Out of Character Rules

1.Have fun: There is no greater law within FRONTIER than this. Your first, last and only goal should be to have fun. And if, for a moment you begin not to have fun, you should retire that very moment. For we can do nothing but agitate you then.

2.Be active: This is a very important rule. Without your activity we have no community. Without a community then we have no FRONTIER. Get involved with the community on the OOC (out of character) board.

3.Be reasonable: We try, we really do. But sometimes we can’t accommodate everything. We know you may want a title shot, but understand that everyone can’t have a shot, and there may be someone more deserving than you for whatever reason. In similar terms, if you write a strategy/idea for an event and we edit it, alter it slightly, don’t get mad. We’re just trying to take as much as we can from what everybody wants.

4.Respect everything: I’m big on respect. That means respect us when it comes to OOC disputes and handle things maturely. Don’t use racial slurs, keep sexual and religious connotations to a minimum. Some folks may not like them. And most of all, respect the rules.

5.Don’t break any criminal laws OOC: Do not threaten, harass, blackmail, intimidate or verbally abuse any other handler OOC. While perfectly acceptable in character, this tends to break rule one.

NB. Since changing from an RP fed to an Angle fed rules 6-13 no longer apply.

14.Get permission to use other characters: You may use another person’s character in your role-plays if you have their permission.