What a night we’ve just had here in Oxford. FRONTIER’s eleventh show was a spectacular which will live long in the memory and sets us nicely on the path to REVOLUTION! But what is REVOLUTION? Read on to find out…

The day started with the usual meet and greet sessions, a chance for fans to get up close and personal with the FRONTIER stars. Stars like William Wallace, Jackson, Thomas Driver and Aaron Arcadian who were all making their in-ring debuts here tonight at The Regal.

And then it was time to kick things off.


Jason Talbot vs. Jackson Rose vs. Aaron Arcadian vs. Vincenzo Massaro

We start with Massaro and Arcadian in the ring, and after some early exchanges Arcadian makes the tag to Rose. Rose goes for a shoulder block but just bounces off of Massaro. Rose makes the tag to Talbot, and Talbot lands a series of kicks to Massaro’s leg. Talbot goes to work with a volley of punches and kicks, but Massaro fights back with a power slam.

Arcadian makes the blind tag to Massaro, but Talbot catches him with a kick to the chest. Arcadian regains control with a standing drop kick, but Talbot kicks him to the outside with a boot to the face. Arcadian gets back to his feet on the outside, but Talbot runs across the ring apron and connect with a missile drop kick. Jackson Rose hits a suicide dive to the outside that take out both Arcadian and Talbot. Massaro looks to fly onto all three men, but Arcadian slides back in the ring and levels Massaro with a running lariat. Looks like Arcadian and Massaro are the legal men at the moment although with all that action it’s actually pretty hard to keep track of!

Arcadian whips Massaro to the ropes and then pounds away on him in the corner. The referee admonishes Arcadian for using the closed fist, but Talbot pulls Massaro out of the ring and whips him into the guard rail. Massaro is rolled back into the ring and Arcadian gets a two count. Arcadian hits a vertical suplex but misses a running elbow drop. Arcadian tags Rose as Massaro tags Talbot.

Rose hits a beautiful bridging German suplex for a two count, but Talbot fights back with a trio of snap suplexes for a two count of his own. Talbot goes up to the top turnbuckle, but Arcadian knocks him all the way down to the floor. Arcadian goes after Rose, but Rose just manages to make the tag to Massaro. Massaro hits a standing drop kick, but Arcadian lands a big boot to the face. Rose charges in and lands a tornado DDT to Arcadian. Talbot comes in and lands a kick to the back of Massaro’s head. All four men are down in the middle of the ring. The crowd are loving the action here!

They all get to their knees and slug it out before finally all getting to their feet. Talbot seems to take control and levels Arcadian with a super kick. Talbot goes up top and drops Massaro and Rose with a double missile drop kick. Talbot lands a kick to Arcadian’s head. Rose catches Talbot with an abdominal stretch, but Arcadian breaks the hold. Arcadian connects with Constellation Killer to Massaro for the three count at around the eleven minute mark.

Your winner, Aaron Arcadian!

A solid debut performance from Aaron Arcadian who is one of several top stars to have joined us recently. The landscape of FRONTIER is certainly changing with all these new stars. And could one relative newcomer pick up the ultimate prize tonight? Let’s catch up with tonight’s challenger to the GFC Heavyweight Champion…




The scene fades in to the backstage area of The Regal where we see a simple FRONTIER backdrop. From the right of it appears a shadow as a figure begins to make its way to the centre. “The Reflection of Perfection” Cody Williams appears and stops in the middle of the backdrop, his head hanging down, body turned to the side.

Cody Williams: It has been over four years since I returned from one of the most devastating injuries I have ever had in my career. It left me bed-ridden and in a wheelchair for over a year and I was told that I would never be able to wrestle ever again.

He slowly begins to turn towards the camera.

Cody Williams: But I would be damned if the last image people had of me was of me laying on the mat not able to move my arms and legs. Fast forward to 2008 when I returned to this business that I love and hold dearly to my heart. I was determined to prove that I was the same wrestler I was before and better yet, to show that I was better than before.

He raises his hand up to his face and rubs his chin and nods his head slowly.

Cody Williams: I went out there each and every night to put on the most spectacular performances anyone has ever seen and I accomplished that. I was content with any position on the card, all that mattered to me was that I steal the show and give everyone their moneys worth. But after a while, that just isn’t..

He raises his head and stares deeply into the camera.

Cody Williams: Good enough! You see, being the best at what you do and being admired by millions and having them tell you that you’re the best, you’re their favorite just doesn’t cut it. You cannot call yourself the best if you are not the champion. And not being the best just isn’t good enough for me anymore. I want more, I want more than just recognition.. I want to be called… CHAMPION!!! And tonight, I get that opportunity when I face Kenchi Yamamoto for the GFC Heavyweight Championship. For weeks now I have requested and petitioned to have a shot at FRONTIER’s front man and now that I have my shot I will show everyone here at FRONTIER, everyone here at The Regal, everyone around the world that Cody Williams has still got it, and is still championship material. And after I beat Kenchi tonight, I will take the GFC Heavyweight Championship and bring it to where it belongs.. In the hands of “The Reflection of Perfection” Cody Williams!!!

His eyes widen and his nostrils flare as he breathes heavily as he says his last statement with a confident conviction. He stands there for several more seconds before turning , his head still facing the camera, and walking away.

— / VIDEO —


Back out in the ring and we were ready to go with our next match. William Wallace, the proud Scot, to make his debut. Wallace made his first FRONTIER appearance back in St. Ives and declared he would show the foreign wrestlers just what British wrestling was all about. So how would he fare against the MWA’s Executive Director CJ Osborne?

William Wallace vs. CJ Osborne

Crowd is pretty heavily behind Osborne as ring announcer Jenni Starr gives us the ring introductions, but Wallace takes things right to CJ as soon as the bell sounds. Wallace grabs a side headlock and Osborne shoots him off into the ropes, leapfrogging him and ducking under him before hitting Wallace with a big dropkick and a pair of armdrags into an armbar. Wallace rolls to his knees and eventually fights to his feet, but Osborne brings him right back down to the mat with an arm-wringer. Osborne back to the armbar and the crowd is chanting his name as Wallace shoves him back into the corner and fakes a clean break before he takes a cheap shot on Osborne. More right hands from Wallace and he backs away but Osborne pulls him back into the corner and peppers him with rights before hitting a big hip toss out of the corner. Osborne over to the other corner to grab Wallace, but Wallace catches him and drops him face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Wallace picks Osborne up and sets him up for a vertical suplex, but Osborne floats over into a roll-up off of the ropes for a two-count. Wallace misses a clothesline and hits the ropes, but Osborne catches him coming of with a HUGE spinebuster! Osborne calls for Wallace to get up and sets up for the superkick, but Wallace bails out to the floor to catch his breath.

Great opening to this one, the crowd really getting to Wallace out on the floor and CJ is by the ropes, yelling down to him. Wallace hooks Osborne around the ankle and drags him out of the ring, slamming his head into the guard railing before he rams him into the ring steps. Wallace with a handful of hair and he chucks Osborne back into the ring, measuring him for a huge stomp to the face. Elbow to the back of the head puts Osborne down to his knees and Wallace just rakes away at his face, clawing at Osborne’s nose and mouth before raking his nails down Osborne’s back. Wallace rakes the back again and tells Osborne to get up with Osborne responding with right hands and a dropkick that sends Wallace over the top rope to the floor here in The Regal! Osborne right out after him with right hands and Wallace is trying to get away from him and get another breather as the crowd chants to support Osborne. Wallace turns the tide with a cheap shot and rams Osborne’s head into the barricade before sending him back into the ring. Wallace rakes his bootlaces across Osborne’s eyes and whips him into the ropes, but Osborne reverses and holds on, slipping through Wallace’s legs and knocking him down before picking him up for a BIG FALLAWAY SLAM!! Wallace rolls to the apron and Osborne charges across the ring, hitting a shoulder block to the gut that sends Wallace flying to the floor.

Referee’s count is up to five with both men on the floor and Osborne sends Wallace back into the ring before heading up to the top rope. Osborne off the top rope with a BIG ELBOW for a two count only. Somehow Wallace powers up to his feet and takes Osborne down with a big slam. Wallace climbs up onto the top turnbuckle, but Osborne splits his legs and crotches him on the top rope!

Osborne climbs up and locks Wallace in for a HUGE SUPERPLEX…..cover from Osborne for a two. Wallace grabs referee Sal Mancini and Osborne shoves him out of the way, allowing Wallace to take over with a DDT into a cover… hook of the leg… Osborne with the kickout at two! Wallace whips Osborne into the ropes but Osborne reverses and hits an arm drag. Wallace rolls through it and charges at Osborne, but Osborne takes him over with a big snap powerslam for another two count.

Wallace barely escaped that time! Crowd is really buying into these near falls and the place is pretty electric, rallying behind Osborne. Wallace holds onto Osborne’s boot and begs off with Osborne responding with right hands. They both hit the ropes and Wallace TURNS OSBORNE INSIDE OUT WITH A MASSIVE CLOTHESLINE!! Wallace drags Osborne into the middle of the ring and signals the crowd before trapping the arms of CJ and nailing the GLASGOW KISS! He takes Osborne to the mat and makes a cover, two count only!

Wallace gets in the face of referee Mancini and throws him to the side to try for a low blow, but Osborne blocks it!! Osborne blocks the low blow and swings Wallace’s arm around, nearly hitting Mancini, who ducks out of the way. Osborne takes advantage of the momentary distraction and CONNECTS WITH A SUPERKICK OUT OF NOWHERE! He covers again, 2 COUNT ONLY!!!

The crowd are going mental for this action as Wallace is up and sets Osborne up for a whip into the corner. Osborne reverses and charges in, but Wallace gets the boot up and kicks him in the face. Wallace out of the corner…ANOTHER SUPERKICK FROM OSBORNE!!! CROWD IS ON THEIR FEET!! Osborne with the cover…….. TWO COUNT!!

Osborne is arguing with Mancini, thinking he should have had the three-count and here comes Wallace from behind with a roll-up. Handful of tights….. AND WALLACE WINS IT!

Your winner, William Wallace!

A good back and forth match there, until Wallace took advantage of CJ right when it mattered. The English crowd continued to jeer at Wallace as he celebrated on the way to the back.

So how would two other debutants fare here tonight? Well it was time to find out as “The Patron Saint” Thomas Driver faced off against Jackson.

Thomas Driver vs. Jackson

Jackson comes out first. Driver is out, streamers for him as he enters the ring. Apparently he has a few fans here in Oxford! Code of respect is followed. They lock up and we’re off!

Driver has the arm of Jackson for a few seconds before it’s reversed. Takedown and a side headlock on Jackson. Driver out and a faceoff. Arm drags by Jackson and back to their feet. Shoulder tackle by Jackson but Driver gets a body slam. Spinning body slam now and gets a 2 count. Rear chin lock on Jackson and they’re up to their feet. Jackson tosses Driver to the outside.

They exchange positions and Jackson goes back in the ring where Driver is and slaps him. They trade shots and Jackson throws Driver out. Double axe handle to the outside. Reversed Irish Whip and Driver hops up on the apron and hits a jumping punch to Jackson. Jackson back in. Misses a running baseball slide. ASAI MOONSAULT BY DRIVER! Rolls Jackson back in and gets a 1 count only!

Exchange of strikes and Driver gets a backslide for two. Jackson hits a neck breaker. Three pin attempts yield him 2 counts every time. Jackson is choking Driver with the bottom rope. Jackson hits a Northern Lights Suplex for 2. Hooks the leg and gets 2 again. Chinlock by Jackson but Driver gets out. Driver sent outside though and JACKSON HITS A SUICIDE DDT!! “Holy shit” indeed, Oxford!

Back inside the ring and Driver fights out of a suplex. Tries for one of his own. Jackson floats out and hits a German suplex instead for another two count. Jackson up top. He goes for a senton but eats some knees…with his back! Exchange of blows and Driver gets the upper hand.

One legged dropkick from Driver and he drives Jackson into the middle turnbuckle. New York Nightmare by Driver gets 2! That looked sweet! Back up and Jackson gets a Millennium suplex. Goes for a piledriver, but Driver reverses into a back body drop.

Jackson up again and gets a jumping knee to the head from the second rope! Jackson goes for what appears to be the Darkest Hour! Driver manages to reach out and touches the bottom rope, forcing Jackson to release the hold. Jackson gets some strikes and tries for Something Wicked! Driver fights out and gets a Snap Suplex. Flying Knee dodged by Jackson! Dropkick and tries for the Throat Slash, but Jackson pushes him away and into the ref! Ref’s not completely out, but Driver is startled slightly and this gives Jackson the opportunity to get up and hit the SOMETHING WICKED FOR THE WIN!

Your winner, Jackson!

A great win for Jackson on his FRONTIER debut, a decent performance from Driver too but Jackson was just too much for him here tonight.


During intermission Alex Jones made a surprise appearance in the crowd. He walked down to the barricade flashing a ticket to security as the fans seemed to embrace the embattled former champion. When security seemed to relax Alex jumped the rail and grabbed a live mic.

Alex had a few seconds to get his point across this is what was said “So who thinks I should have a contract in my hand right now for some #@$%ing dork who beleives he’s the best in the solar system?. Go on twitter voice your opinions with hash tags #jonesvshardawayIII and #voice of the voiceless…you have the power…”

At this time security stormed Alex who ran and slide through the ring to the other side and over the barricade into the fans who seemed to embrace him again.

Well, I knew Jones was going to appear he tonight, he’d been talking about it for a couple of weeks on twitter and on various radio shows. But here he was challenging the fans to get behind him, will it work? I guess we’ll know in a few days if the hashtag #jonesvshardawayIII starts trending or not!

Of course Kevin Hardaway had other things on his mind tonight, namely his old friend Spike Kane. These two know so much about each other this match is sure to be a classic. Hell, they even look alike! 

SPECIAL ATTRACTION: Kevin Hardaway vs. Spike Kane

Both men get amazing receptions from the Oxford crowd here at The Regal, especially Hardaway who is one of the top guys in the eyes of the fans. Lots of streamers for him when he comes out. But Kane also gets a great reception, especially from his old friend Hardaway who leads the crowd in a chant of “Let’s go Spike, Let’s go Spike!” After the introductions from Jenni Starr we have the Code of Respect followed and then the bell sounds.

As the match starts Kane and Hardaway circle each other and Hardaway takes control with an arm wringer. Kane reverses into an arm wringer of his own, but Hardaway rolls out of it and creates distance. Hardaway once again goes to work with the arm wringer. Kane again reverses, Hardaway reverses, and we’re at a stalemate. Kane calls for a test of strength in the middle of the ring but then kicks Hardaway in the gut.

Kane wrenches Hardaway’s arm around the top rope, but Hardaway breaks free and levels Kane with a kick to the gut. Hardaway hits a snap suplex for a two count and locks in a chin lock. Hardaway maintains the hold and pushes Kane down into a pinning predicament for a two count. Hardaway hits a body slam and locks in an inverted Figure Four Leg Lock, but Kane makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold.

Hardaway hits a back breaker, calls for the Lionstomp and heads to the ropes, but Kane has enough time to get back to his feet and kick Hardaway off the top rope and all the way down to the arena floor! Kane heads to the outside and beats Hardaway all the way around the ring. Kane traps Hardaway in the corner and stands on his throat. Kane connects with a snap suplex and a volley of punches for a two count. Kane locks in a seated abdominal stretch, but Hardaway fights back to his feet. Hardaway hits the ropes, but Kane catches him with a knee to the gut for another two count.

Kane goes back to the seated abdominal stretch and adds a key lock. Kane transitions to a rear chin lock and grapevines the body. Hardaway finally escapes, but Kane kicks him to the corner. Hardaway rolls to the outside, but Kane follows and drops him throat-first onto the guard rail. Kane hits Hardaway with a body slam on the outside that sends him back-first into the ring apron. Kane rolls back into the ring and seems to be looking for a count-out victory. Hardaway rolls back in the ring to break the count and goes to work with chops and kicks to Kane’s chest.

Kane traps Hardaway in the corner and repeatedly drives his shoulder into Hardaway’s gut. Kane stomps on Hardaway in the corner and then hits a back breaker onto his knee for a two count. Kane connects with a back suplex for another two count and then locks in a front face lock. Hardaway fights back to his feet, but Kane maintains the hold. Hardaway finally breaks free and connects with a series of shoulder shots to Kane’s gut. Hardaway hits a kick to the side of Kane’s head the sends Kane to the outside. Hardaway his a GTFO~! that sends both men crashing into the guard rail.

Hardaway rolls Kane back into the ring and hits him with a missile drop kick from the top rope. Hardaway and Kane exchange forearm shots in the middle of the ring, but Hardaway regains control with a neckbreaker for another two count. Kane goes for a back breaker, but Hardaway counters into a crucifix hold for a two count. Hardaway hits a bridging German Suplex for another two count. Hardaway locks in the Ankle Lock, but Kane counters into a crossface!

Hardaway shifts his weight and rolls Kane into a pinning predicament for a two count. Both men head up to the top turnbuckle, and Kane hits Hardaway with a back breaker onto the top turnbuckle for a two count. Kane locks in the All Hope is Lost but can’t get the submission. Hardaway has only ever lost by submission here in FRONTIER, and to Alex Jones. Maybe Kane is utilising that to his advantage.

Hardaway traps Kane in the corner and repeatedly kicks the chest. Kane reverses into a volley of chops to the chest. More kicks from Hardaway and more chops from Kane. Hardaway eats a boot from Kane but fight back with the KTFO~! We’ve got forearms and kicks in the middle of the ring, but Kane finally levels Hardaway with a knee strike to the head. “This is AWESOME” chant from the crowd, and I certainly can’t argue with that!

Both men get back to their feet on the ring apron, and their battle of chops and kicks continues. Kane sets Hardaway on the top turnbuckle and hits an elevated back breaker off the top turnbuckle onto the ring apron. Yeah, that looked like it hurt. A lot. Hardaway bounces to the outside as Kane rolls back into the ring. Kane is praying for a count-out at this point, and Hardaway is damn near motionless on the outside. Hardaway slowly fights back to his feet and rolls back in at 8.

Kane unloads with forearms and chops followed by the SUPER FAST SUPERKICK for a LONG two count. Kane hits a back breaker followed immediately but a brainbuster for an ever LONGER two count. Hardaway WILL NOT DIE! “K-Hard, K-Hard, K-Hard!” chant from the crowd. Kane sets up for the Wings of Liberty but Hardaway tries to counter, Kane tries to float over into sunset flip, but Hardaway escapes. Hardaway turns Kane inside out with the decap lariat for at two count. Strikes and kicks from Hardaway to Kane. Hardaway goes back to the Ankle Lock, but Kane escapes and regains control with an enzigiri and follows up with the WINGS OF LIBERTY INTO THE ALL HOPE IS LOST!! “Please don’t tap! Please don’t tap! Please don’t tap!” chant from the crowd.

Hardaway escapes and gets Kane into the Ankle Lock, and suddenly the crowd re-starts the “Please don’t tap! Please don’t tap! Please don’t tap!” chant. They’re really into this match, they don’t want to see it end! Hardaway releases the hold and takes Kane up to the top turnbuckle and hits a top rope SUPERPLEX INTO A WILLIAMS DRIVER INTO THE ANKLE LOCK!!!!! Insane series of moves from K-Hard and the crowd are on their feet! Hardaway grapevines the leg, and that’s enough to finally make Kane tap!

Your winner, Kevin Hardaway!

After the match is over Hardaway goes over to Spike and offers him his hand. The two shake hands and then embrace in the middle of the ring. Spike raises K-Hard’s hand in a show of respect as the crowd are on their feet for both men.

It was one hell of a match and could easily have gone either way, but it’s Hardaway that bests another challenger and takes the momentum going into Croydon where he’ll face MWA Hall of Famer, Tim Worthington.

But what will Alex Jones make of that? Will he get his match with K-Hard? Both men want it and have stated so publically. Hardaway’s even willing to put his career on the line. I have been reliably informed that Jones will get his answer in two weeks in Fairfields Hall!

And then came time for our main event of the evening, a match for the GFC Heavyweight Championship! 

MAIN EVENT: Cody Williams vs. Kenchi Yamamoto (c)

Williams out first to a chorus of boos, not surprising after the way he brutally assaulted the champ at the conclusion of their previous meeting back in St. Ives. Kenchi, however, gets a riotous welcome from The Regal complete with streamers and chants of “Yamamoto, Yamamoto!”

Referee Ed Watling takes the GFC Heavyweight Title from Kenchi and shows it to Cody before raising it into the air for all to see, the usual signal that the belt is on the line here tonight. Watling calls for the two men to follow the Code of Respect and shake hands but Williams rushes Kenchi and starts to throw in some big kicks to the legs.

The ref calls for the bell to officially start the match and we’re off. Kenchi seems to just take the first set of kicks from Williams before pushing him away. But “The Reflection of Perfection” just comes back with more kicks. This time Kenchi nails a massive forearm that rocks the challenger and then nails a big set of kicks that drops Williams to the mat. Williams pops back up and bounces off the ropes with a dropkick to the knee of the Champ. Yamamoto drops to a knee and Cody gets a DDT in and covers, only getting a one count.

Kenchi forces his way back to his feet, albeit a little slowly, and grabs Williams. He whips him into the ropes but Williams ducks a lariat, kicking the back of Kenchi’s legs before nailing a neckbreaker. Kenchi goes down and Williams quickly follows up with stomps to the legs of the Champ. I gotta admit, this is good strategy from Cody Williams, keeping the big man off his feet and trying to slow him down.

The crowd notice this is what Cody’s trying to do and are trying to get Kenchi back into it as they chant out his name. Kenchi is back up again, Williams slides between his legs and takes him down with a chop block to the right leg. He grabs the legs, lifts it up and smashes his knee into the canvas. He heads to the corner, connecting with senton to the back of Yamamoto’s legs.

Kenchi is getting frustrated and grabs Williams. He connects with some open palm strikes before grabbing the arms of Williams and taking him over and down with a belly to belly suplex. Kenchi is slow to get to his feet though so cannot follow up. Williams leaps back to his feet and looks for a clothesline but Kenchi catches him with a spinning side slam, covering for a two count.

Yamamoto again gets up, but again his speed is impaired due to the early attacks on his legs. He tries to shake them out, walking off the effects. Williams is up and charges in again, Kenchi ducks a clothesline and turns to try and nail one of his own but Williams catches him with a Superkick! It rocks Kenchi but doesn’t send him down, Williams follows up with a kick to the gut and a Blowout, covering for a two count.

Again Kenchi is slow to get back up, fending off some forearms from Williams as he gets back to a vertical base. Williams steps back and rushes in with a Yakuza kick which again rocks the Champ. He then connects with the PERFECT rush, multiple slaps, spinning chop, roundhouse kick to the head, and a running single leg dropkick that sends Yamamoto to the canvas. He quickly runs to the corner, jumps up to the top rope and connects with a high angle Frog Splash, hooking the leg afterwards for another two count!

Williams can’t believe that Kenchi’s not staying down and is arguing with referee Ed Watling as Kenchi slowly gets back to his feet. Williams turns back to Kenchi who yells at him and invites him on. This man has taken everything Williams has thrown at him so far and keeps getting back up. Williams charges again, ducking a clothesline and bouncing back off the ropes with a springboard DDT. Yamamoto gets right back up and Williams nails a discuss clothesline before locking in a Figure Four!

Yamamoto will not tap, he’s aiming for the ropes and uses his strength advantage to pull Williams across the canvas with him until he can reach them. Watling forces Cody to release the hold and Yamamoto uses the ropes to help him to his feet. Cody charges in, Kenchi lifts him up over the ropes dropping him to the ring apron. Williams lands on his feet and catches the Champ with a big forearm, then an elbow. Yamamoto is staggered and Williams leaps up, SPRINGBOARD CROSS BODY IS CAUGHT BY YAMAMOTO!!!! FALL AWAY SLAM!!! Two count only!!

Both men up again and Kenchi storms in for a lariat, but Williams ducks and catches him with a rolling elbow this time, again the Champ is staggered. Cody locks in a wrist clutch, could he be going for the Picture Perfect? He starts lifting Kenchi up, but Yamamoto rolls over and catches him in a SUNSET FLIP!! Two count only! Kenchi avoided certain defeat with that reversal and the crowd are eating this up. Last time he had a title defence he destroyed Josh Hawhtorne, this time he’s taking EVERYTHING Williams is throwing at him and he’s still alive in this one. Credit to Williams, he’s brought his A game tonight!

The men slowly get back to their feet, Cody’s energetic plan tonight has started to take its toll on him as well as his opponent. Kenchi tries to play this to his advantage as he shoots Cody into the ropes and nails a powerslam, taking the wind out of the challenger and getting a two count. He pulls Williams to his feet and WILLIAMS CATCHES HIM WITH A JAWBREAKER!! He pulls Yamamoto up… PURE PERFECTION!!! TWO COUNT ONLY!!!

“THIS IS WRESTLING” scream the crowd as Williams cannot believe Kenchi kicked out again. Kenchi is up, Williams is up too. Williams charges in for a clothesline but Kenchi stands firm and doesn’t budge. He screams something in Cody’s face, Williams bounces off the ropes and goes for another clothesline but GRAND IMPACT FROM THE CHAMP!!! ONE! TWO! THREE!!!!

Your winner, and STILL GFC Heavyweight Champion, Kenchi Yamamoto!

What a stunning match that was, Cody threw everything at Yamamoto and somehow he came through it and retains the title. A great display of resilience from the Champ, up against his toughest challenger yet but he still lives to defend another day with that belt around his waist. And while many don’t like Williams’ attitude you have to applaud the effort he put into this one!

Kenchi celebrated and Cody didn’t follow up on his chair attack from St Ives, instead leaving the ring with a touch of class. Yes he was visibly disappointed but credit to him for being man enough to accept this defeat, I have a feeling it will spur him on to come back stronger next time!

But the show wasn’t over just yet, as everyone was about to leave there was one more twist in the tale…


As the show has apparently come to a conclusion Jenni Starr steps forwards again as “New Sensation” by INXS begins to play throughout The Regal.

DW: “What’s this? Could this show have even more action left in it?”

Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER owner Hanna Fox, flanked by her business partners Scott Mayo and Matt Montell, makes her way to the ring to a chorus of cheers and wolf whistles from the Oxford crowd.

JS: “Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Hanna Fox!”

She climbs into the ring and takes a microphone from Jenni Starr.

HF: “I hope you’ve enjoyed the show here tonight. I just want to thank all you fans here tonight and those that will watch this video on the website tomorrow; without you FRONTIER would not be here. Without the demand for a new British wrestling promotion it would not have been possible to set up this company, without the hunger of you fans it would not be possible to bring in people like Kenchi Yamamoto, Spike Kane, Thomas Driver, Kevin Hardaway, Cody Williams, Jackson, William Wallace… the list goes on.”

The crowd cheer at the mention of each name.

HF: “And because of you, because of the tickets you buy, the DVD’s you order… you’ve made something very special happen. You may have seen the website that’s popped up recently declaring that the REVOLUTION is coming. Just a few weeks ago myself, Matt and Scott put pen to paper on a very special contract with…”

She stops in her tracks.

HF: “You know what, I’ll let this video explain everything…”

Hanna turns to face the big screen at the top of the entrance ramp and the fans all turn towards it as a video begins to play.


HF: “That’s right, Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER will start broadcasting an hour of the best UK wrestling action every week on Premier Sports from August 20th!”

The crowd cheer wildly before a chant of “Let’s go FRONTIER” breaks out from one side of the hall before the whole room starts chanting “Thank you Hanna.”

HF: “All this is leading into the second annual GFC Invitational Tournament in November which is going to be available online as our first ever internet Pay-Per-View event!”

Chants of “Pay-Per-View” now ring out here at the Regal.

DW: “The crowd are loving this announcement. And, I gotta admit, So am I!”

HF: “We told you 2012 would be big. We doubled the number of shows; we hired some great new talent. Now we’re pushing forward in ways no-one expected from this little upstart company from the UK! We’re on a path to our one year anniversary in July, putting on shows at the Isle of Wight Festival and the London Olympics. And then, to start our second year, we’ll be on TV!”

DW: “Fox can’t help but smile throughout this whole announcement; she’s seeing the fruits of her labour come to fruition here.”

HF: “The full details of the Premier Media deal will be online for all to see in due course. And if you want to be part of our first ever TV appearance then make sure you book your tickets for August 19th at the King George’s Hall as soon as they become available!”

INXS begins to play again as Fox, Montell and Mayo all applaud the fans in attendance while heading out of the ring and back towards the entrance curtain.

— / VIDEO —

And there it was; the announcement that will change the landscape of Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER. I’ll be posting the details of the deal in another post shortly, but needless to say that everyone involved in this company can be rightly proud of what we’ve all achieved.

But what will the fall out of this announcement be? To find out make sure you purchase your tickets now for March 31st at Fairfields Hall in Croydon where Tim Worthington and August Joyce arrive in town for two very special matches. See you there…