In Character Rules

  1. Avoid “sick” crimes in character. We’re a nice bunch at FRONTIER and we don’t want to be reading about how you cut some homeless guys head off or disembowelled him. Your character smokes a little weed? Fine by us. Your character kills someone? That’s ok too, as long as you’re not too graphic with the details! Rape and child molestation are two other things we do not want to read about in any kind of detail. Feel free to push the boundaries on this, as long as it’s relevant to your story. If we feel you overstepped the mark we will warn you and possibly update this rule. If you do it again then your contract may be terminated.
  2. Racial slurs will not be tolerated under any circumstance. Anyone found breaking this rule will be given a warning and then their contract may well be terminated.
  3. We do NOT mention other real life wrestlers or wrestling promotions. Do not mention WWE, TNA, ROH, Dragon Gate, NOAH etc. It’s ok to mention “classic” wrestlers from time to time, especially British ones, but no current stars. Please do feel free to mention other eFeds and groups such as MWA, GDW, HOW, FGA etc.
  4. Don’t attack staff: You may use staff in your role-plays but please try to use them in the proper context. Also if you use someone try to use them in a way that makes sense. All FRONTIER  staff are “Untouchable”. Basically, if you manhandle a member of staff it will result in a suspension, a large fine and possibly termination of your contract. Check the staff page for bios on their characters to help you write as them.
  5. Keep things real: By this I mean, if you’re scheduled for a match on a Sunday night don’t mention in your RP  how your character was in a serious car crash on Wednesday. In reality you would be pulled from the show and I’ll do the same if I think something is too unrealistic.
  6. The Code of Respect: Yes, we know this is pretty much ROH’s Code of Honor. It’s there for the same reasons they used it, to help heels get over by breaking the rules. That’s pretty much it’s sole purpose. That and ensuring that most matches end cleanly with a pin or submission. This code may evolve and change, or may disappear completely, depending on how you make use of it.
  7. We are KAYFABE: That means we don’t know that bookers determine the results of the events, we don’t know that wrestling is fake, we don’t believe there is any behind the scenes activities at all. You’ll notice this is the last rule. There’s a very good reason for this. We want you to push this as much as you can without breaking it. It’s one of the traits of our community. This is one we want bent – but not too much.