What a sensational night! What a series of stunning anouncements! What can I be talking about? Why, the latest night of FRONTIER action of course!

Before we get started with this weeks results I want to show you all what happened at the end of the last show, a clip from this past weeks REVOLUTION show…


[Gambino lies exhausted on the mat, his chest heaving as he tries to catch his breath. After a few moments he rolls onto his side, using the ropes to pull himself onto his knees. There is a smirk on his face as he is handed the GFC World title for the second time in his FRONTIER career. He cradles it in both arms, taking it in once again. The crowd is cheering wildly, both for CJ Osborne and the new GFC champion Gambino. They have once again put on one heck of a match, leaving everything they had in the ring. By now CJ has made it to his feet, looking dejected he glares across the ring at his arch rival. Shaking his head, he exits the ring via the second rope and makes the long trek up the ramp towards the back without the title he entered with. Gambino, meanwhile, is taking in the showers of cheers inside the ring. Still on his knees, he calls for and is handed a microphone.]

Gabe: Best… Wrestler… On… The… Planet! [His breath is rapid and shallow, the crowd cheering in agreement.] It has been a long and arduous journey, filled with ups, downs, and everything in between… It has been a journey filled with heartbreak and triumph, trials and tribulations… But it has been worth every second, every bump, every bruise, every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears… Because it has all brought me to this moment, this place, this piece of eternity. It has brought me back to the pinnacle of professional wrestling. It has brought me back to the top of the mountain. It has brought me back to the GFC World Heavyweight championship!

[The crowd cheers wildly as Gambino slowly makes his way to his feet. He slings the belt over his right shoulder as he circles the ring to the adulation of the crowd.]

Gabe: This moment, this belt, this all means more to me than you can ever know. [He takes a deep breath, fighting back a few tears.] I have been through a lot, personally, in the last few weeks. I won’t go into details, because you people don’t really need to hear it… But, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for your support. I’d like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart, because without your support, without you guys… I wouldn’t be able to do what I love to do, and that is come out and wrestle… That is to come out and put on a show for all of you. And I think we did that here tonight!

[The crowd applauds the effort of both Gambino and CJ Osborne.]

Gabe: As much as I dislike the man… CJ Osborne and I once again tore the house down here in Bournemouth! [He smirks as he gets a cheap pop.] We put on one hell of a match, just like we’ve always done. But, tonight, not only did we determine the GFC World champion… CJ and I also had the rubber match in our little rivalry. I won this trilogy, just like I won the trilogy against Kevin Hardaway at the One Year Anniversary show! I proved to CJ, just as I did to Kevin, that I am the better man inside this ring. There is no doubting that fact, from either of them, anymore. They can no longer claim they are better than me, because the results speak for themselves. I am the best wrestler in FRONTIER… I am the best wrestler on the PLANET. I am better than CJ Osborne. I’m better than Kevin Hardaway. I’m better than every member of the FRONTIER roster. Do you want to know why? [He grabs the GFC title off of his shoulder, raising it high into the air.] This… This right here proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt, I, Gabriel Gambino, am the best wrestler in this company… That I am the best wrestler in the world today!

[Gabe holds the belt up proudly for another moment before returning it to its perch atop his right shoulder. Rubbing his chin with his left hand, he again drops to his knees in the middle of the ring.]

Gabe: There have been murmurs from guys like the aforementioned CJ Osborne and Kevin Hardaway that I am not worthy of holding this piece of gold. There have been murmurs from those guys that I am not good enough to be the GFC World champion. I’m here to tell you that this… [He again removes the belt from his shoulder, cradling it in both arms as he speaks.] This belt right here signifies that I am worthy. This belt right here signifies that I am good enough. I won this thing fair and square. I beat CJ Osborne in the middle of this ring. I proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am good enough, that I am worthy. CJ says I didn’t deserve this rematch? CJ didn’t want to fight me because he knew in his heart that this would be the outcome… ME with MY hand raised with MY title held high above MY head. He knew he would lose the rubber match of our trilogy. THAT’S why CJ Osborne said I wasn’t deserving of a rematch for the GFC title. CJ can talk all he wants, but tonight, in this very ring, here in Bournemouth, I proved that I did deserve this rematch. I proved that I am worthy. I proved that I am the best wrestler on the planet. I beat CJ Osborne, once and for all. No longer can CJ Osborne lay claim to MY throne… No longer can Kevin Hardaway lay claim to MY throne. I am the GFC World Heavyweight champion once more… I am back atop the mountain. I have once again risen to what is rightfully mine!

[The crowd again cheers wildly, as Gabriel pops back to his feet.]

Gabe: And I am here to tell each and every one of you that I am going to make you proud. I am here to tell you all that I am going to give this title back the prestige it truly deserves. This belt has been ‘hot-potatoed’ around FRONTIER for far too long. For far too long this belt has been degraded by the likes of CJ Osborne. No more. This is the most important belt in the United Kingdom… And tonight this becomes the most important belt in the WORLD. [The crowd pops.] I am going to bring this belt to another level. I did it once, by defeating Kevin Hardaway at Revelations to become the first ever GFC WORLD champion. And I’m going to do it again. I don’t care what it takes. I don’t care who I have to go through. The GFC World Heavyweight title is now the premier title on this planet. And I am going to prove that I am the premier wrestler on this planet.

[Gabe has worked the Bournemouth crowd into a frenzy, and he seems to be feeding off of them as well.]

Gabe: Ladies and gentlemen, the conquest has only just begun!

[He drops the mic, raising the GFC title into the air once more. The crowd eats it up, chanting ‘Gam-bi-no, Gam-bi-no”. Gabe smiles proudly, taking in the raucous crowd, before rolling out of the ring. He circles the ring, slapping hands and taking pictures with members of the crowd. After he seemingly shakes everyone’s hand, he then makes his way up the ramp. Upon reaching the top he turns around and raises the GFC title into the air, screaming “Best wrestler on the planet!” The cameras fade to the image of Gambino with the GFC World title high above his head in mid scream.]

— /VIDEO —

So, the conquest has only begun? I guess we’ll see what Gambino has in store for FRONTIER in the coming weeks!

But before we can get to that let’s get to our first match as Chase Stevenson takes on the debuting Bushido!

Bushido vs. Chase Stevenson

Chase tosses Bushido into the corner, but Bushido fights right back. He runs into a shoulder block from Chase. Chase elbows him in the corner a couple of times, he whips Bushido into the corner and drops him with a sidewalk slam for two. Chase stands on Bushido’s neck some, then steps on his ankle. Not quite sure what he’s trying to do with that. Short-arm clothesline by Chase gets a two count. Neck vice by Chase…Bushido fights back. Chase drops the elbow on Bushido and then slams him down. Armbar by Chase…Bushido fights back until getting an inverted atomic drop. Chase gets his leg caught on the rope, then Bushido nails him with a running Yakuza kick that sends Chase over the top rope, although he lands on the ring apron. Chase back up tries to springboard back into the ring but Bushido connects with a big dropkick. Bushido heads to the top, connects with the Ode to the Warrior and picks up the win!

Your winner, Bushido!

A good debut performance from Bushido. And, man, that double stomp from the top rope looked painful! After the dust had settled Bushido waited for Chase to get back to his feet and offered his hand. But Chase grabbed his opponent, pulled him in and connected with a big elbow to the face before nailing the Money Maker! The crowd boo loudly as Chase gives them the finger before leaving the area. Eventually Bushido got back to his feet and received a warm round of applause from the Worthing crowd.

Our next match featured Alexei Tregorov, a man looking for his first win here in FRONTIER against Kevin Hardaway, the self proclaimed One Man Army!

Alexei Tregorov vs. Kevin Hardaway

Tie up to start, and Tregorov pushes Hardaway into the corner. Hardaway takes down Tregorov and locks in the front headlock. Tregorov drives Hardaway into the corner. European uppercuts by Kevin. Hardaway elevates Tregorov to the apron. Slingshot shoulderblock by the Russian. Right hands by Kevin, but he runs right into a brick wall. Tregorov with a delayed over the shoulder backbreaker. Pin but only two. Right hands by Kevin. Clothesline in the corner connects. Tregorov lifts himself to the top. Hardaway follows him up but gets pushed down. Hardaway runs back up and gets the belly to belly suplex off the top. Pin but only two. Hardaway ducks a shot and hits a German suplex. And another. Trifecta, but he’s not done. Fourth one will finish it? Pin but Tregorov kicks out at two. Decap Lariat ducked. Inverted sitout side powerslam connects. Death From Above coming up, but Hardaway escapes and hits the Williams Driver. 1…2…2.96546!!! Hardaway goes to the ropes. Lionstomp misses. Running knee lift connects. Delayed vertical suplex by Tregorov blocked by Hardaway who gets the Asylum bomb for the win!

Your winner, Kevin Hardaway!

And it’s K-Hard who picks up a hard fought win here tonight. Tregorov came close to snatching this one, but Hardaway seems fired up since announcing his distancing from Aaron Arcadian. Can the One Man Army continue to excel here in FRONTIER?

Before we get to our main event there was an announcement to be made by FRONTIER owner Hanna Fox who had come to ringside in one hell of a power suit.


Hanna Fox is stood in the ring, flanked by her business partners Scott Mayo and Matt Montell. Also in the ring is GFC President Alan Galpin.

HF: Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for coming out tonight for another quality FRONTIER show. I’m here tonight to let you know of some good news…

The crowd cheers.

HF: …and some not so good news.

The crowd boos.

HF: First off, you may have seen this announced on the FRONTIER website or from our colleagues at the Millennium Wrestling Alliance and Global Division of Wrestling; that is the unveiling of OBI, the Open Borders Initiative. This allows any FRONTIER contracted wrestlers to go and appear on any MWA or GDW show, and for their stars to appear on our shows. This opens so many possibilities for us and our talent and we really can’t wait to get working on this. Full details of when this initiative will come into force will be announced in due course.

HF: The second piece of news is one I had hoped would not come to pass. Earlier today I received a call from Nigel Jordan, our contact at Premier Sports. It is with deep regret that after four fabulous episodes of REVOLUTION, they have decided not to air the remaining episodes that we were due to record here tonight and in two weeks time.

The crowd lets out an enormous boo.

HF: I fully understand your frustration… believe me, I’m as disappointed in this as you are. The positive to come out of this is that the GFC Invitational will still be our first iPPV and the work to get that show to become a success starts right now! Alan…

Alan Galpin steps up and takes the microphone from Hanna Fox.

AG: Thank you, Hanna. The GFC Invitational II will be a spectacular one night tournament, contested by the best wrestlers you will ever have seen. Tonight I am happy to announce the first two names to be invited to take part in this competition. And they are… Kevin Hardaway.

The crowd cheers, chanting Hardaway’s name.

AG: And… Kacy Knight.

The crowd erupts at that news.

AG: I must stress, the GFC Committee has extended this invitation to Miss Knight, we have not yet had confirmation from her in regards to this matter. We will be making more public invitations in the coming weeks.

Galpin passes the microphone to Scott Mayo who has now stepped forward.

SM: You know what, seeing as we’re all out here making announcements…

The crowd boo the least popular member of the FRONTIER staff.

SM: There’s a little matter I’d like to publicly address and, hell, this seems as good a time as any. There’s a company over in the US called Frontier Grappling Arts. This Frontier is in no way affiliated with us here at FRONTIER but they seem to be using OUR name to their advantage. Recently attempts were made to sign Pat Gordon Jr to a FRONTIER contract. We put the feelers out, Pat seemed keen and a deal looked likely. But some confusion lead to Pat signing a deal with FGA instead of us.

The crowd boo and start chanting “Fuck FGA! Fuck FGA!”

SM: I’d like to remind the whole world that WE are the original FRONTIER! We are the BEST FRONTIER! We ARE FRONTIER!

Crowd: “We are FRONTIER, we are FRONTIER, we are FRONTIER!”

SM: So, whoever is running the FGA… consider this a formal challenge. November 4th 2012, we have a date free on our US tour… are you man enough to take on Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER?

Mayo drops the mic as the FRONTIER staff make their way out of the ring.

— /VIDEO —

Wow. Just, wow. Where do I begin with THAT!? FRONTIER signs a deal with MWA and GDW to allow wrestlers to appear on each others shows… we get our TV show cancelled… Galpin invites Hardaway & Kacy Knight to the GFC Invitational… and Mayo calls out the FGA!?

Well I guess we’ll hear more about all of this in the coming days and weeks, but for now let’s get back to the show in hand and our main event… the debut of Jack Tyler Ryan as he faces a CJ Osborne fresh off a defeat. Can CJ start the road to getting the GFC Title back? Or will JTR mix things up get his name in contention for the strap?

Jack Tyler Ryan vs. CJ Osborne

Tieup into the corner, Osborne breaks cleanly, but Ryan fires back and pounds away on the former champ. Off the ropes, Osborne with a drop kick, He punches away in the corner and rams Ryan’s head in the turnbuckle, but Ryan kicks Osborne down and punches him down in the corner. Wicked Kick gets a two count. Snapmare and a dropkick to the back of Osborne’s head gets two. Chinlock by Ryan…Osborne fights out, he rolls up Ryan for two and Ryan forearms him down. Knee drop by Ryan gets two and he goes back to the chinlock. Osborne fights out again, he jacks Ryan’s jaw and kicks him down to the mat. Both men slow to get up…Punch by Osborne, clothesline, off the ropes, leg lariat gets a two count. DREAM STREET!! And this one’s all over!

Your winner, CJ Osborne!

A solid win for CJ Osborne as he successfully bounces back from his title loss. Jack Tyler Ryan will feel he let himself down a little in that match, but I’m sure we’re going to see big things from him in the future.

With all due respect to CJ and JTR, I still can’t stop thinking about all those blockbuster announcements from earlier tonight. The future of FRONTIER looks to be shaky, chaotic and it’s going to be one hell of a ride!