Gambino/Hardaway situation and his choice of booking. Especially this match up pitting new GFC Champion CJ Osborne against debutant Alexei Tregorov. No-one had even heard of Tregorov before the card for tonight was announced, but the big Russian man just got himself the opportunity of a lifetime and he knows it.

CJ Osborne vs. Alexei Tregorov – GFC World Championship

Tregorov threatens to slug a fan on his way to the ring and looks rather confident as he springs into the ring. Crowd is already chanting for CJ as the bell rings to get this one underway! Tregorov circles and tries a kick to the leg but misses before Osborne kicks Tregorov hard on his lead leg. Tregorov misses a stomp to the knee and another leg kick before he catches a leg kick from Osborne. Tregorov tries to turn it into a leglock, but Osborne knows it’s coming and fights him off, saving himself from taking more damage. They circle again and Tregorov hits a dropkick to the leg, but can’t capitalize as Osborne reverses him in the corner and starts hammering away with big right hands! The referee pulls Osborne away from Tregorov and Tregorov takes advantage, charging Osborne and ramming him into the opposite corner. Tregorov stomps at the knee and whips Osborne into the same corner with Osborne trying a float-over. Tregorov catches him and Osborne tries a tilt-a-whirl, but lands a little wonky on his leg and Tregorov hits a kick to the gut followed by a suplex attempt that Osborne reverses into one of his own!!

Tregorov rolls to the floor and Osborne is out after him with right hands before he rams Tregorov’ face into the apron and rolls him back in. Osborne mounts Tregorov in the corner and hits the ten-count punches before Tregorov shoves Osborne backwards with Osborne collapsing under his own weight on a leg that’s taken a few attacks already in this match.

Tregorov rolls to the floor once more and Osborne follows him out with a pescado over the top to the floor!! The crowd loving that piece of action from the champ! Osborne rams Tregorov into the apron again and Tregorov is taking a walk, nearly getting all the way behind the curtain before Osborne catches him and sends him back towards the ring. Osborne whips Tregorov into the railing and mounts him on the barricade, hammering away with another ten punches to the face as the crowd counts along. Osborne rolls Tregorov into the ring and heads up to the top rope, but Tregorov catches Osborne with a big left hand to knock him down off the ropes. Osborne guillotines Tregorov across the top rope and he tries to hit a crossbody, but Tregorov just catches him and throws him off, Osborne slams down to the mat hard. Tregorov with a vicious snap toehold and he locks in a leglock before adding in a seated abdominal stretch as well. Osborne fights him off with some punches, but Tregorov goes to the eyes with a cheap shot!

Referee wants Alexei over that one, giving CJ an opportunity to get back to his feet. Osborne charges in, hammering on Tregorov with forearm shots to the back, forcing Tregorov into the corner. Osborne whips him across the ring, the Russian connecting hard into the turnbuckle. CJ whips him across again and again and again………and another! Five whips into the corner back and forth and Tregorov goes up and over the top to the apron on the last one!!

Osborne with a big forearm and he slingshots Tregorov over the top and back into the ring before hitting him with a big springboard cross-body off the second rope!! Tregorov rolls through and transitions……HAMMER & SICKLE!!! Tregorov has the hold locked in!!! Osborne is screaming in pain until the referee notices CJ’s in the ropes and forces him to break the hold!

Tregorov charges and Osborne takes him down with a roll-up that gets another LONG two-count. Backslide from Osborne gets reversed into a brainbuster attempt by Tregorov, but Osborne floats over and tries for a roll-up off the ropes. Tregorov holds onto the ropes to break it, but turns around and gets caught in a fireman’s carry from Osborne……..he’s going for the Death Valley Driver……Tregorov fights out of it and hits a shinbreaker on Osborne and another. Tregorov with a third straight shinbreaker into an overhead suplex and Osborne is down and out! Big kick from Tregorov and he’s setting up for the….BRAINBUSTER!!! Cover…… OSBORNE ROLLS THE SHOULDER!!!! Tregorov goes ballistic and argues with the referee, thinking he should have won the title right there!

CJ is back up and Tregorov spots him, charging in with a lariat, CJ ducks… SUPERKICK!!   DREAM STREET!!! 1… 2… 3!!!

Your winner, and STILL GFC World Heavyweight Champion, CJ Osborne!

What a great match that was! CJ Osborne looked to be in trouble for a moment but he stayed strong and retains his championship. And while Alexei Tregorov was an unknown going into this match he showed why Scott Mayo had faith enough to put him in this match tonight.

So there we have it, our television debut is all recorded. Make sure you watch Premier Sports on Monday night at 11pm to catch the first ever showing of REVOLUTION. And check back here on Wednesday night when you will be able to catch the show replayed on the website for free! Join us next time for another cracking TV taping with that mammoth triple threat match for the GFC World Heavyweight Championship!