War is Over

2012 comes to a close with one of the most explosive nights in the history of Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER. This has been one hell of a year for FRONTIER, and we’d always hoped that it would end with a bang. But no-one could have seen coming the events of tonight. Events that have left people shaken to the core, that has left the landscape of FRONTIER changed forever. How will FRONTIER look in 2013? At the time I write this… I have no fucking clue.

Ethan Albright vs. Blood Tiger vs. The Betamax Kid

The show started with a triple threat match. Betamax Kid sends Albright out of the ring quickly but turns around into a big elbow and dropkick from Blood Tiger. Albright returns to the ring only to be clotheslined out by Betamax Kid, who is then clotheslined out by Blood Tiger. Betamax Kid drags Blood Tiger back to the apron and tries for a second rope DDT, but Albright hits a spin kick to Betamax Kid to break it. Betamax Kid dropkicks Albright out of the ring but walks right into a sideslam from the Mexican. Blood Tiger heads to the top rope but Albright hits a step-up enziguri, sending him crashing out to the floor. Blood Tiger quickly returns to the ring and Betamax Kid hands out powerslams to both him and Ethan. Second-rope DDT on Albright from Betamax Kid out of the corner and he sets up for the finish, but Albright fights back. Blood Tiger blocks a cross armbar attempt from Albright and hits him with a superkick, but Albright avoids being pinned by rolling to the ring apron. Tiger walks right into an STO from Betamax Kid, but before Spikey can cover him Albright kicks Betamax Kid right in the head and steals the pin!

Your winner, Ethan Albright!

Another decent win for Albright, he’s improving match by match. But people have questioned his opponents, and he’s going to have to step up to some tougher competition before people start to believe in this kid.


We’re backstage by the FRONTIER banner, although we can’t see much of it since there are three people in the way. Front and centre is one of the men who made a surprise return last week – “The Last Hope” Jay Pride. At his right is another face from FRONTIER’s early days, that of Leanne Evangelista. And on his left is a flamboyantly dressed young lady whom some fans will recognise as Leanne’s GEW tag team partner Laurel Guerra, better known elsewhere as Laurel Anne Hardy. Jay grins his trademark cheeky grin.

Jay: FRONTIER faithful! As you can plainly see you’re lookin’ at the sexiest alliance ever to light up a TV screen. The beautiful Leanne Evangelista, the radiant Laurel Anne Hardy, and of course yours truly, Jay Pride.

He claps an arm round the shoulders of each woman in turn as he references them, and then as he identifies himself, points to himself with both hands.

Jay: Last week I spoke to you about the bitter war between Scott Mayo an’ Kevin Hardaway, an’ the fact that Mr Mayo seems to have this… effect on people, and sadly not the kind of knee-weakening, knicker-wetting effect myself and my girls here have on people. No, Scott Mayo has this remarkable knack for bringin’ onscreen battles backstage, and backstage arguments onscreen. How many times in the last year has an issue between management an’ talent affected a show? Too damn many. An’ that’s not what you good people pay to see, is it? You pay to see the best athletes in the world, competin’ for the most important championship in the world. Mayo’s games are gettin’ in the way of that. Well yours truly is gonna do something about it.

A dramatic pause.

Jay: You see… I’ve just got out of a meetin’ with Matt Montell, an’ the upshot of that meeting is that as of tonight Jay Pride is once again a full-time member of the FRONTIER roster. And I will be, I promise you this, a bastion of competitive spirit and good old British grit no matter how messed up things get in the HR department. I am here to fight, to win, and to entertain, and no amount of bull is gonna keep me from doing that.

He puts his arms around Leanne and Laurel’s waists, and shoots us a wink.

Jay: Enjoy the rest of the show, folks – unless of course our esteemed General Manager finds some new an’ interesting way to ruin it – and assuming the Mayan apocalypse doesnae happen, I’ll see you on the first show of 2013. Take care, an’ happy holidays.

— / VIDEO —

Well, it looks like Matt Montell has made his second signing behind Scott Mayo’s back! Last week it was Alex Jones, tonight it’s another FRONTIER original in Jay Pride. And, I have to say, it’s great to have him back. What he says is right, for too long there’s been chaos in FRONTIER. Who knows, maybe that all ends tonight!

Next up was due to be Hugo Strange vs. Jason Talbot, but we got word late in the day that Hugo suffered a loss in the family and he was given permission to skip the show. We at FRONTIER all hold Hugo in our thoughts at this difficult time.

With that said, there was more action planned as Max Violence took on the returning Alex Jones!

Maximum Violence vs. Alex Jones

We start with Max going for the legs and Jones missing a kick, then a lockup. Maximum Violence turns it into a headlock but Jones breaks out of it and reverses it into an armlock which is reversed into a go behind then a pin by Max for 1. The crowd is cheering heavily for the returning Alex Jones as both men lock up again. Jones with a go behind then a take down and a pin for one. He locks in an armbar but Max rises out of it then tosses Jones to the ropes. Jones with a slide under Max and hits a Japanese arm drag turned arm bar…nice! Again, Max fights to stand but Jones continues working the arm with some twist and torques before driving some knees to the arm and a pin for 1. Jones won’t let go of the arm, however. Max fights Jones into the corner and the ref breaks the hold, allowing Max to hits some rights and toss Jones to the opposite corner. This is met with an arm drag by Jones and again he keeps the hold locked in! Max goes for the hair and drags Jones to the corner then hits him with a knee but Jones reverses it quickly with some chops! Max hits him with the knee again and reverses Jones to the corner. He whips him but Jones reverses it into another chop! And another! Jones goes for the hat trick but Max telegraphs it with a right, hits the ropes then gets met with a Dropkick!! Max rolls out of the ring but Jones goes out to grab him and toss him back, only for Max to roll out again. Jones follows and tosses him up to the apron. Max is able to hit a neckbreaker on the apron before both men roll in the ring.

Max hits a clothesline and pins for 2! Max slaps Jones in the back of the head before locking on the chinlock with a knee to the back of AJ. Max gets Jones up in a fireman’s carry and drops Jones on the ropes neck first before dropping an axe handle and going for the pin for 2! Max drops elbows to the shoulder of Jones!  Max has a cravat on Jones once again. Jones fights out of it only for Max to slam him down to the mat again. Max still has the hold in but AJ uses the crowd to fight out of it, hits the ropes, we get a crucifix pin for 2 by Jones!! Max with a kick to the gut, but Jones reverses it for an AJ-Guri!!! He’s too tired to pin though. Both men back up, Jones with some chops, then a whip before hitting one final chop. He lays in the kicks then some knees and a spinning round house. Shining Wizard from Jones…but only gets a 2!! Jones goes up top…  PHOENIX SPLASH!!! And the three count puts an end to this contest.

Your winner, Alex Jones!

A solid win for AJ, who seems to be a changed man from the last time we saw him in a FRONTIER ring. And he’s ended a good run of form for Max Violence. It’ll be interesting to see where both men go from this one.

Next up, it was time for Scott Mayo to confront the FRONTIER audience!


Scott Mayo is making his way to the ring to a chorus of boos from the crowd. He doesn’t let it faze him as he steps into the ring and takes a microphone from Jenni Starr.

SM: Ladies and Gentlemen…

Crowd: BOOOOO!!

SM: Tonight was supposed to end with a great GFC World Championship match between the challenger, Mr Steven Talbot, and our esteemed reigning champion, Gabriel Gambino.


SM: But my old friend, Matt Montell, has gone and booked Kevin Hardaway against Brad Kane in the main event!

The crowd cheer wildly.

SM: As a matter of principle I will NOT allow the GFC Championship to play second fiddle to Kevin Hardaway! So you lot will no longer be seeing the Champ in action here tonight.

The crowd become hostile, throwing bottles and other assorted rubbish into the ring.

SM: Plus, the Hardaway versus Kane encounter will now be a CHIVALRY IS DEAD MATCH!

Suddenly Matt Montell appears on the entrance ramp, microphone in hand.

MM: What the hell are you playing at, Scott?

SM: Matt, get the hell out of here, this has nothing to do with you!

MM: The hell it doesn’t! You’re cancelling the title match? Are you insane?

SM: No, this is perfectly logical. For months I’ve been getting hate messages for my booking of shows, but this ridiculous booking is all YOUR doing. YOU are the one that has screwed this night up!

MM: Look, Scott, there’s no way we’re cancelling that match.

SM: Oh really? Go try finding Gabe and Talbot… I think you’ll find they’re not here anymore, I gave them the night off. Like it or not, that match is NOT happening tonight.

MM: You’ve finally lost it, old friend.

SM: FRIEND? You are NO friend of mine. Going behind my back to get Hanna involved in this? Turning the fans against me?

MM: YOU are the one that turned the fans, Scott. Face it, you fucked up!

Crowd: You fucked up! You fucked up! You fucked up!

Scott Mayo is pacing around the ring, looking red and angry. You can virtually see the steam coming out of his ears by this point as he mutters to himself.

MM: Scott, come backstage, Hanna wants to speak to you. This needs to be done in private, not in front of the cameras.


Scott suddenly slumps backwards into the corner of the ring, looking worn out, holding himself up with the ropes.

MM: NO, YOU LISTEN TO ME! Don’t make me come down there and drag you back to Hanna. Have the dignity to do this the right way…

Montell stops as Mayo slumps to the floor and drops the mic. Mayo tries to call out but is slurring his speech as one corner of his mouth appears to be dropping. Montell sprints to the ring and slides under the ropes, checking on Mayo. He instantly turns and calls for help. Even without a microphone it’s still easy to hear what he’s calling out.


Suddenly most of the FRONTIER staff come running out to the ring; referees, ring crew, medics. Before long paramedics arrive from East Midlands Ambulance Service, who take Mayo away.

— / VIDEO —

Shocking scenes in the Albert Hall, no-one really knew what to do at the time. The hospital that Mayo was taken to have since confirmed that he did indeed suffer a stroke, believed to be caused by a blood clot. Thanks to the quick actions of Matt Montell it is believed that Mayo will make a complete recovery, although he will be in hospital for some time.

How could things get any more hectic than that? Well, how about a special attraction main event between two old friends? Hardaway and Brad Kane have been through it all together, and against each other. Now, to close 2012, they’re going to do it one last time!

Kevin Hardaway vs. Brad Kane

Hardaway and Kane slug it out in the middle of the ring to start. Hardaway beats Kane into the corner and stomps a mud hole in him. Kane rolls to the outside, but Hardaway knocks him over the barrier and into the crowd. Hardaway hurls two steel chairs into the ring and rolls Kane in after them. Hardaway is looking riled up as he retrieves a cricket bat from under the ring and climbs into the ring. Hardaway connects with a brutal shot to the back, and that’s enough to draw a “SIX!!” call from the crowd. Kane again rolls to the outside and tries to back away, but Hardaway chases him back into the ring and levels him with a clothesline. Hardaway goes back to work with the cricket bat before wedging one of the chairs in the corner. Kane hides behind the referee and sneaks in a thumb to the eye before tossing K-Hard over the top rope. Hardaway gets back to his feet on the ring apron, but Kane connects with a cricket bat shot to the gut. Kane hits a springboard dropkick to the skull that knocks Hardaway off the apron. Kane heads to the outside and beats Hardaway right in front of the fans here in Nottingham.

Kane whips Hardaway into the barrier before rolling Hardaway back into the ring. He then climbs back in himself. Kane removes a turnbuckle cover and uses one of the cables to choke Hardaway. Hardaway regains control and goes for a high running knee in the corner, but Kane evades and Hardaway again tumbles to the outside. Kane rolls Hardaway back into the ring and gets a two count. Kane locks in a chin lock with his knee in K-Hard’s back, but Hardaway breaks the hold. Hardaway goes for a springboard clothesline, but Kane catches him with a cricket bat in mid-air. That was one hell of a shot, but Kane only gets a two count!

Hardaway pops back to his feet, a look of hatred in his eyes. Hardaway connects with a swinging neckbreaker and a the running high knee in the corner. Hardaway goes for the Asylum Bomb, but Kane counters and escapes. Hardaway grabs him again and gets a quick roll up for a two count. Hardaway heads up top, but Kane knocks the ropes to crotch Hardaway on the top turnbuckle. Kane heads up top and beats on Hardaway, but Hardaway fights back and knocks Kane back down to the mat. Hardaway hits a Diving Elbow Drop for a looong two count. Hardaway goes for the Asylum Bomb, but Kane sneaks out and connects with a DDT. Kane goes for the BK Backfist, but Hardaway ducks and goes for the Williams Driver, but Kane counters again. These two know how to avoid each others moves, they’ve known each other so long.

Kane whips Hardaway head-first into the chair that is still wedged in the corner for a looong two count of his own. Hardaway struggles back to his feet, but Kane catches him with a AMG Driver. Kane locks in the Your Last Serenade right in the middle of the ring. Hardaway makes it to the ropes, but ropes don’t cause a break in this match! Hardaway uses the ropes to pull himself out of the hold, sliding to the ring apron and safety. Kane looks for a baseball slide, but Hardaway leaps up, springboards off the top rope and connects with a legdrop on Kane. He pulls Kane up, whips into the ropes and looks for the Decap Lariat. Brad Kane ducks, gets K-Hard up onto his shoulders and looks for the Go 2 Pele, but Hardaway slides off his shoulders after connecting with elbows to the head. KTFO~! connects. Hardaway sets up a chair in the middle of the ring. He signals for the Asylum Bomb, onto the chair? KANE ESCAPES! Kane grabs the Cricket bat, strikes… and Hardaway catches the bat! K-Hard pulls the bat out of his opponents hands… DECAP LARIAT WITH THE CRICKET BAT!!!! One… Two… Three!!!

Your winner, Kevin Hardaway!


As the match ends Matt Montell is seen walking to the ring, microphone in hand and a solemn look on his face. He steps into the ring and shakes the hands of both competitors.

MM: Folks, I’m sure you’ll agree… that was one hell of a match!

There is a loud cheer from the fans.

MM: First, I’d just like to let you know that Scott Mayo did suffer a stroke earlier tonight. The doctors say his condition is serious but stable. Its early days but he should make a full recovery, although he will have a hell of a lot of rehabilitation to go through.

There is a mixed reaction to this news.

MM: Due to this situation, Hanna Fox has been forced to remove Scott Mayo from his position with immediate effect.

Some people cheer this news, others don’t. If it weren’t for the stroke the reaction would have been entirely different.

MM: So, Kevin, you got your wish… Scott Mayo is gone from FRONTIER. I guess that means you won’t be walking out on us tonight?

The crowd begin to chant “please don’t go, please don’t go!” Hardaway looks out at the fans for a few moments, listening to them and thinking things over. He looks back at Montell and nods, pointing at the mat and mouthing the words “I’m staying put.” The crowd cheer loudly and begin to chant Hardaway’s name.

MM: Great, that makes this next part all the more fun… Brad?

Montell pauses, rubbing his chin for a moment and letting the chants die down a bit before continuing.

MM: Brad, you were invited to FRONTIER by me, to give these fans a great match against Mr Hardaway. And, to an extent, you delivered. But in the process you stirred up a lot of old shit; shit that means nothing here. As a result you caused us some problems and you caused me, personally, one hell of a headache. Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER will NEVER allow you to appear in this ring ever again. You hear me? Get the hell out!

The crowd laugh and jeer at Kane while Hardaway cannot help but smirk as he watches his opponent walk away. Kane flips him off and mouths something unintelligible before leaving the building.

MM: Kevin, I’m in charge of FRONTIER now. No more will the inmates be running the asylum. No more will we put up with the crap that Scott Mayo let run rife in this ring. No more will the GFC Committee decide who gets a shot at the GFC Championship; that responsibility now lay with me. I, and I alone, will choose who is worthy of a shot at Gabriel Gambino. And you know what else? I’m the only one who can hire talent, and fire talent. What started with Alex Jones and Jay Pride continues right now…

Hardaway looks confused, raising an eyebrow at Montell.

MM: Kev, I’m looking to take the company in a new direction. And that direction is up. As long as your sorry, self righteous arse is in this company then we’re going to continue having problems. So enough is enough. You’re fired!

The crowd suddenly turn on Montell, tossing rubbish into the ring as boo’s echo around the Albert Hall. Montell smiles wickedly and steps out of the ring, walking away and leaving Hardaway stood alone in the ring. After Montell has gone the crowd turn their attention to Hardaway as they begin to chant “Thank you K-Hard!” Hardaway has a lump in his throat as he nods and applauds the Nottingham fans.

— / VIDEO —

Wow, I did NOT see that coming. At all. We finally get rid of Scott Mayo and Matt Montell fires Kevin Hardaway? What the heck has Matt Montell got in store for 2013? I guess there’s only one way to find out… be there in Liverpool on 6th January as FRONTIER returns to the Olympia!